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    The Party 
The main characters are a group of Spirit Centurions who have teamed up to do hero work. They are Player Characters, with the exception of Dr. Ekk.

Anton Korvanatz, Tsar of Gears and Spirit of Electricity

A typically stoic and reserved man with a highly innovative mind that has already used his ingenuity to the betterment of mankind. Except he's being forced to fight again. He hates fighting. He wears a fancy wristwatch he built himself with a built in arc welder which he can use at a distance. He is very close to Dr. Ekk, and the two have worked together extensively.


  • Average: Empathy, Endurance, Investigation, Survival, Weapons.

  • Fair: Academics, Alertness, Arc welder, Athletics.
  • Good: Burglary, Resolve, Resources.
  • Great: Engineering, Stealth.
  • Superb: Science.
  • Personal Gadget

  • Scientific Genius (Physics +1, Electricity+2)
  • Scientific Invention
  • Universal Gadget
  • Weird Science

Dana "Great Dane" McCallister, Spirit of the Dramatic

Dana, or the "Great Dane," as he is known in some circles, is a colorful Brit with hypnotic powers and expertise in the occult. He was formerly a high-ranking member of the Ordo Corvi, a cabal of thieves with a supernatural bent, before he left the organization on not entirely amicable terms and started a new life with a huge sum of cash that he had coincidentally acquired. He sees himself as a sort of larger-than-life figure and has a personality to match - no matter the cost or the inconvenience, he does everything stylishly.

  • Challenge Seeker
  • The Enemy of My Enemy
  • A Gentleman and a Scholar
  • Murder is So Very Distasteful
  • People Are Puzzles
  • Points for Style
  • Refuge in Audacity
  • A Smile for Every Occasion
  • Wayward Son of the Ordo Corvi
  • World's Finest Coat

  • Averge: Alertness, Endurance, Intimidation, Investigation, Stealth

  • Fair: Athletics, Contacting, Deceit, Rapport
  • Good: Resources, Academics, Resolve
  • Great: Empathy, Weapons
  • Superb: Mysteries
  • Cold Read [Empathy]
  • Enthrall [Mysteries]

  • Hypnotic Speech [Mysteries]
  • Mesmerist [Mysteries]
  • Mind's Shadow [Mysteries]
Health: 6
Composure: 7

Drake Cob

Jack Courrier

Millie Diamond, Spirit of Goodwill

Millie is a wealthy socialite with philanthropic leanings, the daughter of a Baltimore newspaper magnate and a distant cousin of one of Britain's minor noble families. She is very much The Chick of the group, lacking combat skills but unparalleled when it comes to social interactions. She is engaged to NPC archaeologist Max Gentle, and rescuing him from the Children of the Night provided her driving motivation for her backstory and the first major chunk of the game's Story Arc. Tausret, a priestess allied with the Children of the Night, believes her to be a goddess in human form. Lady Victoria Pride is her distant cousin on her mother's side, and wants nothing more than to claim the Diamond family fortune for herself.

  • Anything For a Friend in Need
  • My Beautiful Car!
  • My Name’s in the Papers
  • The Professor’s Pet
  • Right Place, Right Time
  • Rivalry with Cousin Victoria
  • Tausret Worships the Ground I Walk On
  • There's No Call to Be Rude
  • Those Dirty Commies

  • Xenophile
  • Average: Art, Drive, Leadership, Mysteries, Science

  • Fair: Academics, Alertness, Athletics, Deceit
  • Good: Empathy, Investigation, Resolve
  • Great: Contacting, Resources
  • Superb: Rapport
  • Five Minutes Friends [Rapport]
  • International [Rapport]
  • Network of Contacts [Contacting]
  • Smooth Recovery [Resolve]

  • Walk the Walk [Contacting]
Composure: 7
Health: 5

Major Samantha "Sam" Gears, Spirit of Flight

Major Samantha "Sam" Gears is an ex-air force pilot who flew in the Great War with the squadron Gray's Raptors. She currently runs a worldwide delivery service. Sam is a loud, cheerful hick with a high alcohol tolerance and the ability to punch out men twice her size. Sam has come to realize her destiny as the Spirit of Flight.

  • After a Drink
  • Hopped Up On Adrenaline
  • In Love With Brandon Gray
  • Raptor Matriarch

  • Right Outside
  • The Sparrowhawk
  • Speed Demon
  • Street Savoir-Faire
  • Who Needs A Map?
  • World Traveler
  • Wrench Wench
  • Average: Empathy, Might, Gamble, Intimidation, Guns

  • Fair: Engineering, Endurance, Resolve, Resources
  • Good: Drive, Survival, Athletics
  • Great: Fists, Alertness
  • Superb: Pilot
  • Barnstormer
  • Flying Ace
  • Personal Gadget

  • Plane Mechanic
  • Walk Away From It
Personal Items:
  • Lucky Rabbit's Foot (its green)
  • The Sparrowhawk
    • Grumman G-21 Goose (Sea Plane)
    • Speed: Fair (+2)
    • Performance: Fair (+2)
    • Stress: 3
    • Armed
    • Improvements:
      • Futurization
      • Craftsmanship: +1 flying
      • Conscious: Upgrade by Anton


Samson, the World's Smartest Savage

Samson is... odd. He has been experimented on in the past, giving him the minds of six men, while retaining his mighty might. Does his intellect show? Not really. Samson is brash, moronic, uncontrollable, completely lacking in social skills, and very, very strong.

  • "I have the brains of six men!"
  • "Manners? What're those?"
  • Bull in a China Shop
  • Dynamic Entry
  • Foe of the Society of Gemsetters
  • Just Out Of Reach
  • Painfully Protective
  • Rival of Abin al'Jirayah

  • Savage Appearance
  • Unstoppable

Sarah the Singed, Spirit of Defiance

Sarah has had a rough past. Abusive parents, jail, mental facility that was a front for dastardly experiments, military psychological experimentation done on her during the Great War, and finally, being held in a secret military base afterward. When she got out, however, she found that her brother, Larkin, had taken over the criminal underground of their home city, Philadelphia, and he welcomed her back home. She acts as his enforcer when she isn't saving the world with her fellow Spirit Centurions. Due to her conditioning from the military experiments, she was able to get over most of, but not all, of her neuroses. She has a shoot-first-ask-questions-later way about her, and is rather impatient. That is, unless, say, Millie can talk everyone out of trouble; Sarah tends to just go along with the others' plans.

  • Always Packing Heat
  • Brother in Crime
  • Centurion Guard Dog
  • Gunpoint Intimidation

  • No Help For The Wicked
  • Project PASMAT Subject Gone AWOL
  • Pyromaniac
  • Steely Resolve
  • Trigger-Happy
  • Average: Burglary, Science, Fists, Survival, Empathy

  • Fair: Resolve, Stealth, Rapport, Investigation
  • Good: Athletics, Alertness, Academics
  • Great: Intimidation, Endurance
  • Superb: Guns
  • Aura of Fear [Intimidation], can intimidate entire crowds at a -2 penalty

  • Aura of Menace [Intimidation], fate point to intimidate as a free action
  • Rain of Lead [Guns], ignore up to two points of penalty when blocking with Guns
  • Scary [Intimidation], Can use Intimidate to resist Intimidate
  • Shot on the Run [Guns], can defend with Guns

Dr. Ivan Alexandrovich Ekk, Spirit of Faith

Dr. Ekk is a Spirit Centurion of the current generation who fled Russia during the Revolution. During his teen years, he had a vision in which the archangel Michael gave him his angelic sword and commanded him to smite evil—a mission Ekk didn't take well to, since the devout Christian abhorred violence and preferred to stick to his studies and providing medical aid. These days he operates a free clinic in Chicago when he's not busy gallivanting around the world being a hero. When he returned to Russia to retrieve the sword in his late teens, he started getting waking nightmares that have been triggered again by certain melodies. On his most recent trip to Russia, Ekk lost the sword again, this time due to interference by Ordo Corvi.
  • Being Good Sucks: He wants nothing more than to run his medical clinic, but saving the world gets in the way. Also, he's plagued with guilt over the people he couldn't have.
  • The Chosen One: If he really was chosen by Michael.
  • Combat Medic: Dr. Ekk, a doctor by trade, is fairly competent with a sword.
  • The Fettered: More so than any other character in the story.
  • GMPC: Dr. Ivan Alexandrovich Ekk, who was originally created to give Ironeye someone to play when he handed off GMing duties after the first few sessions. That quite clearly never happened due to Ironeye's plot-weaving, leaving Ekk as a canonical party member without a player to control him. Since Dr. Ekk was intended to be a Non-Action Guy in the first place until he got more character development, he is used entirely for the purposes of exposition and providing medical care, if he shows up for a story in the first place. The few times he has had more to do, he has quickly become The Load.
  • Holier Than Thou: Averting this is part of the point of the character, according to Word of God.
  • Improbable Age: He earned his medical doctorate at age 20.
  • Morality Chain: Something like this for Anton.
  • Non-Action Guy: Dr. Ekk, despite wielding the best known weapon in the setting, doesn't have the personality or training of an action hero: he just wants to run his medical clinic, but can't help jumping in to fight evil or save his friends. This works out well, since his temporary role as GMPC quickly became permanent when the role of Game Master wasn't passed off.
  • The Not-Love Interest: with Anton
  • Refusal of the Call: Ivan's not keen on the whole "smiting" thing, and the one time he tried, he got himself captured by cultists trying to summon an elder god.

    Other Centurions of the Current Generation 

Grey Ghost, Spirit of the Forsaken

The true identity of the Grey Ghost is unknown, but he's assumed to be a member of the Century Club when he's not in disguise and fighting evil. It's rumored that he died in the Great War. These days, he sneaks about and ruthlessly punishes criminals, particularly those who prey on orphans and others without protectors.

The Duke, Spirit of the Avante Gard

The Duke is a scrawny British gentleman with questionable claim to his title, but an incredible talent for predicting (or perhaps even causing) fashionable trends. He indulges in all sorts of narcotics, but only the ones that are just about to become fashionable. His groupies are all over this strangle attractive incoherent fellow.

The Trio (not an official name)

The three most prominent Centurions are Jet Black, Sally Slick, and Mack Silver, due to their frequent team-ups, constant heroics, and tragic love triangle. Simply put, everybody loves this three. They were last seen defending NYC from an attack by Der Blitzmann's giant robot in Sally Slick vs. The Giant Robot.

Jackson "Jet" Black, Spirit of Today

Jet Black is the jetpack hero that Lance wanted to be. [sad] Jet Black's Amazing Jetpack is a prototype based on technology invented by Dr. Hutchings, his Centurion sponsor, and is the most sophisticated device of its type ever seen. Aside from the jet pack, Jet's also associated with his Guns Akimbo style and his fondness for trick shots. Despite being the most obviously action-oriented of the Trio, he tends to get rescued by Sally far more often than the reverse. He has dedicated himself to stopping Doctor Methuselah ever since their first meeting in The Eternity Equation. He also occasionally takes jobs from the US Army, since he briefly flew for them during the Great War.

Sally Slick, Spirit of Ingenuity

Sally Slick is the scrappy mechanic of the Trio, as well as their gadget gal and designated driver. Think of her as a pre-WWII version of Rosie the Riveter, only smarter and more badass. During the Great War, she worked in US Army military laboratories designing weapons and vehicles. During that time, she met and fell for Mack Silver, though he just sees her as one of the guys. Jet Black is her childhood friend, and she is always there to rescue him when he needs it.

Mack Silver, Spirit of Trade

Mack Silver is a former Great War pilot who is the black sheep of his rich family (though he tries to keep that a secret) and a smuggler by trade. In the time since the war, he has been pretty everywhere there is to go...and has a girlfriend in each of those places. Though he flies the prototype for the China Clipper (named Lucy), his main contribution to the Trio is his network of contacts all over the globe. As far as combat goes, he's almost a liability when compared to his two companions, though he's no slouch with his fists. Mack has no clue that Sally has a crush on him, and he doesn't even think of her in that way. Among his other hook-ups, he has been seduced by Rocket Red.


Abdul-Aziz ibn Talib Aaqil al-Misri is a half-Coptic pickpocket who lived in Cairo until recently. Though not officially a member of the Society of Gemsetters, he was a de facto agent under the control of Ifrit. When Te-Kas and Tausret were in Cairo, Abdul-Aziz stole Te-Kas' ring and tried to sell it without Tausret or Ifrit discovering his intentions. Unfortunately for him, Ifrit had caught word of the pickpocket going around the Gemsetters and confiscated the ring from him. The Centurions were able to convince him to lead them to the bar where Ifrit hung out. Upon seeing Millie verbally spar with Rocket Red, Abdul-Aziz punched the mercenary, starting a bar fight that included Ifrit. As the Centurions left after winning the fight, they suggested that Abdul-Aziz go into hiding in order to avoid Ifrit's wrath. He was later revealed as a Spirit Centurion and was sponsed for entry into the club by Alistair Ormond.

Der Blitzmann, Shadow of Electricity

Der Blitzmann is a German scientist who stole Nicola Tesla's tech and used it to build a super-charged suit of armor after one of Tesla's experiments went wrong and drove him insane. It is unknown what his long-term goals are, but is the mean time he has been causing chaos all over the globe. He was last seen commanding a giant robot of his own devising in a failed attack on New York City. (The robot was disabled by the Trio, and its current location is unknown, though it is presumably hidden on a military base somewhere.) Der Blitzmann reappeared in Chicago, where he used a stolen government weapon to destroy federal patrol boats on Lake Michigan. Before he was knocked off the buoy weapon and sunk to the bottom of the lake, he also managed to run afoul of Gorilla Khan's minions and break into a garage in Little Italy.Aspects: The Volt Is a Harsh Mistress, Tesla's Technology, Electrical Mayhem, "Needs More Power!"

Valerie Pryce, Shadow of Style

Valerie Pryce is a member of Ordo Corvi and a childhood friend (or possibly more) of Dana's. She shares his flair for the dramatic, but apparently not his distaste for murder. She met the Spirit Centurions at the Ordo Corvi auction in Archangel and soon again in France, where she requested that they investigate a series of suspicious accidents that had befallen her production of The Tempest. In the end, she was revealed to be at least complicit in the accidents and to have committed murder herself, seemingly all for the purpose of making a point to Dana in the most dramatic way possible.

Maxim Petrovich Komorov, Shadow of Despair

Mr. Komorov is an accomplished Red Russian violinist who was invited to the 1922 Ziggenheim Symposium due to his work involving the harmonics of violin strings. He obviously didn't have much of a chance at the Prize. After dinner on the first night of the Symposium, he gave a very moving violin performance that attracted Dr. Methuselah's interest. He later played at the New York Metropolitan Opera House, where his signature song again felt unfinished, though it was longer than the performance at the Ziggenheim Symposium. Komorov disappeared in the chaos after the gunshots, but he reappeared in Methuselah's box talking to the Black Hand agent. Their conversation was interrupted by Angel Rose, who shot Komorov, causing him to fall backwards over the railing. When getting treatment from Ekk, all he would say about "White Mask" is that she was an enemy of the state. In part due to Ekk's help, Komorov survived his injuries and returned to Russia.
  • Aspects: Prideful Prodigy
  • Centurion Connections: Komorov recognized Ekk on sight even though Ekk didn't know him. Anton (-), Samson, Millie, Jack, Sarah, Sam (0), Ekk (?)
  • Past Appearances: The Nether Menace, Jack Courrier and the Bargain for "Faust"

    Centurions of Previous Generations 

Dr. Charles Rochester

Charles Rochester was a professor of ancient cultures at Oxford University before he was murdered while leaving Dr. de Faria's victory party. In the years leading up to and during the Great War, he had been working on a theory that many of the great ancient civilizations had been "seeded" by an advanced ancient nation that got wiped out by explorers seeking a new colony location. This research put him in contact with Dr. Garrison Grayson, as well as some of Grayson's not-so-scientifically-minded friends who believed that Atlantis was real. Dr. Rochester didn't believe everything Dr. Grayson did on the matter, but he did believe that some of Dr. Grayson's Caribbean research was sound. With the scandals surrounding Grayson as the Great War drew to a close, the two men drifted apart.

Millie Diamond and Max Gentle both studied under Dr. Rochester during the Great War. Rochester died before he had a chance to see Max receive his Ph.D. in ancient languages, but did sponsor Millie to take his place in the Century Club. Rochester's research was kept by Dr. de Faria.

Mortimer Jameson

Mortimer Jameson was a Spirit Centurion and the Chief Engineer on the USS Grand Destiny. Before the US entered the Great War, Jameson taught a teenager named Anton Korvanatz how to keep the vessel in working condition. When the crew got orders to ship out, Jameson decided to forge papers for Anton rather than train a replacement. While escorting a fleet of merchant vessels to England, the Grand Destiny took at hit from a U-boat, and Jameson sacrificed himself to keep the ship afloat.

Stephen Mills

Stephen Mills was an elderly British man who moved to Arkhangelsk during the Great War, leaving his wife Dorthy in London. While he was there, he tracked down Ivan Aleksandrovich Ekk, an unusually talented and lucky teenager, and saved him from a blizzard, giving Ivan a sword that he claimed to have found by Ivan's side. The pair hid the sword before returning to Ivan's father's estate. As the war drew on, Mills trained Ivan how to fight with with a sword like the one they had hidden. As the Great War turned into the Russian Civil War, Stephen made arrangements for Ivan to be taken to London by the retreating British soldiers who had been supporting the White Russians. Stephen was the one to inform Ivan of his mother's suicide and the danger posed by the Red army advancing on Arkhangelsk. When the pair rushed to recover the sword, Mills was shot. As he lay dying, he told Ivan of the plans he had made, and urged him to return later to recover the holy weapon. Upon arriving in London, Ivan discovered that Mills had already sponsored him for entry into the Century Club and made arrangements for him to study medicine at Oxford.

John Courrier

John Courrier was a wealthy Chicago business man and philanthropist who was also a Spirit Centurion. He adopted a young street urchin named Jack, and cared for the boy until Jack's government work as a teenager lead to a mob hit during a shopping trip. John was killed in the cross-fire during the drive-by shooting by unknown parties, but not before he was able to reveal to Jack that he had sponsored Jack for membership into the Century Club.

General Aloysius Falkner

General Falkner, a Spirit Centurion, was the head of the United States' Project PASMAT (Psychological Adaptation for Self-control of the Mind for Advanced Tactics) during the Great War. In 1915, he pulled Sarah McBride out of Byberry to enroll her in the program and succeeded in curing most of her insanity. Shortly after the war dragged to a close, he died of spontaneous combustion that was blamed on his star pupil due to her pyromania. Sarah of course knew that it was an assassination by Dr. Egon Bernhardt, the head of Byberry. Fortunately for Sarah, he managed to identify her as a Spirit Centurion and sponsor her for membership in the Century Club before he was murdered. It is unknown what that status of Project PASMAT is now that Falkner is dead.

Dr. Giovanni Marino

Dr. Giovanni Marino, a Spirit Centurion, was the head of Project Hero during the Great War. The goal of the project was to create the ultimate soldier: a true superman. Subject 0 was a young teenage boy who had spent the past several years as a slave to African privateers. Already strong at his young age, the experiments performed on him allowed him to perform feats previously thought impossible. The mental enhancements didn't go so well, though: an attempt to grant Subject 0 with the intellect of five of the project's scientists proved to be a failure when the minds of the five got copied directly into his head and spent too much time disagreeing with each other to be of great use. As the rest of the team attempted to figure out a solution, Dr. Marino focused his attention elsewhere, on the extraordinary luck that Subject 0 seemed to have. Using his Century Club contacts, Dr. Marino researched the life of Subject 0 and concluded that the boy was likely a Spirit Centurion. Rather than continue with the research, he declared the project to be a failure and arranged for Subject 0 to be released. Dr. Marino named him Samson and sponsored his entry into the Century Club. A short time later, Dr. Marino died of a heart attack, and revealed everything to Samson in his will. It is unknown what happened to the other test subjects in Project Hero, or if the project is still active, but the research was stolen by Dr. Bernhardt.

Dr. Hutchings

Dr. Hutchings, a Spirit Centurion, was an engineer who created a working jet engine well before its time, as part of Project Jet. When he sponsored Jackson Black for Century Club membership, he gave Jackson the prototype, which became the basis for Jet Black's Amazing Jet Pack. Dr. Hutchings was killed when his lab was taken by Germans during the Great War. His research is believed to have been stolen by Rocket Red.

Lt. General Sir Jacoby Howles-Morris

Sir Jacoby, a Spirit Centurion and Dana's mentor, was a nigh-legendary British soldier and statesman who served King and Country through virtually every military conflict of the 19th century. After meeting the teenage Dana under slightly awkward circumstances (Dana was in the middle of stealing several paintings from him) he took him under his wing and guided him to use his talents for more philanthropic ends. Sir Jacoby helped Dana join the war effort, and the two grew very close. As the war ended, however, he withdrew from the public eye and eventually cut off all communication. A short time later, he was found murdered at his estate, but not before he passed onto Dana the location of documents revealing the nature of the Century Club and Dana's sponsorship as a Centurion.

Alistair Ormond

Alistair Ormond is the author of On the Trail of the Lost Continent, a rare text about the search for Atlantis. After the publication of the book, Ormond dropped out of the public eye, and was believed to have been dead for several years before he resurfaced in Casablanca as the head of the United Federation of Pioneers, and organization dedicated to discovering Atlantis (among other things). Before he could prepare a packet of relevant notes on the route to Atlantis, he was killed by one of his old students, Dr. Garrison Grayson.

    The Black Hand 
The Black Hand is a team of international art thieves who are suspected to have been working since the turn of the century. The membership of the Black Hand has changed many times over the years, to the point that only their leader has remained. The known lineup is Tia Negra, Black Lipstick, Black Glove, Black Rubber, Black Velvet, and Black Veil.

Black Lipstick

Black Lipstick is the title given to the Black Hand's disguise artist. The current Black Lipstick has, at one time or another, pretended to be Ian Cook's aide, Baroness Maria Velgin, and Miss Gusswhite (a tennent at Dorthy Mills' apartments). Like many of the other members of the Black Hand, little is known about her, though she has made more appearances than the rest of her colleagues put together.

    The Children of the Night 
The Children of the Night are a group of black-cloaked cultists who are trying to discover the secrets of Atlantis in order to prepare for the time of nightmares . . . whatever that is.


Te-Kas is the former leader of the Children of the Night. As the organization's leader, he attempted to prepared humanity for the coming nightmares to the best of his ability. While this lead to ethically questionable things (and horrible choice in subordinates), he always tried to be civil and fair to the people he had to harm as part of his efforts. When he was inevitably betrayed, this lead to the heroes attempting to save his life. It's unknown whether or not he'll survive his wounds.

Tausret, High Priestess of Ha'Tet

Tausret was the high priestess of the cult that captured Millie when she went to Memphis to investigate Max's disappearance. She is insanely devoted to Millie, who she thinks is the goddess Ha'Tet in human form, which seemingly makes her the least dangerous villain in the story . . . but her tendency to serve Millie, the Weaver, and Te-Kas as she sees fit hints at her perhaps being more clever than she appears.
Aspects: In the Weaver's Web

Trevor Carlile, the Weaver

Trevor Carlile is a masked cultist from the Children of the Night who is Te-Kas' right hand man in his identity as the Weaver. He tangles with the team more often than any other member of the Children of the Night, frequently due to his tendency to act independently of his boss. Before he shot Te-Kas in the back, he revealed himself to be Trevor Carlile, a member of Gray's Raptors who was thought to have been killed when his plane was shot down, but was able to survive his burns. His goal is to bring about the time of nightmares so that everyone will experience his pain and more (with Ian Cook getting a front seat due to Cook taking a tablet that he discovered).
  • Cool Mask: A nightmarish one, concealing his disfigured face
  • Dragon-in-Chief: Without him and his minions, Te-Kas wouldn't even be a threat.
  • Dragon with an Agenda: At first, with the twist that he's actually the more evil one.
  • Dramatic Unmask: Played with—the Weaver removes his mask to confirm his identity as Trevor Carlile by showing that he doesn't look like Trevor, as Trevor's plane was on-fire when it was found, giving him horrific burns.
  • Fallen Hero
  • Kick the Dog: Shooting Te-Kas in the back a third time just to punctuate a sentence.
  • Omnicidal Maniac
  • Revenge: He's out to get revenge on the world for the Great War and out to get Ian Cook for a more personal slight.
  • The Starscream: After Te-Kas decides to treat Millie as an ally


Spiro is one of the lowest-ranked minions of Te-Kas, and generally acts as Te-Kas' errand boy. Despite not having a favorable first encounter with him, Mabel seems to be striking up a friendship with him.

Phobetatos and Epialatos

Phobetatos and Epialatos are a pair of Greek wrestler twins who serve the Weaver when they're not busy giving driving tours of the ruins near Athens. They're genuinely pleasant individuals who just happen to be part of a conspiracy to bring about the time of nightmares.

    The Society of Gemsetters 
This mysterious Arabic organization attempts to get its hands on all jewels of any note, particularly those rumored to have magical properties. Samson and Abin are both known targets of the organization.

Al-Sayyid Ifrit

Ifrit is an agent of the Society of Gemsetters who is known for his powers of intimidation. This imposing man typically goes shirtless, displaying his impressive physique. Until the Centurions interfered, he was Abdul-Aziz's "handler" in Cairo, though he also assisted the Gemsetters in Istanbul in their attempt to open the Door of Belisarius.

Teng the Relentless

Teng, a pelican man, led the bird-man attack on the Sparrowhawk outside of Baghdad and later got his hands on a map to the current location of the scrolls recovered from the Library of Alexandria.

    Employees of the US government 

David Dodd

David Dodd is Jack's primary government contact, giving Jack both assignments and extra information. So far, Agent Dodd seems to be trying to keep Jack's relationship with the FBI a secret, perhaps even from his own boss.
  • Aspects: Trust No One

Dr. Henri Babin

Dr. Henri Babin is a scientist who worked for Applied Aeronautics before he was hired by the US government. He is responsible for some of the advanced tech in the Sparrowhawk.

    British Universities 

Dr. Rodrigo Jardim de Faria

Dr. de Faria is a professor of linguistics at Kings College London and was a friend of Charles Rochester before Dr. Rochester was killed while leaving de Faria's Great War victory party. In the time since then, he has become one of Millie's closest friends and has helped her with translations. Additionally, he has kept the research notes of Rochester, Garrison Grayson, and Max Gentle. He's also likely a personal friend of Ian Cook.

Sofija Zars

Sofija Zars is Dr. de Faria's research assistant. She's know for having an incredibly accurate memory. During her childhood, she idolized Major Gears.

Dr. Maximilian Gentle

The rather nerdy Max Gentle is Dr. Rochester's former grad student at Oxford, specializing in the occult, and Millie's fiance. He was kidnapped by the Children of the Night on the day before his wedding, and was kept as a guest by Te-Kas until the Weaver's treachery convinced Te-Kas to free him. Though this choice lead to Te-Kas getting shot, the team was able to rescue Max as a result.

See also Dr. Charles Rochester and Millie Diamond.

    The League of Nations Applied Sciences Division (formerly the Entente Applied Sciences Project) 
The League of Nations Applied Sciences Division arose from the secret wartime Entente Applied Sciences Project, which itself consisted of several independent projects to give the Entente powers an advantage in the Great War. The organization is currently headed by Dr. Savio Bianchi and has its headquarters just outside of Rome.

Dr. Savio Bianchi: project unknown

Dr. Bianchi is an Italian physicist who was on the 1922 Ziggenheim Council and whose work was the basis for Dr. Hibberton's work on the Synthetic Harmonizer. Such is the power of the Bianchi that he makes straight men question their sexuality. These days, he heads the Applied Sciences Division when he's not busy working on his newest project. According to Dr. Bianchi, it was inspired by Sam's adventures in the Alps, but has nothing to do with summoning demons—that's not the realm of science, after all.

Dr. Nicola Tesla: project unknown

The brilliant Dr. Tesla attended the 1922 Ziggenheim Symposium to vote—his research getting stolen by Der Blitzmann set his work back considerably and put him in a position where he was unable to enter. The celibate Dr. Tesla is quite popular with the ladies, much to his frustration. Dr. Tesla is notably sexist . . . against men, and has a special hate for jewelry. Rumors put him working on a secret weapon in Britain these days. He and Anton have become close since the Symposium, and Dr. Tesla seems to be preparing Anton for a confrontation with Der Bltizmann.

See also General Aloysius Falkner, Dr. Giovanni Marino, and Dr. Hutchings.

    Cook Enterprises 

Ian Cook : Shadow Of Greed

Ian Cook, a Century Club member, is the young head of Cook Enterprises, a Scottish company that seems to have a hand in every major new commercial technology. Though Cook has the potential to be one of the richest men in the world, he's rather frugal when it comes to anything beyond the collection of ancient relics he has on-board his zeppelin, New Atlantis; the rest of the money goes to fund scientists working on technologies that have the potential to change the world. Ian wasn't always so benevolent, though: as a child he worked with the Black Hand. His split with the gang for ideological reasons (he believed in only stealing art being kept away from the public eye) gave him a considerable amount of money to invest and provided the beginnings of his collection of art and artifacts. Ian is currently dating Lilith, but the Weaver claims he's actually in love with Millie—a claim Ian has convincingly denied.
  • The Atoner: His generosity is his attempt to make up for being a thief in his youth. From a utilitarian point of view, he's already succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.
  • Big Bad Friend
  • Conspicuous Consumption: Does he really need a person zeppelin? No. On the other hand, that's about the only thing he ever bothered to burn excessive amounts of cash on.
  • Fiction 500: Among other things, he personally funded research that produced a dolphin robot, a weather-control device, and a device for reading the minds of dead people. The researchers behind these projects were able to purchase a high-quality yacht from their laboratory budgets without raising any suspicion.
  • Non-Idle Rich: He spends his free time researching Atlantis, finding new science projects to fund, and helping action heroes solve mysteries.
  • Self-Made Man: Subverted—he initially appears to have become wealthy through incredible business acumen, the real story is that it was through incredible business acumen and a pile of cash made by selling stolen art.
  • Uncle Pennybags
  • Xanatos Speed Chess: He plays it.

Rikhard Fisk

Rikhard Fisk is Ian Cook's adviser and constant companion. This Finnish lawyer was moderately well-known in his home country before being hired by Cook, but his defense of Cook in an IP lawsuit has made him a minor celebrity. Despite many generous offers, Fisk no longer takes any cases not related to Cook Enterprises, and spends most of his time serving as legal council to either the company or its founder. Rikhard doesn't do much on-screen, but he's a frequent presence in stories that involve his boss.
  • Satellite Character: Despite having a better-developed backstory than most of the cast, he's entirely defined by his relationships with Ian.

Dr. Jong-Su Baek

Dr. Baek is a short Korean physicist whose selection for the Ziggenheim Council was quite controversial. Unique among the 1922 Council, he was actually just happy to be a part of the whole event. Dr. Baek was secretly working for Ian Cook to build the Aura device, and was publicly recognized for his team's achievement at the first public demonstration, on board the New Atlantis.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: He was little more than a name during his first appearance.
  • Token Minority: Invoked in-universe with his selection for the Ziggenheim Council.

Dr. Oswallt Gwyn

Dr. Gwyn was a nerdy Welsh neurologist who somehow managed to hate the other 1922 Ziggenheim Council members more than they hated each other (though he has since warmed up to Dr. Baek). He made the funeral arrangements for the scientists who died at the 1922 Symposium. He, like Dr. Baek, was revealed to have been hired by Ian Cook for Cook's secret projects. Dr. Gwyn doesn't seem to have any troubles with using his lab for private projects, including pulling memories from the brain of one of Ian's deceased employees and skimming off lab funds to buy a boat to investigate Thule.

Dr. Rachel Ulanda Rossum

Dr. Rossum is the third member of Ian Cook's team of genius scientists. Her specialty is the emerging field of robotics. She's generally a bit frosty toward everyone if she bothers to pay attention to them at all. Though Dr. Gwyn clearly has an "appreciation" for her, she seems a bit more focused on Anton.


The performer known only as Lilith is an acrobat know for her scandalous outfits and on-stage behavior. She recently rose to international prominence due to her romance with Ian Cook, gaining much more fame than she had had as an acrobat with her brother, Adam. Lilith has proven herself deadly with a pair of daggers she keeps on her person at all times, and has used her charms to seduce some of Ian's rivals and blackmail them into making deals to Ian's advantage.

Chester Finney

Chester Finney was the chief engineer aboard the New Atlantis. He was shot when intruders broke into the engineering section of the airship and stole Aura's Breath. Anton is in possession of his logs, which reveal that at Ian's request, he concealed the location of a mysterious island that was located when the Aura device cleared an area covered by perpetual storms. Finney's brain is currently in the possession of Dr. Oswalt Gwyn, who has recovered memories from it.

Brandon Gray

Brandon Gray, the grandson of Brigadier General Robert Gray, is the founder and CEO of Applied Aeronautics. When his grandfather went missing, he teamed up with Major Sam Gears on a quest that was thwarted by bureaucratic red tape and perhaps even sabotage. In the time since then, Applied Aeronautics was acquired by Cook Enterprises and was instrumental in the design and construction of the New Atlantis. Though formally under the umbrella of Cook Enterprises, Applied Aeronautics is effectively independent aside from the occasional visit from Cook himself. It was revealed in a flashback that he gave Sam the Sparrowhawk to thank her for helping him look for his grandfather, but then didn't show up for their dinner date and never saw her again until he arranged for Ian to choose him for the mission to Rome. On that mission, during which he got Sam and her friends to Dr. Bianchi's lab, he implied that he had to make some deals with the US government in order to get the Sparrowhawk, which is what made him drop off the face of the earth until Ian bought Applied Aeronautics.


Gorilla Khan

Gorilla Khan was Dr. Methuselah's first and most successful attempt at increasing the intelligence of another being. After Methuselah made an entire army of intelligent apes, Khan rebelled against his master, taking his fellow enhanced gorillas and conquering part of Africa. It is unknown why Methuselah let his right-hand ape run off like that, and conjecture in the Century Club is that it's all part of a big plan by Dr. M. Whatever the case may be, Gorilla Khan has certainly made his mark on the world. In addition to becoming the most powerful man person in Africa, he has also expanded to other continents: his Antarctic base was recently destroyed by Spirit Centurions, and some of his goons in Chicago have been in a bit of a cold war with Johnny Torrio's South Side Gang and the Genna Brothers. There are also rumors that he has discovered and attacked the lost city of Atlantis, but no one takes those seriously.

Though Gorilla Khan has yet to appear personally, the Centurions have run afoul of his minions in both Casablanca and Chicago. It's unknown what he wants with On the Trail of the Lost Continent or why he was quarreling with Der Blitzmann at the Chicago docks, but it's fairly clear that he was behind the original theft of the device that Der Blitzmann was using. When Millie tried to get help from one of Khan's gorilla minions, Khan sent her the minion, stuffed, as a message that he is no friend of the Centurions.

Dr. Willem De Witt

Dr. De Witt is a stocky Dutch marine biologist on the 1922 Ziggenheim Council who claimed that Dr. Gerald intentionally and maliciously downplayed De Witt's contributions to Gerald's work with dolphins. He left the Symposium with Rox en route to Chicago, but later appeared in Casablanca commanding a trio of well-armed gorillas. Though he was given Henry Gerp's copy of On the Trail of the Lost Continent, Sam and Sarah were able to retrieve it, leaving De Witt with a minor gunshot wound as he escaped.

    Ziggenheim Scintists 
See Also: Dr. Oswalt Gwyn and Dr. Jong-Su Baek under Cook Enterprises, Dr. Willem De Witt under Khan

Doctor Methuselah

The seemingly middle-aged Doctor Methuselah is quite possibly the most intelligent person on the planet. He claims to be nearly one thousand years old, and may even be right, given just how exceptional he is in other respects. Among other things, he seems to be able to perform impossible feats by inscribing inscrutable mathematical equations. A known enemy of the Spirit Centurions, the Doctor is searching for the Eternity Equation-—a piece of perfect mathematics that would make him truly immortal and give him the power to control time itself. Whether or not the Eternity Equation exists is unknown, but he has tangled with Jet Black, Sally Slick, and other Centurions over clues to finding and understanding it, most recently being stopped from manipulating the time stream

In most countries, Doctor Methuselah is a wanted criminal, leaving him with few . . . civilized . . . places to hide. Unfortunately for our main characters, Switzerland is one of them. The grey-clothed, glasses-wearing Doctor arrived at the 1922 Ziggenheim Symposium in his personal ornithopter to enter a paper about the passage of time in a vacuum. At the Symposium, he showed quite a bit of interest in Maxim Komorov's violin performance, imploded a wing of the hotel defending himself from a Grey Man, and observed the Spirit Centurions as they captured Garrison Grayson. The Centurions ran into him again at a New York performance by Maxim Komorov, where he again showed a great interest in Komorov's music.
  • Bigger Bad: . . . and then he teamed up with Dr. Bernhardt to reveal the party's true destiny and took the chief librarian through a wall after getting him lit on fire. Whatever his current status is now, he's certainly a Bigger Bad no more.
  • The Dreaded: To an extent within the universe, but even moreso for the players, who have a better idea out of character just how ridiculously powerful he is.
    Ironeye: But yeah, he's gonna go down the tunnel.
    Lance: Can I fate point that he's not?
  • Scary Shiny Glasses

Dr. Garrison Grayson

Dr. Grayson is a former archaeologist whose career was plagued by scandals involving smuggling and banditry in the Caribbean after he lost his funding due to some rather silly theories about Atlantean ruins in the Caribbean. The final nail was put in its coffin when he published a paper about the fantastic properties of a crystal he called nethercite—his findings were debunked in a paper by a group of other scientists. He dropped off the radar for a bit, resurfacing in 1920 as a patron of the sciences, particularly geology; this work marked him as a likely candidate for invitation into the Century Club. Grayson not only offered to match the 1922 Ziggenheim Prize, but he also donated quite a bit of money to move the Symposium to a Swiss ski resort. At the '22 Symposium, Grayson used Grey Men to kill Knichte, Gerald, and Zeram as part of his revenge on those who had discredited him. Additionally, he attempted to force his protege, Abram Brown, to a victory by intimidating the scientists at the Symposium, using the Grey Men to kill Dr. Blanc when Blanc refused to vote for Brown. Grayson was defeated by the Century Club and revealed that Brown was a fraud—all part of Grayon's plan to discredit the judgment of the Symposium and complete his revenge. He served jail time in a Swiss prison until he escaped and attempted to netherize London, revealing that he can put his consciousness into any grey man.Aspects: Pawns and Kings, Past Disgrace, The Power of Grey, Quid Pro Quo, Checkmate, Chessmaster

Dr. Rhys Hibberton

Dr. Hibberton is the inventor of the Synthetic Harmonizer. Not a serious contender for the 1922 Ziggenheim Prize due to his work being incomplete, he spent most of his time at the Symposium trailing behind his best friend, Dr. Gerald, apologizing for the outgoing man's behavior. The death of Gerald at the Symposium hit Hibberton hard, but he was able to finish the harmonizer . . . just in time for Garrison Grayson to steal it and hold him hostage.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: He was of little importance in his first appearance, but he became important to the plot once Garrison Greyson broke out of prison.
  • Extreme Doormat
  • Satellite Character: In his early appearances, he was defined by his relationship with Michael despite having equal standing in the story at that point.
Aspects: Doormat, Embarrassed About Michael

Dr. Florin Albu

The elderly Dr. Albu is a Romanian geologist with a grandfatherly manner who doesn't seem to be entirely aware of what's going on around him. This former member of the 1922 Ziggenheim Council is also rumored to have gypsy connections. He sleeps like a log. Dr. Albu was last seen on a train to Romania.

Dr. Abram Brown

Dr. Brown was a rising star in the worlds of biology and geology due to his discoveries involving the biological construction of seashells. As Dr. Grayson's young protege, he got quite a bit of advertising at the 1922 Ziggenheim Symposium. The day of the voting, he was revealed as Grayson's patsy—he had done very little of the work that he had submitted to the Council for consideration. After the Symposium, Brown went to Geneva to serve as a key witness in the trial against Grayson as part of a plea bargin to get a much reduced sentence for his involvement. While attempting to track down Henry Gerp, the Centurions came to him for help after Grayson proved unhelpful, and he was able to point them to Adam in Casablanca.
Aspects: Paranoid, Dumber Than He Looks

Dr. Roger Rox

Dr. Rox is a geologist who was in contention for the 1922 Ziggenheim Prize due to his insanely extensive catalog of the minerals of planet Earth. In 1918, Rox had a falling-out with Grayson over Rox's criticism of the other man's work in a paper coauthored with Drs. Zeram, Gerald, and Knichte. In early 1921, Rox's plans to go to the center of the Earth got him ostracized by his former friends. Grayson's Grey Men attempted to murder Rox at the 1922 Ziggenheim Symposium, by Rox survived due to the intervention of the Spirit Centurions. Dr. Rox managed to secure funding from Belgian corporations to start drilling in the Congo, using Dr. Knichte's research to reduce the hardness of the rock.Aspects: Insane Enthusiasm, I Owe the Century Club My Life

Dr. Arnaud Blanc

The effeminate Dr. Blanc was a member of the 1922 Ziggenheim Council. The French chemist claimed that Dr. Knichte was a fraud because it was so incomprehensible. Blanc was the de facto spokesperson of the Council. He was thrown off a balcony during the Ziggenheim Symposium by a Grey Man because he refused to vote for Abram Brown. The FBI suspect Dr. Blanc of being a former member of the Black Hand.

Dr. Michael Gerald

Dr. Gerald was a marine biologist who has also had some renown in the field of geology. He was one of a quartet of scientists who wrote a critique of Garrison Grayon's nethercite paper back in 1918. In 1921, he wrote a book about dolphin communication, particularly that of a pod of unusually intelligent dolphins out in the Caribbean—it is this work for which he was being considered at the 1922 Ziggenheim Symposium. His work was based on that of Dr. De Witt, though whether or not Gerald gave De Witt proper credit was never addressed by Gerald. Gerald spent most of the Symposium bouncing from conversation to conversation to tease other scientists about how they have no chance against his "talking dolphins", with his loyal friend, Rhys Hibberton, trailing behind apologizing for his rude behavior. Despite his lack of tact, Dr. Gerald was an upbeat man who seemed to think of the Centurions as his friends. Though Gerald had a bit of a rivalry with Grayson over their shared influence in getting the Symposium moved to the ski lodge and their shared tendency to try to come off well to other people, the two men never openly quarreled. Gerald's throat was slit by a Grey Man as part of Grayson's revenge on those who had discredited him.
Aspects: Thinks He's Funny

Dr. Humbaar Knichte

Dr. Knichte was a geological chemist who was considered to have the best chance at beating out Zeram at the 1922 Ziggenheim Symposium, at least before he disappeared. His work was so advanced and incomprehensible that most of the other scientists were either upset or impressed . . . and somewhat dismissive because of how little he understood about everyone else's work. This mild-mannered man was uncomfortable in crowds and spent most of his time at the Symposium hanging out by himself. Garrison Grayson confessed to sending a Grey Man to throw Knichte out of a window in revenge for Knichte coauthoring the 1918 paper that had discredited Grayson. Dr. Rox was able to interpret Knichte's notes and use them to manufacture a solvent to aid in his drilling operations.
Aspects: At Home In the Lab

Dr. Friedrich Zeram

In late 1921, Dr. Zeram got in the papers due to his study of the effects of magnetism on human physiology, with the potential of making a neuro-map of the brain. The front-runner for the Ziggenheim Prize in 1922 (the first time he was up for a major award), Zeram disliked anyone who wouldn't flatter his ego. Garrison Grayson, in particular, earned a bit of his ire. Zeram was killed by one of Grayson's Grey Men using one of Bernhardt's freezing pills as part of Grayson's revenge on the people who had ruined his career.

    Red Russians 

Rocket Red

Rocket Red is a rocket pack-wearing mercenary with strong ties to the Red Russians. Though she frequently ends up in fights against club members, she's usually just on the job—it's nothing least on her end. Jet Black has a bit of a rivalry with her (in part due to rumors that she stole his mentor's tech), and Mack Silver isn't too happy that he let himself get seduced by her when she interfered with one of his smuggling runs in Mack Silver and the Sky-Pirates of Araby.

Rocket Red also appeared in Doctor Ekk and the Sword of the Archistrategos, working for Agent Morpheus. She briefly faced off against Millie and Anton before they escaped with Ekk. When the Centurions were in Cairo looking for Te-Kas' ring, they encountered Rocket Red in a bar, where she got involved in a bar fight. Exiting the fight prematurely, she was able to sneak aboard the Sparrowhawk and do...apparently nothing. The team fought her as she was leaving, but she was able to escape.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Jet Black, since the Red Rocket is believed to be based on his mentor's research.

Black Mask

Mikhail Pavelovich Khasbulatov

Mikhail is a mysterious masked Soviet agent who was teamed up with Rocket Red to find the Sword of the Archistrategos in Archangelsk. He spent much of his time coordinating the search and only personally entered the equation to stop Ekk and Anton from helping Millie face Rocket Red. (He was able to hold Ekk, but Anton managed to get through.) Mikhail later appeared in Moscow, attempting to hunt down Anton after he escaped from prison, and was one of the prospective buyers of the annotated copy of "Faust". Angel Rose apparently has it out for him. He wields a pistol of unknown make and model. Mikhail was officially identified by David Dodd from photographs taken by Jack. "Black Mask" and two deadly-looking ladies received a delivery from Te-Kas near St. Petersburg, during which Millie realized that "Black Mask" had not been the same person every time she'd seen him.
  • Centurion Connections: Jack, Millie, Ekk, Anton (-)
  • Past Appearances: Doctor Ekk and the Sword of the Archistrategos, The Midnight Train to Moscow, Jack Courrier and the Bargain for "Faust", Dark Deals

Maxim Petrovich Komorov, Shadow of Despair

See "Other Centurions of the Current Generation"

Yakov Mikhaylovich Sverdlov

Yakov Sverdlov was one of Vladimir Lenin's key allies—the one who put Lenin's ideas into practice. He is mainly remembered for being the first de facto leader of the communist government before he died of the Spanish Flu in 1918—at least that's the official cause of death . . . According to David Dodd's file on the Black Hand, he had some contact with the gang after the 1905 revolution in Russia.

Yakov Mikhaylovich Yurovsky

Yakov Yurovsky is an agent of the Cheka, the Soviet secret police. During the early parts of the Russian Civil War, he was the officer in charge of the house where the Romanovs were being held. In January 1922, he captured Anton Korvanatz, who was in Moscow visiting relatives. For some reason, Angel Rose wants him dead.
  • Past Appearances: The Midnight Train to Moscow

    White Russians 

Colonel Aleksandr Ekk

Colonel Ekk was a Russian noble who served in Russian army during the Great War while his wife and son remained at his estate in Arkhangelsk. Once the Russian Civil War began, Colonel Ekk threw in with the White Russians and was killed in battle. Upon hearing the news, his wife killed herself.

Izolda Ekk

Izolda Ekk is the widow of Colonel Aleksandr Ekk and the mother of Dr. Ivan Aleksandrovich Ekk. Stephen Mills claimed that she killed herself upon hearing that her husband was dead, but she reappeared two and a half years later in a small coastal villiage near St. Petersburg. According to Izolda, Stephen lied about her death to get Ivan to go to London. After tending to Ivan when he was having one of his nightmares, she was taken out of Russia on the Sparrowhawk.
  • Centurion Connections: Everyone except Sarah (+)

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin

Grigori Rasputin was a mystic who befriended the Romanov family, particularly the Tsaritsa Alexandra and her children. He was killed in 1916 by nobles afraid that his influence over the Romanovs would lead Russia to ruin. His attackers had to go through an extraordinary amount of trouble to make sure he stayed dead, since he managed to survive being poisoned, shot four times, and clubbed. When he was wrapped in a carpet and dumped into the river, he still managed to get free from his bonds long enough to attempt to break through the ice before he drowned. Raputin's body was exhumed during the revolution, but he sat up during the cremation, leading to rumors that he's still not quite dead . . .

Angel Rose

The woman in the white mask is a gunman who appeared at the New York Metropolitan Opera House after the chaos started. She crashed Komorov's conversation with the agent of the Blank Hand, shooting Komorov and sending him over the railing of Methuselah's box. After looking down at him, she dropped a white rose onto his body and joined the fight against "Black Mask" and his GRU goons, offing the remaining goons and unmasking "Black Mask". When he fled, she followed. There were rumors of her existence within the White Russian community, thought Ekk though she wasn't actually real until she made her appearance at the opera house. Komorov called her an enemy of the state. She later appeared in Chicago to rescue Ekk from Capone's goons, then again in Russia to rescue Anton, Jack, and Ekk from Russian soldiers, after which she was taken to London on the Sparrowhawk. She offered to help Ekk recover his sword in exchange for his friends' help in killing Yakov Yurovsky, but they declined.

Angel Rose claims to know of Ekk's holy mission, and has supposedly been watching over Ekk and Anton in preparation for their role in . . . something.Guardian Angel, something involving revenge (both revenge-based aspects are spoilers)

Valentin Dmitrovich Popov

Valentin Popov is the head of a gang of Moscow-based thieves and smugglers with White Russian sympathies. Jack Courrier was sent to Moscow early in 1922 in order to make contact with Popov on behalf of the FBI. They were in the middle of negotiations when one of Popov's contacts discovered that Anton Korvanatz, one of Popov's old friends, had been captured by the Cheka and was being held in Moscow in preparation for transport to Petrograd. Popov helped Jack break Anton out of prison, leading to Anton's frantic escape to Switzerland ahead of GRU agents under the command of "Black Mask".
  • Past Appearances: The Midnight Train to Moscow

The Nazi Party is a recently-formed radical political movement in Germany. Their brown-uniformed stormtroopers are feared on the streets of Munich.

Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner is a middle-aged German businessman (one of the wealthiest in his home country) who was a member of the Century Club. He was present at the New York party where Ian Cook was nearly assassinated and was the one to identify the attackers. Wagner was one of the prospective buyers of the annotated copy of "Faust", where he had Nazi stormtroopers as guards, revealing him to be a Nazi ally. He has since left the Century Club.

Hermann Göring

Hermann Göring is the recently-appointed head of the SA (aka the Stormtroopers, the brownshirts), the paramilitary wing of the recently formed Nazi Party in Munich. Not much is known about Göring, except that he is presumably behind the assassination attempt on Ian Cook by SA members operating in New York. Sam flew against him in combat at the tail end of the Great War, when he was the head of Jagdgeschwader 1, the unit once led by the Red Baron.


A huge, hunched, mutated guy who doesn't seem too fond of Sarah and may or may not have a doll fixation. He seems to be working with Bernhardt.
  • Beta Test Baddie: He knows he's only Bernhardt's favorite because Sarah hasn't come back, and it makes him hate her all the more.
Aspects: Attack! Attack! Attack!, Sarah's Second Best

Dr. Egon Bernhardt

Dr. Bernhardt is an unscrupulous biochemist who founded Byberry Mental Hospital in order to get a good supply of test subjects. Sarah eventually escaped his grasp and later returned to retake Byberry, leaving Dr. Bernhardt in a remote cave. In the time since then, Bernhardt was rescued by some of his well-connected friends and was selected as a voting attendee of the 1922 Ziggenheim Symposium. At the Symposium, a grey man broke into his room and stole some of his death pills, one of which was later used to kill Dr. Zeram. Due to Grayson's testimony, Bernhardt was allowed to go free, and returned to Germany with his only friend at the Symposium, Dr. Weiss. Dr. Bernhardt somehow broke into Dr. Bianchi's facility outside of Rome and was able to escape with the research notes for Project Hero.Aspects: "Go, my children!", Sarah is Mine

Dr. Simon Weis

Dr. Weis is a a tall German biochemist who was on the 1922 Ziggenheim Council. He has ties of some kind to Dr. Bernhardt. Weis was last seen returning to Germany with Bernhardt after the Symposium.

    The Baltimore Press-Agent 

Ferdinand and Miranda Diamond

Ferdinand Diamond is Millie's father and the owner/head editor of the Baltimore Press-Agent. He has a reputation for being rather protective of his daughter, to the point that all of his employees are terrified of what would happen to them were something bad to happen to Millie while they were nearby. Miranda is Millie's demure mother; she insists on maintaining her family's home in Baltimore despite her husband's wealth allowing her to hire servants for that purpose.
  • Centurion Connections: Millie (+)
  • Past Appearances: The Case of the Missing Boats

Adrian Newell

Adrian Newell is a young employee of the Baltimore Press-Agent who was originally hired as an assistant to Ferdinand Diamond. He was later transfered to the Chicago office and came to Millie with news during her time in the city. Before searching Lake Michigan for Der Blitzmann, Millie sent him to Little Italy to get some material for a puff piece on the Genna brothers. This assignment put him first on the scene when a thief knocked out power to a block in order to break into a garage and gave him an entirely new spin on the Genna story when the six brothers showed up to protect their neighbors. Upon returning to the docks to give the new news to Millie, he was given the chance to write a (somewhat censored) take on the recovery of the buoy. Between the two articles, he was able to get a promotion to field reporter and no longer has to be the one to look out for Millie when she's in the windy city.
  • Centurion Connections: Jack, Anton, Sarah (0), Millie (+)
  • Past Appearances: The Case of the Missing Boats

    The Gears Family 

Laurence Gears

Laurence Gears is Sam's father. He's a short, quiet man who handles baggage and maintenance at a small airfield near his home.

Melanie Gears

Melanie is Sam's mother. She didn't react well to Sam running off to join the RFC, but eventually grew to accept it. She spends much of her time reigning in Alice Gears, her other daughter.

Alice Gears

Alice Gears is Sam's younger sister. Currently 16 years old, she's already trying to get into the fashion industry, to her parents' disapproval. Due to an unfortunate incident as a young girl, she's not very fond of terrified of large dogs.

    Gray's Raptors 
Gray's Raptors were a squadron of mostly non-British pilots who flew for the Royal Flying Corps (and later the Royal Air Force) in the Great War. Many still fly for the RAF or for the air forces of their home countries. The Raptors are notable for flying against Jagdgeschwader 1 (the Red Baron's former unit) with only a single casualty. Note that the ranks listed are those from during the Great War. In the time since then, the RAF has moved to a new rank system that does not feature these ranks. Since Sam hasn't formally been an RAF pilot since the war, the ranks listed are the ranks she knew her squardonmates by.

Brigadier General Robert Gray: Golden Eagle

General Gray recruited the best non-British pilots from the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service to form one of the most elite squadrons in the Great War. Gray was also a Spirit Centurion, and sponsored Sam Gears for entry to into the Century Club. He disappeared on a secret mission into the heart of Africa after the war and hasn't been seen since.

Colonel Albert Malthus: Black Eagle

Colonel Malthus was Robert Gray's first protege and his recruiting partner when Gray decided to form a special squadron. He also disappeared on Gray's secret mission.

Major Samatha Gears: Sparrowhawk

Sam Gears needs no introduction.

Major Walter Steele: Harrier

Walter Steele was Sam's rival during their time with the Raptors. In the squadron, Walter was known for his nerves of steel. Sam didn't keep in contact with him after the war, though he apparently knows something about Gray's disappearance. Walter flew his customized plane to help Victoria and Mandeep escape from the New Atlantis, facing off against Sam in a game of "chicken" and winning.
  • Centurion Connections: Sam (-)
  • Past Appearances: The Spirit Centurions and Aura's Breath

Captain Marius Chevalier: Osprey

Captain Chevlier was selected from the RNAS for his skill in combat over water. He taught the RFC pilots, including Sam, how to deal with flying over oceans. Dressed in black leather and wearing a helmet, he interfered with Jack Courrier's attempts to capture Black Lipstick and her companions out of fear for the life of his sister, promising to help Sam take down the Black Hand after he was sure his sister would be safe. He and his sister are of French-Canadian descent, but are US citizens.

Captain Harrison Bryant: Gyrfalcon

The physically imposing Boston-born Captain Bryant was very protective of the other members of his squadron, particularly Sam, given her youth and gender. Captain Bryant was on leave when the war drew to a close, and was present at Professor de Faria's victory party when Professor Rochester was shot.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Though he's connected to two of the player characters in the backstory, he didn't do much in his first appearance, leaving his true role unknown.

Lieutenant Henry Walton: Kite

After the war, Lieutenant Walton resigned his commission and became a "professional adventurer". These days, he spends most of his time galavanting off to lost ruins and recovering ancient artifacts. He was the second-youngest Raptor, after Sam—he's only a day older than she is.

Second Lieutenant Quincy Baker: Kestrel

Second Lietenant Baker was a scrawny, insecure young man who nevertheless had an incredible talent for flying airplanes. He was teamed up with Major Steele in hopes that Major Steele's iron resolve would rub off on him, but Steele's often seemingly reckless actions just drove Baker to a nervous breakdown and medical discharge.

Second Lieutenant Alan Brooks: Peregrine

Second Lieutenant Brooks was known within the squadron for the fits of rage he would fly into while in combat. Though his aggressive nature got him many kills, he frequently endangered the lives of his squardronmates and was grounded on General Gray's orders near the end of the war. Last Sam heard of him, he returned to his home in Chicago.

Second Lieutenant Edgar Lee: Goshawk

Second Lieutenant Lee is a small man who mostly keeps to himself. He was with General Gray on Gray's final mission, and disappeared along with his long-time squadron leader.

Second Lieutenant Trevor Carlile: Condor

Second Lieutenant Trevor Carlile was shot down by Hermann Göring as the Great War drew to a close. He is now the Weaver and affiliated with the Children of the Night.

Second Lieutenant Lucien Schwartz: Vulture

The perpetually smirking Lucien Schwartz was the last person selected for the Raptors. He wasn't particularly well-liked due to his scheming nature.

    The North Side Gang 
The North Side Gang is a group of mostly Irish-Americans with a significant minority of Polish-Americans. Their headquarters is McGovern's Saloon and Cafe, in the Near North Side, and the gang controls the voters of the 42nd and 43rd Wards. They engage in bootlegging, burglary, illegal gambling, general theft (particularly of liquor shipments to other gangs), and bribery, but they notably refuse to traffic in prostitution like their southern rivals. Their leader, Dean O'Banion, arranges for significant charity work on the north side of Chicago in order to maintain good publicity. Public officials in the pocket of the North Siders include
  • Chief Detective Michael Hughes
  • County Clerk Robert Sweitzer
  • Police Lieutenant Charles Evans
  • Public Works commissioner Colonel Albert A. Sprague

Dion O'Banion

Dion O'Banion is the infamous leader of the North Side Gang. "Dion" is actually a nickname used in the papers (and thus the name Millie and most of the others know him by); his actual name, Charles Dean O'Banion, is what he is known by within the organized crime circles in Chicago (everyone calls him "Dean"). O'Banion arranges flowers as a hobby. When questioned by Jack, Dean claimed to know nothing about the missing government patrol boats, nor anything about the stolen weapon that sunk them. He has offered to help "Jacky" if Jack ever needs it, and is rather favorably disposed towards Millie as well.
  • Centurion Connections: Jack, Millie (+)
  • Past Appearances: The Case of the Missing Boats

“Bugs” Moran

"Bugs" Moran is one of O'Banion's lieutenants and a founder of the North Side Gang, and is the man who popularized drive-by shootings. Even his friends thing he's a big unhinged, a trait that got him his nickname. Bugs is one of Jack's primary suspects in the murder of John Courrier.

Hymie Weiss

Hymie Weiss is O'Banion's right-hand man and the third and final founder of the North Side Mob. He is notable for being the only Polish-American in a high position in one of the Chicago gangs.

John Duffy

John Duffy is a hired gun who takes enough jobs from O'Banion that he's considered a North Side Mob hanger-on. He was run out of Philly when Sarah and her brother took over the city. When Jack failed to get a meeting with Dean O'Banion, he turned to Duffy, who revealed that he hadn't been hired for any jobs recently, and thus the disappearance of two government patrol boats was either not a North Side job or a very close-kept secret.
  • Centurion Connections: Sarah (-), Jack (+)
  • Past Appearances: The Case of the Missing Boats

Vincent Drucci

Vincent Drucci was a childhood friend of O'Banion who was approached to join the North Side Gang shortly after it was formed. These days, he's one of the gang's enforcers. He served with Anton in the Navy during the Great War, where the two got into some conflict due to Drucci's sharp temper. Drucci lead the team of North Siders who were sent to deal with the altercation between Der Blitzmann and Gorilla Khan's minions at the Chicago lakefront. His brief reunion with Anton was cut off by Millie playing a distressed damsel in order to get his help against the gorillas.
  • Centurion Connections: Anton (-), Millie (0)
  • Past Appearances: The Cast of the Missing Boats

Louis "Two Gun" Alterie

Louis Alterie is a Californian hit-man who works for the North Side Gang these days. A fan of Westerns, Alterie wields a pair of Colt .45's. To all of the respectable folks out there, he is the head of the Theatrical Janitors' Union.

"Numbers" Deagan

Numbers is a clerk who works for the North Side Gang and who slips information to the Pearcut Gem (Millie) on the side. Millie makes sure to compensate him well via cash dropped at predetermined locations. During the hunt for the missing government buoy, Millie called him up to get information on what the North Side Gang knew about what had happened, which lead to her pumping Jack for information.
  • Centurion Connections: Millie (+), Jack (0)
  • Past Appearances: The Case of the Missing Boats

    The South Side Gang 
The South Side Gang is the rival to the North Side Gang, controlling exactly which part of Chicago you would expect. It is known as the "Italian" gang because of the significant Italian presence, particularly in the gang leadership, and its connections to the Five Families of New York City—the power behind the Mafia.

Johnny Torrio

"Big Johnny" Torrio is the current leader of the South Side Gang, having taken over after the founder, "Big Jim" Colosimo, was murdered. After his ascension, he moved the emphasis of the gang from brothels to bootlegging, absorbing many of the minor south side gangs in the process. Originally having risen to power in New York before being invited to Chicago by James Colosimo, he brought some of his New York allies with him, including the Capone brothers.

Al Capone

Al Capone is Johnny Torrio's right hand man and is rumored to be behind the murder of James Colosimo. He originally came to Chicago to avoid murder charges due to his actions in New York while working for Frankie Yale. He met Jack while working as a bartender at the Four Deuces nightclub/brothel, where Jack first got his hands on the mysterious statue. Due to scars on the left side of his face, he is called "Scarface" by his North Side rivals, a name that has caught on in the press. Now a manager at the Four Deuces, he arranged for Frank Nitti to bring in Jack so that they could make a deal for Jack's statue. He revealed that Aaron Fell killed John Courrier, but Jack was unable to give him the statue, and thus Capone gave him a week to hand it over before he went after Jack's friends.
  • Centurion Connections: Jack (-)
  • Past Appearances: Jack Courrier and the Curious Statue, Dark Deals

Frank Capone

Al's brother Frank has been his partner ever since their arrival in Chicago. Frank is far more ruthless than his brother, preferring murder to negotiation, but he has managed to keep a respectable reputation outside of criminal circles—something his brother has been unable to do. He met Jack while visiting his brother at the Four Deuces, and later backed up his brother when Al brought Jack in to make a deal.
  • Centurion Connections: Jack (-)
  • Past Appearances: Jack Courrier and the Curious Statue, Dark Deals

Frank Nitti

Before Al Capone arrived in Chicago, Frank Nitti worked for Dean O'Banion as a jewelry thief, fence, and liquor smuggler. In the time since then, he has changed sides, earning the ire of his former employer. At the moment, he primarily serves as Capone's bodyguard, but his leadership skills have been noticed . . .
  • Centurion Connections: Jack (-)
  • Past Appearances: Dark Deals

Jake Guzik

Jake "Greasy Thumb" Guzik is the financial and legal adviser to Al Capone, and one of Capone's few true friends because Guzik tipped Capone off about a hit attempt despite not being associated with the South Side Gang. He's the principle bag-man of the South Side Gang, paying off councilmen and police chiefs on a regular basis.

    Other Criminals 

Larkin McBride

Larkin McBride is Sarah's brother and the mostly undisputed crime boss of Philadelphia. He is far more restrained than his younger sister, who his is reather protective of.

Frankie Yale

Technically not part of the South Side Gang, Frankie Yale is one of its major allies. Before the Capones moved to Chicago, they served under Yale in NYC. An friend of Johnny Torrio, Yale was in Chicago when Big Jim Colosimo was murdered, and is one of the prime suspects. Yale was one of the prospective buyers of the annotated "Faust" manuscript after having to deal with Sarah's anti-mob actions earlier that week.
  • Centurion Connections: Jack, Sarah (-)
  • Past Appearances: Jack Courrier and the Bargain for "Faust"

The Terrible Gennas

The six Genna brothers are a team of bootleggers who control the Little Italy neighborhood of Chicago, and who are allies of Johnny Torrio and Al Capone. By hiring other residents of the neighborhood to manage household stills for them, they have managed to produce far more liquor than Little Italy can consume, and have started selling it in other neighborhoods. Their rotgut is so cheap to make that they can sell it at half the price of their competitors, most notably Dean O'Banion. The bootlegging truce negotiated by Johnny Torrio restricted the Gennas to Little Italy, but with Torrio unlikely to take action against his allies, there is talk in the North Side Gang of teaching the brothers a lesson . . .

When the Centurions investigated the disappearance of government patrol boats, they turned to the Gennas for information about Gorilla Khan's dealings. In exchange for some good press in the Baltimore Press-Agent, they revealed that Khan had indeed stolen the missing government weapon, and that he was behind the attacks. A short time later, a garage in Little Italy was violently broken into, and the Gennas got into the papers as heroically defending the people of Little Italy from the attacker.
  • Centurion Connections: Millie (+), Jack (-), Sarah, Anton (0)
  • Past Appearances: The Cast of the Missing Boats

    Other Known Enemies of the Century Club 

Abin al'Jirayah

Abin al'Jirayah is the pseudonym of a notorious thief. He is known for:
  • Centurion Connections: Samson, Sarah, Sam (-)
  • His scimitar
  • His sheer success
Abin has a rivalry with Samson as a result of their confrontation over Justinian's crown—a rivalry that lead to Samson chasing Abin as far as Moscow. He was last seen in Casablanca fleeing on rooftops after stealing Henry Gurp's copy of On the Trail of the Lost Continent and delivering it to Dr. De Witt.
  • His use of a sleeping poison of his own devising, administered via darts from a blow gun
  • His wide-brimmed, dark purple hat
  • Past Appearances: Journey for the Jewels of Justinian, The Spirit Centurions on the Trail of "On the Trial of the Lost Continent"

Alistair Bentham

Alistair Bentham is the head of Ordo Corvi and Dana's adopted father. A this middle-aged master manipulator is quite principled for someone running an organization of thieves with supernatural preferences: he has a code against killing, is extremely devoted to his adopted son, and values the lives of his subordinates. He is not known to have any supernatural abilities. Bentham was last seen in Chicago at the ruins of the fire that killed Dana's parents, where he temporarily called off the agents chasing Dana.
  • Centurion Connections: Dana (+)
  • Past Appearances: Great Dane McCallister and the Grasp of the Black Talon

Lady Victoria Pride

Victoria Pride is Millie's greedy cousin. She believes that she deserves the inheritance the Millie is in line to get, and will do anything to get it for herself. (Really, she'd do almost anything for any sum, but, well, It's Personal in this case.) Millie has two quit noticeable accessories: her car and Mandeep Singh, her laconic manservant. After selling out Millie to Tausret in Millie Diamond and the Mysterious Mistress of Memphis!, she appeared again to steal a mysterious Atlantean tablet from Ian Cook's collection on the New Atlantis. In The Wages of Pride!, Vicky held the tablet hostage for half of the Diamond family forture. While waiting to talk to her, Millie discovered that of the statues in her townhome sitting room, only the one of Phobetor and Epiales was real marble. Within 24 hours, Vicky had left with Mandeep for an unknown destination, presumably taking the only real statue with her. According to Rikhard Fisk, the Pride family statues were never sold off, at least not legitimately, which raises the question of what happened to them.

    Miscellaneous Characters 

Henry Gerp

Henry Gerp is a young man who is obsessed with discovering Atlantis. His interest led him to organize meetings for other true believers and seek out those who would be sympathetic to his cause. Among his associates were pre-disgrace Garrison Grayson, the acrobat Adam, Professor Rochester, and Millie Diamond, that last of whom shared his fondness for the music of Rachmaninoff. Some time in the recent past, he left his London apartment without paying Dorthy his last month's rent, and set out to live with a friend. It is unknown which friend he meant, but he eventually found his way to Grayson, who was indirectly able to put him back in touch with Adam. At this point, Gerp is living in Casablanca with Adam.

Among other things, Henry Gerp collected rare books associated with Atlantis. One of these, Alistair Ormond's "On the Trail of the Lost Continent" was of value to both Dr. Willem De Witt and Millie Diamond, as they both attempted to get their hands on it. Gerp agreed to let Millie borrow the book, which was stolen by Abin al'Jirayah and retrieved from De Witt before Sam, Sarah, and Samson were able to return the book to Millie.
  • Past Appearances: The Spirit Centurions on the Trail of "On the Trial of the Lost Continent"


Adam is a somewhat narcisistic, handsome acrobat of significant skill who used to perform with his sister, Lilith. These days, he's touring on his own as his sibling has gotten catapulted into stardom. Sam, Sarah, and Samson caught up to Adam in Casablanca, where he was sharing an appartment with Henry Gerp. In the process of bar-hopping, Adam was able to find Gerp for his new guests.

Adam has shown quite the predilection for booze and beautiful women, but there is a certain sadness to him that is currently unexplained. Adam was last seen in Casablanca, but it is unknown if the group he is touring with will move any time soon.
  • Centurion Connections: Sam (+), Sarah and Samson (0)
  • Past Appearances: The Spirit Centurions on the Trail of "On the Trial of the Lost Continent"

Mabel the Maid

Mabel is Millie's hard-working London maid. So far, things have not gone well for her, as agents of the Children of the Night knocked her out and left her tied up in the wine cellar. She's surprisingly friendly with Spiro despite her taking his place in the cellar.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: She was little more than a name during her first appearance, but her growing connection with Spiro could lead to much more . . .

Dorthy "Boots" Mills

Dorthy Mills is the elderly landlady of the apartments where Henry Gerp stayed until recently and the widow of Stephen Mills. Her most notable trait is her impressive boots. She has requested that the Centurions retrieve the month's rent that Gerp owes her if they ever get a chance. She also allowed Millie access to Black Lipstick's room after Black Lipstick left in a hurry with her companions.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Her importance in the broader story wasn't revealed until Ian Cook identified her husband.

Miss Gusswhite

Miss Gusswhite is one of the current tenents of Dorthy's building and apparently was quite fond of Henry Gerp before he fled. Though she was referenced in The Spirit Centurions on the Trail of "On the Trial of the Lost Continent", she has yet to appear. Miss Gusswhite appears to be Black Lipstick, though it's unknown whether or not "Gusswhite" is Black Lipstick's real name.

Baroness Maria Velgin

The middle-aged Baroness Velgin was one of Ian Cook's guests aboard the New Atlantis for the public unveiling of Aura's Breath. She tried to take control of the worried crowd on the observation deck after Aura's Breath was stolen, but Millie ended up doing a better job of it. The curren Black Lipstick is known to have taken the identity of Baroness Velgin at some point, possibly even at the unveiling.
  • Centurion Connections: Millie (-)
  • Past Appearances: The Spirit Centurions and Aura's Breath

The Man with the Large Instrument Case

Just what is up with this man that Jack saw calmly walking out of the opera house in the chaos caused by an assassin gunning for either Millie or Ian? Is he the gunman? A member of the Black Hand? A Chekhov's Gunman? A Red Herring? Only time will tell.
  • Past Appearances: Jack Courrier and the Bargain for "Faust"

Aaron Fell

Aaron Fell is a Chicago-based sniper hitman who is a known associate of the Black Hand. Al Capone claims that Fell killed John Courrier.


Alan was the chief of security at the Ziggenheim Symposium. The murders, as well as Samson's antics, got Alan fired from his job at the security firm. He currently lives next door to Lady Pride, and was asked to water her house plants while she was gone.

    Important Vehicles 


Sam's prototype Grumman G-21 Goose seaplane has been upgraded by Anton to have an autopilot that has the ability to understand basic commands. Rocket Red was hired to investigate the plane for an unknown reason, and while she was able to get into the plane, she doesn't seem to have tampered with anything. Just how Sam managed to get her hands on such an advanced aircraft will be explore in an upcoming novel.

New Atlantis

The airship New Atlantis is a custom design by Applied Aeronautics for Ian Cook. The most advanced flying vessel in the world, it is the permanent home of Ian and his girlfriend Lilith, who keep the decorations rather spartan aside from the world's largest private collection of ancient relics. New Atlantis was equiped with the prototype Aura's Breath and hosted the first public demonstration in The Spirit Centurions and Aura's Breath. The new deceased chief engineer, Chester Finney, kept New Atlantis in perfect working order, from the lower-deck hanger to the the windowed observation deck.

USS Grand Destiny

The USS Grand Destiny is a New York class dreadnaught that guarded convoys during the Great War, it is unusual in that it is the only dreadnaught from the 1910s that was not named after a state, something that the US Navy has been unable to account for. Notable crewmen include Anton Korvanatz, Vincent Drucci, and Chief Engineer Mortimer Jameson. In 1918, the ship was torpedoed and Jameson sacrificed himself in order to make the repairs necessary to keep it afloat.

Millie's Car

Millie drives a 1922 Austin 7. She is rather devoted to her vehicle, and keeps it shiny and in good repair. Which is why Samson is dead meat.

Vicky's Car

Victoria Pride owns a 1922 Lancia Lambda. She is, if anything, even more devoted to her vehicle than her cousin is. The Lambda is generally driven by her manservant, Mandeep Singh.

Harrier's Claw

Harrier's Claw is a prototype four-seat triple-engine combat-ready plane designed by Applied Aeronautics. Its pilot is Walter Steele, an American ace from the Great War and one of Gray's Raptors. The custom paint job on the plane matches that of Steele's original Sopwith Dolphin from his time with the Raptors. It was last seen leaving New Atlantis with Victoria Pride, Mandeep Singh, and one of Ian Cook's Atlantean tablets on-board.


Lucy is Mack Silver's prototype Century Clipper, and the only woman he's every loved. Given her size, she serves as a mobile base for Spirit Centurions on occasion.

    Important Items 

The Curious Statue (Jack Courrier)

As the beginning of his first adventure, Jack unexpectedly got his hands on this surprisingly light roughly cylindrical stone device roughly the size of an extra-large roll of paper towels. It's composed of four vaguely humanoid figures, each made (in multiple interlocking pieces) of a different color of stone, with arms interlinked around an intricate statue made of yet a fifth type of stone. Each of the figures has a pyramidal hole in its back with a complex pattern of grooves. Jack seemingly got cursed as a result of fiddling with the statue, and a mysterious someone with mob connections is willing to do almost anything to get his or her hands on it. Al Capone wants to get his hands on the statue for an unknown reason.

The Mysterious Note (Dr. de Faria)

On the day Max was kidnapped, his kinappers left behind a note in mysterious hierogliphics. Professor de Faria was able to decipher a few phrases: "the Old Ones", "Children of the Night", "Beloved One", and "The Weaver". De Faria currently still has the note and is working on translating more.

Max's Research Notes (Millie and the Weaver)

Most of Max's old research notes regarding cults were kept by Millie after her fiance was kidnapped, with Professor de Faria holding on to the rest until the Weaver was able to steal them. Presumably the Weaver has given them to Max at this point.

The Research Notes of Drs. Grayson and Rochester (Dr. de Faria)

After Garrison Grayson was disgraced, he left his research notes in the care of Charles Rochester. When Rochester was murdered, both his notes and Grayson's were taken by Rochester's friend, Rodrigo Jardin de Faria. The Weaver tried to steal both sets, presumably because they could help Max find the information that the Children of the Night need. Fortunately, the Centurions were able to recover the files, which are being studied by de Faria in hopes of finding clues as to just what the notes were needed for. (Before anyone asks, there are no obvious clues as to how Grayson was able to creat the grey men.)

The Sword of the Archistrategos (Dr. Ekk)

This blessed sword is currently held by Dr. Ekk and is believed to be the sword of the Archangel Michael. Soviet agents have tried to get their hands on it before, but it is unknown how they knew of its existence, much less what plans they have for it. It was stolen by Ordo Corvi agents in Russia, but was later recovered by the Spirit Centurions in the chaotic aftermath of an auction turned violent.

The Synthetic Harmonizer (Hibberton)

Rhys Hibberton's pet project, the Synthetic Harmonizer, is currently incomplete. If Hibberton is ever able to get the thing working, it will be able to physically alter the properties of one thing to match the properties of another substance. According to Dr. Tesla, the Harmonizer is nearly ready.

Max's Map (Millie)

This hastily-drawn map was given to Millie by Max when she visited him in exchange for returning Te-Kas' ring. Sevearl areas are circled, including the Norwegian Sea, the Caribbean Sea, China, Iraq/Persia, and Antarctica. Those last three circles have the labels of "Air", "Fire", and "Water", respectively. According to Max, the circles are possible locations for the pieces to the key that will unlock the secret of Atlantis. Millie has used the map to determine that "Fire" corresponds to ancient Babylon.


Nethercite is a rare form of quartz that has some unusual properties: it repels magnets (despite not being magnetic itself), it's incredibly durable, and it's surprisingly light-weight. Garrison Grayson also posited that it simultaneously exists and does not exist.

Finney's Logs (Anton)

Chester Finney kept meticulous logs of his work and time on New Atlantis. His professional log reveals that Aura's Breath has been tested multiple times and that one of the tests that took place in the Norwegian Sea is missing coordinates due to part of the page being ripped out.

Chester's personal log reveals that he didn't like "the damn Chinaman" (Baek, who's actually Korean—this little bit of racism is unremarkable for the 20's), and that he thought the Welshman (Dr. Gwyn) was a petty thief based on Gwyn often being around the crew's cabins instead of his own guest room. On the other hand, Chester was on very good terms with his employer, Ian Cook.

More of interest is that on the day of the test with the missing coordinates, when Aura's Breath cleared the storm clouds, Chester and Ian saw land below them—land that didn't exist on any of their charts. Ian swore Chester to secrecy and asked him to destroy all records of their location. The only clues to the location of the island are that it's in the Norwegian Sea, Chester knows of no man who has been in the vicinity without a storm being present, and Chester memorized the coordinates himself. Presumably Anton could ask him himself if Chester weren't dead. Anton never did have a decent chance to search the body, since Dr. Gwyn took care of it.

Te-Kas' Ring (Millie)

Te-Kas' Ring consists of a small stone set on a golden band. The stone itself is a translucent black with swirls of blood red. When Te-Kas was in Cairo, it was stolen by Abdul-Aziz, who tried to sell it. It was taken from him by Ifrit, and then taken from him by the Centurions. Millie returned it to Te-Kas, who said he would send it to her whenever he had a new task for her. So far, Millie has received two requests, and still has the ring from the most recent one.

Aura's Breath (?)

Aura's Breath is a weather-control device created by Dr. Baek at the behest of Ian Cook. It was tested several times on-board New Atlantis before its public unveiling. At that demonstration, it was stolen by men in the uniforms of LNASD security. It is unknown whether the device was onboard the theives' plane when it was brought down by Major Gears, or if it had been stashed somewhere else.

The Amazing Jet Pack (Jet Black)

Jet Black's Amazing Jet Pack is based on the jet technology of the late Dr. Hutchings and was built by Jackson Black, the young man Hutchings sponsored for the Century Club. As Jet Black, Jackson flew it into battle during the Great War, and still features it in his heroics as a Spirit Centurion.

The Red Rocket (Rocket Red)

Rocket Red's Red Rocket is based on some of the tech that came from Dr. Hutchings' laboratory during the Great War. Jet Black, at least, believes that she took advantage of the attack on the lab in order to steal the design.

Justinian's Crown (Abin)

This crown was worn by Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus, Justinian the Great, the second member of the Justinian Dynasty and Byzantine Emperor. Hidden for over 1300 years behind the Door of Belisarius by Belisarius himself (Justinian's greatest general), the way to the crown was rediscovered by Samson, the Society of Gemsetters, and Abin al'Jirayah, who all raced to be the first to get their hands on it. Though Samson and his allies were the first past most of the obstacles, it was Abin who managed to nab the crown. Samson chased Abin all the way to Moscow before Samson's friends required his aid and he was forced to abandon the chase. Since Justinian is a saint of the Eastern Orthodox Church, the crown is a holy relic.

David Dodd's Black Hand File (Jack)

This official FBI file on the Black Hand reveals the identities of suspected members and known associates. Notable among these are Ian Cook (suspected former member), Mikhail Pavelovich Khasbulatov (known associate), Paul Wagner (known associate), Frankie Yale (known associate), Alistair Bentham (suspected associate), Grigori Rasputin (suspected former associate), Garrison Grayson (suspected associate), Dr. Arnaud Blanc (suspected member), Maxim Komorov (suspected associate), and Aaron Fell (known associate).

See the Black Hand characters section for the other information contained within.

The CASED Buoy (David Dodd)

This secret US government weapon was stolen from a convoy by agents of Gorilla Khan and somehow ended up out in Lake Michigan. It was used by an unknown party to sink two patrol boats used to hunt down rum-runners. Der Blitzmann later planned to use it for an unknown purpose when he was interrupted by Spirit Centurions, and shortly thereafter by another patrol boat. Using a bag of power cells, Der Blitzmann blasted both boats with electricity from the buoy before the Spirit Centurions were able to stop him and assist the sailors on the other boat. The Centurions then towed the buoy back to shore, where it was delivered to David Dodd.

Ian's Atlantean Tablet (Victoria Pride)

This Atlantean Tablet was once in the collection of Ian Cook on board New Atlantis until it was stolen by Mandeep Singh, Victoria Pride, and Walter Steele. What glimpse Millie caught of it before it was stolen revealed a map with notations in the script used on the Weaver's note. According to Vicky, the tablet actually belongs to a "Mr. Carlisle", and according to Rikhard Fisk, it was discovered on a dig in Greece financed by Ian Cook.

On the Trail of the Lost Continent by Alistair Ormond

On the Trail of the Lost Continent is Alistair Ormond's magnum opus. This incredibly rare book has a Navy Blue cover with gold scrollwork, and it details everything Ormond could discover about the location of Atlantis and other lost continents. The one copy known to the Spirit Centurions was held by Henry Gerp until it was stolen by Abin al'Jirayah and given to Willem De Witt. Samson, Sam, and Sarah were able to recover the book and give it to Millie, who later gave it to Te-Kas. Presumably other copies exist somewhere.

The annotated copy of "Faust" (?)

This copy of "Faust" featured many annotations by Charles Gounod, the original playwrite, scrawled in the margins. The Black Hand procured it somehow and were in negotiations with Mikhail Khasbulatov, Paul Wagner, and Frankie Yale when an assassination attempt on either Millie Diamond or Ian Cook disrupted the sale. The book disappeared in the confusion, and based on its last location, it is either still in Dr. Methuselah's box in the New York Metropolitan Opera House, or it is held by the four people who had a chance to look in the box between when it went missing and the PCs took a look: the mysterious Black Hand woman who pretended to be Ian's aide (ie she never gave it up), Maxim Komorov, "White Mask", or Ivan Ekk (assuming he lied to his friends).

The Herkules Stradivarius (?)

This violin was made in 1732 by the family of Antonio Stradivari, possibly by the master himself. It was in the possession of the Belgian violinist Eugene Ysayë when he was playing a series of concerts in St. Petersburg in 1908, but it was stolen from his hotel room. The thief was never caught. According to Ian Cook, he was present as a junior member (seriously so—he was 7 at the time) of the Black Hand when they stole the violin.

The Project Hero Research (Dr. Bernhardt)

The research of the late Dr. Giovanni Marino was kept in an Italian lab run by Dr. Bianchi until it was stolen by Dr. Bernhardt.

The Statue of Epiales and Phobetor (Lady Pride?)

This lamp-sized statue depicts Epiales (son of Nyx and a nightmare-causing spirit) and Phobetor (son of Hypnos, brother of Morpheus, and a minor god who enters nightmares). It was in the sitting room of Victoria Pride's London townhome (and the only statue in the room actually made of marble) until it was removed, presuably by Lady Pride, though possibly also by the Children of the Night who came later.

    Important Places 

Chicago, the Windy City

Chicago is a hotbed of criminal activity, especially since Prohibition got started. These days, almost everyone whose anyone in the city is involved in the liquor business, a client of someone in the liquor business, or taking bribes from someone involved in the liquor business. With hundreds of gangs operating on the Chicago streets, the only thing keeping Chicago from descending into anarchy is an informal truce regularted by Mike Merlo, the head of Unione Siciliana (a national organization dedicated to assisting Sicilian immigrants in America). The city government is notoriously corrupt, to the point that key city officials are listed above by whose pocket they are in. The mayor, William "Big Bill" Hale Thompson, stands out as being even more corrupt than his underlings.

McGovern's Saloon and Cafe (Near North Side)

McGovern's Saloon and Cafe is a secondary headquarters of the North Side Gang. Dean O'Banion has an office there, and it's where "Numbers" Deagan does all of his clerical work. In The Case of the Missing Boats, Jack spoke with John Duffy at the cafe after an unsuccessful attempt to arrange a meeting with O'Banion; he and Millie returned later and were let in back to speak with the boss himself.

William Schofield's flower shop (River North)

This flower shop is partially owned by Dean O'Banion (as of only a few months ago), who uses it as a front for his criminal operations when he's not busy being a master flower arranger. The rooms above the shop are the primary headquarters of the North Side Gang, and the flower shop is the primary seller of floral arrangements for gangster funerals (including those for rival gang members).

Holy Name Cathedral (River North)

The Holy Name Cathedral is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, as well as the church where Dean O'Banion and Hymie Weiss attend mass. It is located across the street from William Schofield's flower shop.

The Taylor Street warehouse (Little Italy)

This three story warehouse serves as the headquarters of the Genna crime family, which controls Little Italy. Jack, Millie, Sarah, and Anton met the Genna brothers here in The Case of the Missing Boats.

The Four Deuces (South Side)

The Four Deuces is a nightclub and brothel located at 2222 South Wabash. It was here that Jack got a hold of the curious statue while on a mission for David Dodd. Al Capone, the manager at the time, got a good look at the statue, as did his brother, Frank, who was visiting him at the time.

Fulton River District

The Fulton River District is a commercial and shipping district controlled by Gorilla Khan. Like Little Italy, it is part of the Near West Side, which puts the Gennas and Khan in a minor territorial conflict. It is also the home of the Chicago and North Western Terminal, a terminus for some of the elevated rail lines of Chicago.

Hands of Michael Medical Clinic (West Town)

The Hands of Michael Medical Clinic is a small clinic run by Dr. Ivan Ekk a block away from Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in West Town. The clinic provides cheap (often free) medical care to the Eastern European immigrants who live in the surrounding neighborhood, as well as the poor from other parts of the West Town community area. Given Dr. Ekk's disposition towards charity when working in his clinic, he can rarely afford to splurge on anything beyond the necessities (hence making his trip to see Maxim Komorov's performance rather unusual). Dr. Ekk lives alone in the flat above the clinic. Due to his poverty, he has no workspace of note, though he does have unlimited access to the clinic downstairs.
  • Mechanical Benefits: All reasonable medical and surgical implements are present downstairs.

John Courrier's Home (Outskirts)

John Courrier's home is a mansion located on the outskirts of Chicago, which was inherited by Jack Courrier after John's death. The mansion is rather large, and Jack never felt too comfortable there, so he mostly just visits for short periods to check up and to keep up appearances. Sometimes he uses it to help him with a con. Occasionally he lets. Since he doesn't use it that often, he has a skeleton staff working up there. Just enough to keep the place running.

Jack Courrier's Home (The Loop)

Jack's home is a small room in downtown Chicago. The room is rather bare bones, with only a few decorations here and there. The bed has thin, plain-colored sheets and a couple of pillows. He also has a thin comforter for the winter. Other than that he has a couple of chairs, a nightstand and a dresser. There are two mirrors: one over the dresser and on in the bathroom. His closet his two layers of hangers, one right in front of the other. The front layer has business suits and various sport related clothes. The back layer has street clothes that show signs of wear for when he needs to blend in. He keeps his makeup in the top right drawer of the dresser.

Anton's Home

Anton's home is in one of the slummier sections of Chicago, where he can benefit most from Friends In Low Places and has genial ties to the gang that controls the area. His near-constant assaults by various powers trying to kidnap him and use his talents for their own gain has left him very security minded. because of this, his outer door is reinforced inside with solid steel and a viewslot, as well as a large number of locks, half of which are internal (think chains, but stronger and well attached).

Inside the second door (which is solid steel with a large deadbolt), there's a short passageway down into the main living area. The house is actually entirely underground, and thus has no windows. It's messy, but generally clean, only an occasional unfinished sandwich or perhaps a glass of something lying around. It's not that heavily decorated, mostly consisting of old and beat up furniture, but still functional, and extremely comfortable. The fieldstone walls are occasionally covered by some manner of wall hanging, and the room is littered with mementos from Anton's travels, including a burst rivet from the USS Grand Destiny, a brick he'd managed to get out of the cell he'd been interred in before Jack rescued him (and used as a weapon until he could get his watch back) as well as the Chief engineer's journal from the New Atlantis. The floor is mostly level, but like the walls is made of stone, so he has covered some of it with a collection of ill matching, but decently warm, carpets.

Off the living area is a small kitchenette with an average sized icebox (modified of course into a true refrigerator) filled primarily with deli meats and a variety of cheeses and breads. Through the kitchenette you reach his bedroom, another small, but comfortable room, little more than a bed with a small nightstand and dresser, his dress clothes (what little he has of them) hanging above the dresser, so as to not wrinkle. More carpets and stone floors. Connected to the bedroom is a small bathroom with naught but a shower stall, sink with a small mirror, and a toilet.

Through the living area again, we go through another set of reinforced doors into his Lab. Mostly electrical equipment, but perhaps enough equipment of the gadgeteering sort to effect moderate repairs upon things if needed. This room has the only level and smooth floor in the entire house, and has many large stone racks set into the walls, as well as two smooth, black granite tabletops covered in neatly arranged devices. There is a Tesla Generator in the corner.
  • Mechanical Benefits: Fair (+2) Electrical Workshop