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Bobby Wasabi and the Black Dragons agreed to use the Advancement Tournament to evaluate students desiring to prove they deserve updated belts

  • Bobby Wasabi and whoever owns the Black Dragons dojos must have felt it to be the best way to ensure the students who get advanced belts really deserve it.
    • Given how Rudy had initially tricked Jack into entering, is it hard to believe he'd simply give belts to two of his students if he thought that'd save the dojo and his job?
      • Considering that, apart from Milton re-earning his yellow belt, nobody's advanced since?

Seaford High School uses some sort of house system.
This would be the simplest explanation in-story for the discrepancy between the huge, sprawling multi-building campus seen in Establishing Shots and the limited indoor sets, and would also explain why all the main characters have the same lunch period.

"Bobby Wasabi" is a stage name.
Everyone else has realistic names (even "Milton" which was given to about 50 per million babies born in the '90s but is at least on the chart), but Bobby Wasabi, who isn't even Asian?

There's a rule prohibiting wearing gi outside the dojo.
No Wasabi students are ever seen wearing them anywhere else unless it's a special exhibition, not even to go across the mall courtyard to Falafel Phil's. There are many scenes of them in regular clothing in it before and after lessons, so they may be required to travel to and from the dojo in street clothes.

Kramer trained at a Bobby Wasabi dojo.
Which led to the current policy of grouping students by age, not skill level.
  • There are practical reasons for this, too - younger kids get out of school earlier while non-retail business hours end at 5, so the "4:00 group" being made up entirely of teens makes some sense.

Milton and Jerry knew all along Kim and Jack were going on a date in Two Dates and a Funeral
Milton overheard Jack tell Kim he got Albert to bid on her for him and the reason why Jack wanted to do the bid in secret. He told Jerry and they decided to see how long it would take until Jack and Kim told them the truth. That's how Jerry figured out straight away that the J in the J+K bracelet stood for Jack and when Kim lied he played along and didn't dump her when she acted all clingy because he wanted to see how long she could keep acting like that before she snapped and told the truth. Also explains why Milton decided it was a good idea to climb half way up a mountain just to bury a dead bird.