Characters: Between Failures

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    MEGAtainment Staff 

Jay Thomas Blackwell

Carolina Abigail Graves

Edward Lincoln

Nina Grace

John Kepler

Jolene "Brooksie" Brooks

Miguel "Mike" Hernandez

  • Benevolent Boss: Mike is a genuinely nice guy; sometimes too nice.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Both comedic and serious examples. On the comedic side, it turned out that he was really good at Nerf battles. On the serious side, his anger is capable of shutting up Reggie.
  • Nice to the Waiter: The reason the other employees have hope for him is that he actually tries to treat them with respect.
  • Pointy-Haired Boss: Defied. Everyone expected him to be this, like his predecessors, and he does have occasional slip-ups due to a lack of practical experience. However, he actively works to get better; see Benevolent Boss above.

Reginald "Reggie" Watson Booth

  • Idle Rich: Working at the store seems to be his attempt at averting this trope. Whether or not he's been successful is up to debate.
  • Lawful Good: Despite his Jerk Ass tendencies, he really does seem to want to help people, and is probably the only person who follows all of the rules (including the dress code).
    • Lawful Stupid: Unfortunately, he doesn't have much in the way of common sense.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: It says a lot about his upbringing that Jo's "betrayal" from not sticking up for him hurt him so deeply.
  • Never My Fault: Reggie has a great deal of difficulty taking responsibility for his own actions, although on at least one occasion, it really wasn't his fault.
  • The Resenter: He's quite bitter towards the other employees. Justifiably so, in fact.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Really, Reggie, what did you expect when you used a cigarette lighter to examine the inside of a cardboard display?
  • Spoiled Brat: Unlike all the other employees at MEGAtainment, he doesn't actually need to work there, and he lets people know it.
    • It doesn't help that one of MEGAtainment's top executives is his aunt.

Wesley Asel

  • Hipster: Invoked within his character profile.
  • Neutral Evil: Only follows the rules insofar as he needs to in order to stay out of trouble, and is actively planning to steal from the store.
  • New Meat: Replaced Ed as "the new guy" at the store.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Only barely conceals his intent to steal from the store and cause chaos, although his new "friend" Reggie doesn't seem to pick up on it.

     Other Characters 

Jessie Harlan Lincoln


Constance Willowbrooks / Dawn

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