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Tropes pertaining to the Characters of Combat Devolved.

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"Are We There Yet?"
Voiced By: Nathan Wenban

Rookie (Real name unknown) is the newest recruit of the squad. He has just passed his Spartan training after failing his driving test but passing his "Using the toilet with your armour on training". Despite his all-round ignorance about the way the world works he has become one of the more competent soldiers (Which is not a difficult feat considering who his comrades are.) He wears default black armour which highlights his rank as Rookie. He is arguably the Protagonist of Combat Devolved however as time goes on he becomes just another member of the squad.

Much of Rookie's past is a mystery; no one ever asks and he doesn't tell.

Tropes associated with Rookie:

" Snarl"
Voiced By: Callum Henderson

Christopher Rodriquez is the squad's pilot. As such, he is the one most often seen driving vehicles or flying aircraft. Pilot was once part of the elite ODST Spartan forces until he was relieved of duty. Through a currently unknown event from his past known only as 'The Accident', Pilot is extremely cynical and has a noticeable speech impediment. The only information known about 'The Accident' is that it occurred when Pilot was still an ODST and it perhaps played a part in his expungement from the special forces.

Pilot spends the most time with Cadaver out of any squad members, and often acts as a sort of lab assistant to the good doctor.

Tropes associated with Pilot:

" We do? (Beat) Oh yeah, course we do, I was just joking. Hahaha."
Voiced By: James Wenban

Joseph Turner, also known as Scout, is the team's reconnaissance expert. He is very lazy and seems to be good for very little other than scouting, and even then he often forgets what he was supposed to be reporting back during the return trip to the base. He is not very bright (to say the least) and is easily the slowest member of the squad. It is likely that the team gave him his position to ensure they would spend as little time with him as possible, since Scout has a habit of infuriating those around him (especially Pilot, whom he calls 'Roddy').

While other characters are given Character Development, Scout seems to be getting dumber as the series progresses, to the point that he can barely think for himself without the help of his squadmates.

Tropes associated with Scout:

"Now get out there and show them what you're made of! (whispering) Hint: It's skin and blood and stuff! I remember that from medical class! Though that's about all I remember."
Voiced By: Thomas Philips

Dr. Cadaver (Full name Dr. Jason Alto Heironymous Cadaver) is the designated Medic of the squad. Failed his Spartan training due to being unable to differentiate friend from foe. Despite what his position and white/red armour would suggest, Cadaver is a seriously deranged individual who provides more danger to his squadmates than assistance. It is unknown how Cadaver became what he is, or why he is qualified to practice medicine, but one thing is for certain: If you're injured in combat, Cadaver is the last person you want to see.

The good doctor often relays old stories of his previous exploits to his fellow Spartans, mainly what he has learned from the questionable experiments he has performed in the past.

Tropes associated with Dr. Cadaver:

"I told you, I don't want to give away our position!"
Voiced By: Sam Horton

Harry Stone, also known as Sniper despite never actually sniping anything, is the self-proclaimed leader of the squad. After Corporal Thompson's death, Sniper almost immediately took charge despite being ill-suited to leading or inspiring his troops. Sniper is arguably the worst human being in the series, without the excuse of being insane like Cadaver or cynical like Pilot. He is treated with contempt by many of his squadmates, and is all too happy to return the favour.

Despite being called Sniper and carrying a sniper rifle (looted from Corporal Thompson's dead body), Sniper hardly ever participates in combat, preferring to remain behind and watch his colleagues die or be horribly injured with the poor excuse that he doesn't want to reveal his position to the enemy.

Tropes associated with Sniper:


Winston "Heavy" Jones

  • Actor Allusion: Likewise, Matt Norriss is probably the most kind and generous member of Talking Skullz.
  • Apologetic Attacker: His first line is apologizing for killing an alien.
  • Deuteragonist: Due to his role as the Straight Man he often becomes this, this means that while he rarely gets an episode devoted to himself he has an important role in many episodes.
  • Genius Bruiser: Despite Heavy's status as The Big Guy, he is very eloquent and well-spoken, not to mention a good deal smarter than a few of his teammates.
  • Gentleman Snarker: He is friendly and polite with a gentlemanly air, but he knows when to snark.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: In Episode 5 he is the first one to lose a life, by jumping into a minefield.
  • Precision F-Strike: Censored out, but at the end of Episode 4 he delivers one of these.
    "Well, f*ck me."
  • Sophisticated as Hell
  • Straight Man: Mostly plays the Foil to Sniper, but will take this role when paired up with any other character.
  • The Heart: He is a genuine Nice Guy and is the only character who appears to be friends with everyone.
  • The Nicknamer: "Lil' Guy", "Snipes", "Floating Grifball" to name a few.
  • Weapon of Choice: His turret. Also uses a rocket launcher on occasion.

    J.A.K.E. 17/ 8 

Jeremiah Artkocious Kalleigulah Eligh 17th Esq. is a monitor and the only non-human member of the squad. He was built by Sniper as part of a project he has yet to elaborate on. JAKE 17 began as a typical slow-talking, logic-based machine but quickly became a self-proclaimed detective and Quintessential British Gentleman due to a malfunction. He is now a fully-fledged member of the squad, frequently conversing with Rookie and acting as his morally-superior half.When the group end up being cryogenically frozen and wake up in the future, they find themselves with J.A.K.E. 18, a holograhpical simulation of J.A.K.E. 17 with the exact same personality as the latter.

Tropes associated with JAKE 17 (and 18):

" Chaaraarge."
Voiced By: Robert Micklewright

Corporal Thompson was once the squad's leader until an unfortunate accident occurred involving a land mine. He was in possession of the team's only sniper rifle before his death, at which point it was quickly looted from his corpse by Sniper.

It turns out Thompson wasn't actually dead (Or rather he was, but he had an extra life) and returned only to be run over by Rookie and to have his few words of advice heatedly ignored by his squadmates. He perished soon afterwards, but with the way death works in this series, it's unlikely he's gone for good.

Tropes associated with Thompson:

Voiced By: Some Internet robotic voice.

Pete is the A.I. for the UNSC [Mr. Blakely's Spare Unmarked Van].

Tropes associated with Pete:

''"Today, we fight for all of humanity! Now let's kick some alien ass."
Voiced By: Matthew Norriss

Rhydian Johnson, the great-great-great-great... -great grandson of Sergeant Avery Johnson, encounters the group aboard the Halo installation that the group visit after waking up in the future, trying to continue his ancestor's work and legacy.

Tropes associated with Ryhdian:

    Spartans 1 and 2 
''"Oh yeah! The faggot and the Irish guy!"
Voiced By: Spartan 1 - Rob Micklewright; Spartan 2 - Thomas "Krollie" Laughton.

(Somehow) picked up from the remains of Rhydian's squad, Spartans 1 and 2 are far from your ideal humans, let alone Spartans. After joining the group from their (mis)adventures on the Halo ring, the two Spartans tagged along and try to help out when they can. Emphasis on the try.

Tropes associated with Spartans 1 and 2:

  • Early-Bird Cameo: Get an offscreen written cameo in the same drawing bonus as Pete up above. However, Spartan 2 does appear in a later bonus video.
  • Those Two Guys.