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YMMV: The Shadow Of Greed
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Dr. Ekk has either brain damage or a psychological condition, and Stephen Mills was actually using him for some convoluted scheme.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Dana's two mentors were murdered and rendered unto a Broken Pedestal, respectively, and he had to cut himself off from his entire adoptive family, all within the space of a few days. He doesn't seem too broken up about it, on a day-to-day basis.
  • Memetic Mutation: BERNHARDT!!!
  • The Load: Dr. Ivan Aleksandrovich Ekk—Ironeye didn't want his GMPC to overshadow the party, and thus only brought Dr. Ekk when a doctor would be helpful, a Mr. Exposition was needed, or someone needed to inconvenience the party in some fashion. This reached the point that according to Thnikkafan, Dr. Ekk was actually a detriment to the party because he "brought the average down". Since then, Dr. Ekk has been allowed to have one awesome moment in helping Dana and Samson break out of a prison cell by tricking the guards.
  • The Woobie: Dr. Ivan Aleksandrovich Ekk—his father was killed in the Russian Revolution; his mentor claimed that his mother hung himself; he's been chosen to be a warrior for God when he'd rather be a healer; he lost an archangel's sword; he had to leave his clinic due to Jack's trouble with Al Capone; Angel Rose is trying to control his destiny; he's one of the main targets of Red Russian agents; and he doesn't sleep much due to nightmares, which he sometimes slips into even when he's awake.

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