Funny: Key And Peele

  • The sketch where an African warlord asks one of his mooks to Mercy Kill him so he doesn't have to surrender to the enemy. The mook repeatedly screws up; first he stabs the warlord, without killing him. Then instead of shooting him in the head, he shoots him in the knee. Then when he actually is about to shoot him in the head, he runs of out bullets. Then he resorts to just hitting him over the head with the pistol. Then the warlord finally just tells him to grab some more bullets, only for the mook to throw a pot at him. After some more convincing, he goes off to find more bullets....
    Mook: I did not find the bullets.
    Warlord: What!?
    Mook: But I did find something better: boiling hot water.
    Warlord: What are you going to do wi-
    Mook: (pours the boiling water on the warlord's crotch)
    Warlord: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! (runs out of room and outside) I SURRENDER! I AM THE GENERAL!
    Mook: Commander! Don't go! They'll torture you!
  • The Obama sketches with his anger translator, Luther.
  • The East Coast/West Coast College Bowl sketch, featuring Key and Peele (and a token white guy) as a group of bizarrely named players (some of which don't even go to college — one is from a state prison).
    • That would be Torque [Construction Noise] Lewith, from Nevada State Penitentiary. The middle part is pronounced by the sounds of a jackhammer.
  • The entire skit with the inner city substitute teacher who keeps mispronouncing his students' names, such as calling Jacqueline Jay-qwel-lin and Blake Ba-la-key, only to think they're messing with him when they try to correct him. With each polite correction he just gets angrier and angrier culminating in...
    Teacher: Why didn't you answer the first time I said A-A-Ron.
    Aaron: ... Because it's pronounced Aaron.
    Teacher: SON OF A BITCH! (turns and around and swipes everything off his desk) YOU DONE MESSED UP A-A-RON! Now take your ass on down to O-Shag-Henessy's office right now and tell him what you did!
    Aaron: Who?
    Teacher: O-Shag-Henessy!
    Aaron: Principal O'Shaughnessy?
    Teacher: Get out of my goddamned classroom before I break my foot off in your ass! Insubordinate and churlish!
    • And then the punchline where the only kid he got the name right (Timothy, said as Tim-oh-thay) is a black kid that was out of view until the last second.
    • Part 3 is pretty freakin hilarious as well with the same teacher and students but instead of names, they argue over whether or not school clubs exist at the school. Must be seen to be fully appreciated. Oh yeah, and Timmothay is back.
  • Flicker: Basically what would happen if Christopher Nolan and whoever did the soundtrack for Deus Ex: Human Revolution decided to make an episode of The Office.
  • "I said… (looks around for the wife) 'biiiiiiiiitch...'"
    • They continue to do this even while they're floating in space.
  • East-West College Bowl 2.
  • The skit with the man who is mistaken for a terrorist and being tortured by a government agent. The whole thing is just gold.
    Terrorist: Terrier-ist! The phone call said terrier-ist! Me and my friends, we.. we breed dogs, and we write fiction! We discuss terrier-ist plots-
    (interrogator punches him in the stomach)
    Agent: Cut the shit Rashid!
    • And then at the end, it's revealed he really WAS a terrorist... and also a terrier-ist. The White House gets attacked by a bunch of small dogs.
  • Superman bed. Starts at 2:06
  • The fake Mr. T Public Service Announcement.
  • The Power Falcons sketch: it starts off as a Power Rangers parody, until they start calling Peele's character "Black Falcon". He's not the Black Falcon.
  • The rap battle with Barack Obama:
    Obama: (gets out of his limo) I'm the leader of the free world.
    (Mic Drop, exit Obama in his limo)
  • The sketch with the nervous boyfriend/husband looking at internet porn.
  • Some of the intro bits deserve some credit too.
  • "Aerobics Meltdown" a parody of the 'Crystal Light Aerobics Championship' videos from the 80s on YouTube.
  • Cat Poster. Jordan Peele's smarmy voice makes Carter Finley's idiotic attempts to be sneaky even more hilarious. "Hong...Inthar?"
  • The Al-Qaeda Terrorist Meeting(Warning: NSFW language). All of it.
  • The East-West Pro Bowl went even further than its predecessors by having real NFL players with odd names (like D'Brickashaw Ferguson, who inspired the sketch in the first place) interspersed with Key and Peele in various guises. It's capped off with Aaron Rodgers... who reads his name as "A. A. Ron Rod-Gers".