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Characters: Mansfield Park

Fanny Price

"I should have thought that every woman must have felt the possibility of a man's not being approved, not being loved by some one of her sex at least, let him be ever so generally agreeable. Let him have all the perfections in the world, I think it ought not to be set down as certain that a man must be acceptable to every woman he may happen to like himself."

The protagonist of the novel, Fanny Price is the poor relation of the Bertram family, who comes to live with them at a young age and grows up alongside her cousins. While the majority of the family ignore or mistreat her, her cousin Edmund treats her well and she falls in love with him. But he falls in love with a new vivacious neighbor Mary Crawford whose brother pursues Fanny and her female cousins.

Edmund Bertram

The second son of the Bertram family, Edmund is the responsible one between himself and his older brother Tom. He hopes to become a clergyman even though the profession would lessen his chances with Mary Crawford, who he hopes to marry. Edmund is close with Fanny, but oblivious to her feelings for him.

Mary Crawford

Mary comes to Mansfield Park with her brother, Henry, to stay at the parsonage with her half-sister Mrs. Grant. Ambitious, mischievous, and worldly, she immediately sets her sights on marrying Tom Bertram. But she soon finds that she prefers Edmund even though he is the younger of the brothers and will not inherit the estate.

Henry Crawford

Henry comes to stay at Mansfield Parks parsonage with with his sister, Mary. Though he has no intention of marrying either of them, he immediately begins a flirtation with both of the Bertram sisters, Maria and Julia, despite Maria's engagement. They both fall in love with him, but he finds that he prefers Fanny because she's the first woman he's ever met who proves immutable to his charms.

Maria Bertram

The older of the Bertram sisters, Maria becomes engaged to marry her neighbor Mr. Rushworth. But after Henry Crawford comes to Mansfield Park, she and her younger sister soon become enamored with him.

Julia Bertram

The young of the Bertram sisters, Julia hopes to become engaged to Henry Crawford, but finds that she must vie for his affections with her sister and then Fanny Price.

Tom Bertram

The oldest of the Bertram siblings, he is irresponsible and reckless. He serves as a foil to Edmund.

Mrs. Norris

One of Fanny's aunts, Mrs. Norris arranged for Fanny to come to stay at Mansfield Park but treats her badly in order to make sure she knows her place.

  • Shipper on Deck: She very much approves of the relationship between Maria and Mr. Rushworth, and badly wants Julia to marry Henry Crawford.

Sir Thomas Bertram

Fanny's uncle by marriage, Sir Thomas is the wealthy owner of Mansfield Park. He is a strict authority figure for his children and his absence for a portion of the story allows them to behave improperly.

Lady Bertram

Another of Fanny's aunts and the wife of Sir Thomas, Lady Bertram is a lazy hypochondriac. She values and depends on Fanny a great deal, but does not mistreat her the way Mrs. Norris does.

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