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There will be a Title Drop at some point.

Hm? Oh, no reason.
  • Surprisingly enough, it never came to pass.

The Weaver is a character we've already met.

Let the crazy speculation begin!
  • Jossed: Though Sam had contact with him in the backstory, he only appeared in-story as the Weaver.

Alternately, the Weaver is "Mr. Carlile."

Extensive burns would be a good reason to wear a full face mask.

Samson will crash/ruin Brandon and Sam's (rain checked) dinner date.

Lilith is Black Lipstick
  • Seems unlikely given that both Lilith and one of Lipstick's known aliases (Baroness Maria Velgin) were accounted for during the Aura's Breath incident. Not entirely conclusive, however.
  • Jossed. Black Lipstick is confirmed to have masqueraded as Ian's aide at the opera, during which Lilith was accounted for.
Bernhardt is the Shadow of Science
Isn't he too old?
  • Word of God is that he could still be such a Shadow, it'd just be very unlikely.
  • Jossed. He died far too easily to be a Centurion.

Ian Cook is the Shadow of Greed
Well, he's pretty damn important, he's not too trustworthy, and he's not a Centurion, but near our ages. Ergo, he could be a day older than us.
  • Confirmed by Word of God after being all but revealed in-universe. And is anyone surprised?

Ironeye will pull some Neon Genesis Evangelion-style nonsense and it will turn out that the Shadow of Greed is ALL HUMANITY or some such tomfoolery.

The novel Flock of Sky-Knights will take place in Africa dealing with the Avens
  • Partially Jossed, partially confirmed—it took place in Chicago, but the Avens did make an important appearance.

Ian Cook is the Big Bad (not that it's a particularly wild guess.)

Tausret is the Big Bad.
To quote her character description: "Her tendency to serve Millie, the Weaver, and Te-Kas as she sees fit hints at her perhaps being more clever than she appears." Te-Kas was introduced as the head honcho of the Children of the Night, who seem to be among the most important (if not the most important) villain faction. He was betrayed by the Weaver, which we sort of saw coming. But perhaps that betrayal is meant to make us think that we've seen all the surprises we're going to see from this faction, when in fact Tausret has been manipulating both Te-Kas and the Weaver while pretending to be a delusional pawn.
  • Alternately, and perhaps more likely, the above all applies, but Tausret is the Big Bad's agent within the Children of the Night rather than being the Big Bad herself.
  • Jossed. Ian Cook is the Big Bad, with Doctor Methuselah as his only competition for the role. Whether or not Tausret is a double agent for someone else has yet to be seen.

The Curious Statue is the base of the Key to Atlantis.
The diamond-shaped holes in the figures are where the elemental stones go.
  • Totally confirmed, not that there was any doubt by that point.

Valerie Pryce is a member of the Black Hand
Why else would Osprey show up then and there?
  • Jossed, or at least, that's not the reason Osprey showed up. His sister, Eve Chevalier, is a member of the Black Hand.

Walter Steele is the Shadow of Flight.
He's the only one who's ever beaten Sam at something plane related.
  • Jossed. The Shadow of Flight is the aven warrior Haast.

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