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Fan Fic: The Next Frontier
The Kerbal Space Program has come a long way in the thirty years since their first manned launch. Permanent settlements on Duna, extensive asteroid mining operations, an orbital habitat in the works... Not too shabby for something that began with a bunch of enthusiastic amateurs building sounding rockets out of scrap metal.

But for the Kerbin Space Agency, there's no such thing as a final frontier. Their scientists have probed the depths of the mysterious space-time distortion known as the Deep-Space Kraken and learned the secret of faster-than-light travel, and now the five brave Kerbals of the starship Starfarer 1 are setting out on their people's first mission to another star system...

And boy, are they going to be surprised when they get there!

The Next Frontier is a Kerbal Space Program fanfiction -crossed over with something, but that'd be a spoiler- by a guy who prefers to be known as "Jake Grey", or sometimes just "Jake". It's being simultaneously posted here, here and here. Act One is wholly in blog format, but Act Two has switched to a more conventional narrative.

And in case it wasn't obvious from the edit history, pretty much everything on this page is Word of God. Who'd appreciate a bit of help, by the way...

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