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And The Fandom Rejoiced: Nickelodeon
  • Nickelodeon applies for a trademark for The Legend of Korra? Let's celebrate and wildly speculate on what the series could be about!
    • As of now people are really going wild with the official announcement. An Avatar sequel featuring the next avatar as a female protagonist set in a Steampunk city being taught airbending by Aang's son; Most people were pleased.
    • Breaking news: Dante Basco, the voice of Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, will voice a "surprise" character.
      • And Episode 10 shows that character in all of his glory. Ladies and gentlemen, General Iroh, Commander of the United Forces!
    • Also, the number of episodes has been expanded from 12 to 26. Let the rejoicing begin!
      • Nickelodeon has ordered 26 more episodes for after Book 2!!!
    • More breaking news: A new Avatar comic book has been announced following the breakout success of the artbook. Apparently it will contain comics following the Gaang's postwar adventures! Mere hours after this was announced, fan communities all across the Internet exploded with excitement.
    • The changes in fashion were cautiously accepted as realistic progression considering how much fashion trends varied widely in real life. Then, someone showed up wearing a fedora.
    • Steve Blum as the voice of Amon.
    • Remember how fans were frothing at the mouth with anticipation for The Reveal about Ursa's whereabouts? And how the writers teased us with this in The Legend of Korra, only to not tell us after all? Not anymore - the comic which is to follow The Promise - currently entitled The Search - will finally provide us with the long-awaited answer(s)! Oh, and Azula will feature in that story arc, as well!!
    • Go to Youtube and watch reactions of the Season 1 finale. They might have cheered at the ending, they might have cheered at Aang, but Korra airbending has only one reaction no matter what video you find. Everyone screams as loud as they can.
    • In season 2, the Spirit World will be involved.
    • The first episode of Book 2 will be premiered early at the San Diego Comic Con!
    • Season 2 release window has been announced for September 2013, leading to much rejoicing. Prior to that is the revelation of Wan. Who is he? Why, he's the first. THE Avatar. That's right, the series is finally delving into the origins of the Avatar!
    • Uncle Iroh makes an unexpected return in A New Spiritual Age, leaving fans around the world squealing in delight.
      • Another unexpected return came in "Darkness Falls": Zhao!
    • Series 3 now has a trailer! Among other things, it seems to have Zuko coming back!
    • So now there's a licensed tie-in game coming out? Ah, well, we all know how this will go do- PLATINUM GAMES IS DEVELOPING IT? Just shut up and take my money!
    • Book Four's trailer is coming out! Well, they're going to have a hard time topping Book Three, aren't they? Let's see: A three-year Time Skip. Short-haired Korra. Kuvira at the head of a sinister metalbending army. New and improved mecha-tanks (including flamethrowers), and Zhu Li driving one. Airbenders wearing wingsuits. Zuko's daughter. Toph. HOLY. SHIT.
    • "I don't believe it... Toph?"
  • Nicktoons has been so bad about airing its classics... wait, did KaBlam!! get a big boom on YouTube? YES!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!
  • The goal for Invader Zim to return has been reached!!! They're working to get Zim back!!!!!
  • Man, Nick never acknowledges the existance of KaBlam!...wait, THE SHOW'S GOING TO BE PART OF THE `90S ARE ALL THAT!? FINALLY! note 
  • Nickelodeon's making a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon with the guy from American Pie, sounds interesting. Wait Donatello and Michelangelo have bladed weapons now, that's cool, Mae Whitman as April, nice. Wait, Rob Paulsen and Sean Astin are in it, sweet. And Greg Cipes as Michelangelo is AWESOME. Wait, who's Shredder? Kevin Michael Richardson.
    • Wait a minute... Corey Feldman is returning the Ninja Turtles universe and will be voicing a character in season 2?! OH HELL YES!!!
    • The season finale is here! And what's this? An updated Technodrome?! Sweet!
    • According to this article, fans screamed when they saw concept art of Baxter Stockman as a fly once again.
  • What's that? There's a new Sponge Bob Square Pants movie coming out in 2014? Well, that's nice. How can it get any better than...What? Stephen Hillenburg is producing it?! Let's party!
  • Oh, great, a post-movie SpongeBob Christmas special—wait, it's being animated in stop-motion?!?! Sandy calling out SpongeBob for his stupidity and insanely catchy songs?!?! MUST. WATCH. NOW.
  • Super Bowl Sunday 2013: There's nothing interesting on for except for football... maybe I should watch Nickelodeon, but it's likely they'll have the same garba-wait, is that Rugrats AND Rugrats in Paris I see? YES! Now I don't have to stay up late at night to see Rugrats on TeenNick!
  • Victorious is a nice show, but it might be even better if some of the other characters got some time in the spotlight...Wait, did you say Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies would be performing? A duet, no less!?
    • Well, these Tori/Jade fights that end with Tori winning and Jade getting humiliated are making the show completely unbearable. They're practically digging their own gra...wait, what's that? They're gonna cover a JACKSON 5 SONG?! COUNT ME IN!
    • Tori and Jade's Playdate. That is all. *Cue wild screams of joy from the Jori shippers*
    • And on the other side: Why did they break Beck and Jade up? They had so much depth and now we've just go Beck/Tori coming...what's this? Tori Fixes Beck And Jade? Photo's of a Bade reunion? Let the countdown begin!
  • iCarly has been so-so lately...Wait, Jane Lynch as Sam's mom?? SAM AND FREDDIE KISSING??? A CROSSOVER WITH VICTORIOUS? THIS SEASON IS THE BEST YET!!!
  • We want '90s Nick! We want '90s Nick! We want-oh, hey, Kenan Thompson! Got any good news? You say that TeenNick will have a nightly block of Nickelodeon shows from the '90s? Aww, yeah! Wait...STICK STICKLY IS COMING BACK??? YEAH!!!
  • Nickelodeon's shows today really suck. SpongeBob's down to its doom. I wish they revived th—wait a minute. THEY'RE BRINGING BACK FIGURE IT OUT??!?!?!?!?!?! AND THEY HAVE AN AWESOME NEW SET TO DO THE SHOW IN?!?!?!?! AND DID I JUST SEE JENNETTE ''FREAKING'' MCCURDY PUT ON SAFETY GOGGLES BEFORE BEING SLIMED TO DEATH?!?!?!?! (head explodes into mushroom cloud in happiness)
    • We're far from done- All That and Kenan & Kel will air again on the main Nick channel this summer! it's going to be part of Nick@Nite, but it's there.
    • Also, Drake and Josh is seeming to gain some attention.
  • At this rate, Yo Gabba Gabba will never ever—-HOORAY! A CROSSOVER WITH THE FRESH BEAT BAND!
  • Jazzwares is making new toys based on classic Nicktoons characters!
  • Since Memorial Day 2013, NICK STUDIO 10 IS FINALLY GONE!!!
    • Unfortunately, it's coming back in September 2013. Well, at least it has its own timeslot now.
    • Turns out it was just only one best-of special of the Sam & Cat segments, and The Other Wiki confirms it's cancelled. So yes, it is officially gone from the airwaves, and is NEVER coming back!!!!!!
  • So, Sam & Cat is... alright, but it's not enough to—wait, Kel Mitchell is going to guest star on an episode of Sam and Cat? Awesome!
  • Craig Bartlett has returned to Nickelodeon to develop a new show entitled Sky Rats. Get ready, folks!
    • But that's not even the best part. The best part is that they might make the second Hey Arnold! movie if fan interest is high enough.
  • What's that, Breadwinners? Aye, another crappy show, this time being filled with frame-skipping animation, an unoriginal concept, the main characters being shown twerking and a promo revolved around "duck-step". Wait, Bad Seeds and Pig Goat Banana Cricket, with the former being created by the same guy who made Chowder? Can't wait!
  • A Sanjay And Craig episode about Family Double Dare (1986)? Sounds cool, but then again- MARC SUMMERS AND JOHN HARVEY ARE REPRISING THEIR ROLES?!?!? Looks like they're taking this seriously!*
  • I wonder what's on The 90s Are All That tonight- wait, what's this? THEY'RE FINALLY RERUNNING CRY BABY LANE!? BEST HALLOWEEN EVER!!!
  • For those people who watch such things, a recent Bubble Guppies trailer — HOLY CRAP, THEY'RE DOING A MUSICAL EPISODE WITH ALL THEIR OLD SONGS? WITH UPDATED ANIMATIONS AND MR. GRUMPFISH SINGING? *faints*
  • So, I wonder what movie Nickelodeon will be playing on April 4th- The Wild Thornberrys Movie? It hasn't been shown on the channel since 2006!
  • Meh, it's great Nickelodeon is releasing their shows on DVD, but—MY BROTHER AND ME IS NOW ON DVD??!?!?!??!?!
  • After nine years (or six if you count the episodes burned-off in the dead time slot in 2008) of being off the air, ChalkZone: The Complete Series is finally on DVD!
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