Tear Jerker / Ben 10

  • In "Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix", when Ben thinks that Gwen just died. Seeing our hero beating on the ground where she disappeared, screaming, "It should have been me! It should have been me!" is a very emotional sight, even more so when you remember that, despite his being a superhero with countless battles under his belt, Ben is all of ten years old at the time.
  • The Last Laugh, where Grandpa and Gwen are drained by Zombozo to the point of near death, and Ben is terrified that he can't help because he's afraid of clowns. No child should have to face that.
  • Kevin's situation. The kid gets forced to live on the street, rejected by everyone around him, and ultimately becomes a monster because he's unable to get over his image of himself as a "freak". This exchange from Framed really sums up how scared and confused he is on the inside:
    Ben: You'd risk hundreds of innocent lives just to get back at me?
    Kevin: No one's innocent! They just haven't made fun of me yet!
  • The Alliance actually views a darker side in Ben's psyche after Grandpa Max severly injured himself. Rojo's attack pushed Ben to his limits, leading him to run away from Gwen and Grandpa Max believing that everything that has happened was his fault. Along with the finale, this was one of the first season's darkest episode.

    Dear Grandpa and Gwen,

    I care about you both too much to keep putting you in danger, it's better this way.

    Love Ben