Characters / Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle

This is a listing of characters from Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle . It is very much a work in progress. Please remember to put all information not gleaned within the first ten minutes of meeting a character in spoiler tags. Thank you.

The Duchess Of Elstwhere

The good natured Duchess is the main character of the story. Betrothed to Embric of Wulfhammer, she has arrived in his castle to marry him, but he is nowhere to be found. Not one to let that get her down, she does her best to make friends, explore the surrounding countryside, and go on adventures.

In The Marquess Of Notoriety
  • Cyborg: Part Golem per the Iron Duchess+ ending.
  • Faking the Dead

Bad King Greyghast The Terrible

The former monarch, uncle to the Duchess. As his name would imply, he was a horrible tyrant, before being overthrown by the Awesome Fellowship. While killed before the start of the game, we see just how evil he was during flashbacks.

Falwythwier Windgrace

The Awesome Fellowship's elven mage, and a very powerful spellcaster. She knows she's better than everyone else, and makes no effort to hide it. After all, they're just puny humans.

The Good Dwarf

The dwarf of the Awesome Fellowship. He does dwarfy things, like work metal and drink liquor. His hair changes color quite a bit.

Louni Quickfingers

The resident rogue of the Awesome Fellowship, she now functions as the de-facto sheriff of the marque, rounding up bandits and rescuing their captives. She starts off somewhat cold to the Duchess, but learns to appreciate what she brings to the castle.

Embric Of Wulfhammer

The heroic leader of the Awesome Fellowship, and bridegroom to the duchess. His absence drives the plot.

  • The Ghost: Outside a few endings, anyway.
  • Idiot Hero: What little we do see of him strongly suggests this.


The Duchess' loyal butler. He is always available to dispense information.


The Duchess' personal maid in the castle, she's somewhat impulsive and clumsy, but has a good heart.

As of The Marquess of Notoriety


The castle's scullery maid, ever ready to give baths and do laundry. Is afraid that she's going to be fired for every little thing.

Bunny aka Scheherazade

The owner of the Moon Rabbit Cafe on the castle's roof, she gives out potions of Cure Medium Wounds along with kisses. She's actually a lamia who uses the cafe in order to drain people's wisdom, but it's okay, since the status effect is only temporary.


A dark elf being held for ransom in the castle.

The Nereid

A nereid living in the castle, she is first discovered in the bath house. She really, really likes the Duchess, and doesn't grasp human concepts like "consent".


The young proprietress of the castle's inn, which has gained a reputation for debauchery. She is remarkably bright for her age, and will need help in rehabilitating the inn. One of the two main characters of The Marquess of Notoriety.


Grettel's older sister, who unfortunately does not share her intelligence. Becomes the embodiment of Huraine, goddess of chocolate, strawberries, and illicit sex.

Princess Arugula Aeresland

The daughter of the new king. The Duchess hates her guts, both because Princess Arugula is an airhead, and because she's an actual princess.

  • Childhood Friend: Of both the Duchess and Duke Thermin, thus cannot bring herself to take a side.
  • The Ditz
  • Everything's Better with Princesses: although everything's mediocre when she's around.
  • Princess Classic: Arugula is convinced that she's a fairy tale princess, that her Royal Blood makes her special, and that true love will carry her through anything. And it all works. The Duchess, normally nothing if not accommodating, just can't come to terms with this.

Duke Thermin

The snotty young duke, who likes being the center of attention and may or may not be evil.

Lord Vecnathrax

The Awesome Fellowship's archnemesis, and an ancient evil who's nothing but a skeleton.

  • Affably Evil: Has a friendly conversation with the Duchess on the mountain.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Vecnathrax's is driven purely by his hatred of living things.
  • Villain Decay: Invoked. He's so old that he's grow too senile to actually be a threat.