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Funny: Kickin' It
  • To get revenge on Jerry for spreading rumors that he was dating her, Mika (Phil's niece), agrees to be Jerry's girlfriend if he can pass some rituals that she and Phil made up including Phil slapping Jerry with salmons, to wearing an embarrassing outfit with jelllyfish underpants. It gets worse when Jerry's outfit gets caught in his locker leaving him presumably naked much to Milton and Eddie's amusement. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming when Mika decides to be Jerry's girlfriend for real since he was willing to go through those rituals.
  • Milton pretending to be Jerry in "The Great Escape", particularly when he tried flirting with Kim.
    Milton: Yo, what it do, girl?
    Kim: Your cologne makes me gag is "what it do"!
    Milton: Listen mama cita, you want a slice of Jerry pie or not?
    Kim: What are you talking about?
    Milton: Let me slow down, I forgot I was talking to a blonde.
    Kim: That's it! *about to beat up Milton, but gets restrained by Jack and Eddie*
    Jack and Eddie: He's ready.
  • In "Hit the Road, Jack", Jerry's upset that when Jack leaves for Japan, no girl will want to talk to them. Milton points out they have a bigger problem.
    Milton: Forget girls, without Jack, we won't have any protection from Frank and his least when Kim's not around.
  • Pretty much anytime Kim "dances".
  • In New Jack City, Ty asks Jack if he can have a baba ganoush popper. The food is too spicy for him. When Jack leaves, Ty eats another popper and regrets it.
    Ty:Why did I do that?! My teeth are melting!
  • At the end of "Glove Hurts", Milton's dad offers to take the boys out for dinner and Jerry accidentally clones himself at which point, Mr. Krupnick says he's only paying for one Jerry.
  • When Frank pranks the cheerleading squad, Kim is shoved and falls face first onto a cake. Funderburk scolds Frank, not for messing with the cheerleaders, but for touching the school's pet turtle and ends up shoving Kim's face into the cake again. Later, when Kim decides to have Frank expelled, she turns on some music and begins her trademark "dance" at which point, Jack as vice president, bangs a gavel and motions that the school president is banned from dancing ever again.
  • In "Two Dates and a Funeral" Kim lies to Jerry about who the J on the J+K bracelet she had stood for and ends up having to go on a date with him instead of Jack. When Jerry says he hates clingy girlfriends Kim starts acting all clingy, even phoning him from the bathroom.
  • In "The New Girl" Jack's model walk out the dojo.
  • Pretty much anytime Jack's hair is mentioned.
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