Characters: Kickin' It

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     Jack Brewer 
Played by: Leo Howard

     Milton Krupnick 
Played by: Dylan Riley Snyder

     Jerry Martinez 
Played by: Mateo Arias

     Kim Crawford 
Played by: Olivia Holt

Played by: Alex Christian Jones

     Rudy Gillespie 
Played by: Jason Earles

Played by: Dan Ahdoot

     Joan Malone 

     Sensei Ty 
Played by: Ian Reed Kelser

Played by: Wayne Dalglish

Played by: Loni Love

     Bobby Wasabi 
Played by: Joel McCrary

  • Acrofatic: He's able to kick a surprising amount of ass for his size.
  • Big Good
  • No Doubt The Years Have Changed Me: As the series began, Bobby Wasabi was a former movie star who hasn't been seen in public for at least two decades. When he first made an appearance, he was so overweight people had problem linking him to the movie star. No wonder the producers making a movie of his life wanted him to be portrayed by somebody else.
  • Retired Badass
  • Too Dumb to Live: Selling the dojo to a group of cheating tyrants

Played by: Hannah Leigh