Fridge / Kickin' It

Fridge Brilliance
  • Jack's karate is kind of loud and flashy. His Back Story is that he was trained by someone who taught martial artists for the movies.
  • When Jack gets his memory back after looking at Kim in A Slip Down Memory Lane, this was most likely the Power of Love at work, because they do have feelings for each other.
  • After the superlative ass-kicking the Wasabi Warriors handed out in Swords and Magic, Rudy really should've been handing his card out to everyone on the other side, if not free-introductory-lesson coupons. But, besides his not being that good a businessman, he'd left the parking area in rented clothes he'd just been handed and thinking it was just him and Milton.
  • Joan isn't all that good at being a mall cop. And just why would a karate dojo pay the extra it would cost for a location with crack security? For reasons mentioned on the Headscratchers page, they're not the temptingest of targets.
  • The "Wasabi WARRIOR ACADEMY" rebranding. It's been a Running Gag in the show all along that Bobby Wasabi's not as famous as he once was, add in the Unfortunate Implications of the old logo's faux-Asian lettering and the fact that wasabi (the seasoning) is far better known than it was in the '70s leading to the possibility of being mistaken for a restaurant ("Martial Arts" was tiny on the old logo), and it was high time for a new image.

Fridge Horror
  • In The Karate Games Jack and Kim go to Hollywood to film a movie that's a parody of The Hunger Games and find themselves living it while the director filmed it all. When Kim and Jack realise everything is far too real the director sets a bunch of dogs on them. Was the director attempting to murder them for his movie?!
    • Yes. He even said they would only become famous if they could live through his movie.
    • How many other kids had the director tricked into doing a movie that hadn't lived through it?
      • It's easy to assume at least one, as they said that he is now in jail for the rest of his life. Which could mean that he already had footage of those less fortunate actors being killed as hard evidence which probably made it an open and shut case. If no one was killed on camera and all they had to go on was Jack and Kim's word, it would take much longer to convict him. Also attempted murder rarely equals a life sentence.
  • How many other rich martial artists died at the hands of Leona, AKA the Black Belt Widow before the Wasabi Warriors had her arrested?
  • In Reality Fights, Rudy blew up his own car. What if some innocent person just happened to be in the car's proximity and was caught in the blast? Moments later, part of his car lands right in front of him, which brings up the fact that the other parts of his cars could've fallen on other people walking around outside the mall.
    • The writers walk a fine line with Rudy - the premise of him being a karate instructor means he should have exceptional control and self-discipline and consider passing that along to his students to be as or more important than the fighting; while the Kid Com formula requires him to be an Adult Child to the point of buffonery. All too often, the formula wins out.
  • At least a couple of times, Wasabi Warriors have thwarted a robbery in the mall. What happens if a robber has a gun that shoots bullets, not meatballs?
  • Bobby Wasabi's line about "not as rich as my labradoodle'll be when I die". He doesn't look a day over 60 and expects his dog to outlive him.
  • A Fridge Tearjerker rather than horror, but, how many other places fell victim to the Christmas con artists before they set up in Seaford? Even worse, how many innocent people suffered being misblamed for stealing the donated toys like Jack, Milton, and Jerry nearly suffered and presumably got in big trouble?
  • Another Adult Fear - what would Ricky Weaver be doing to these girls in every town if the show wasn't TV-Y7?