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Awesome: The Shadow Of Greed
  • Millie, the very definition of a Non Action Person, breaking out of a Greek wrestling hold applied by a Might-based character. By rolling Rapport.
  • Sam jumping from high up in a massive tree, impaling a birdman mid-flight with HIS OWN SPEAR, and then proceeds to impale two others on the way down.
  • Anton once turned a lab into a heavily magnetized environment and then used it to launch a door, flattening some gray men and saving Rhys Hibberton.
  • Sarah once jumped across the space between two train cars, rolled as she landed, and reloaded her tommygun as she stood up. All in one action.
  • Another one for Sam: demonstrating that as the Spirit of Flight, her mastery of airborne vehicles includes even technicalities like a car jumping a drawbridge.
  • Samson finally gets some awesomeness when he knocks down the gate to Gorilla Khan's base with one punch.
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