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Adorkable: Anime & Manga
Anime and Manga examples of Adorkable:

  • Blue Exorcist:
    • Rin Okumura. He's Book Dumb, somewhat kluzy at times, goes all awkward when it comes to girls he likes, is very childish - especially with friends - and is an AMAZING cook. This popular image says it all.
    • Konekomaru is shy, short glasses-wearing smart guy who adores cats.
  • Digimon Adventure 02 has Davis/Daisuke who is such a ditzy goofball and can be rather silly around his crush. One of the dorkiest things to behold, yet OH SO CUTE!
  • Jean from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. Not only is he intelligent, he is also generous, sweet-natured, caring, friendly, loyal, and dedicated to what he likes. Nadia's English voice actress once said that she would date someone like him "in a heartbeat".
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
  • Keitaro in Love Hina. Sure he might be a huge Accidental Pervert, but his genuine desire to know the other tenants and his constant determination are endearing.
  • Yomiko Readman in Read or Die. The quintessential bookworm. So nerdy. So cute. And so very, very scary.
  • Bleach.
    • Rukia has had her moments: her love for cute things and bunnies-specifically chappy, not to mention her drawing skills (or lack there of), plus her "innocent (and dramatic) girly schoolgirl" act she puts on in front of Ichigo's family and classmates is too adorable.
    • Surprisingly enough, her older brother Byakuya isn't immune. His obsession with the Seaweed Ambassador, his artwork, and his occasional attempts at telling jokes give him these moments every once in a while.
    • Uryu Ishida. Top of his class and is very serious about most things, this includes his love in sewing, and outside of all of this he's kinda socially awkward.
    • Hanataro. He's a good medic, but not exactly the epitome of toughness. This is especially evident in scenes with him and Ganju.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia:
    • Japan, whose polite-to-a-fault demeanor covers up a socially awkward streak (especially when it comes to physical affection) and an Otaku love of 2D.
  • Madarame from Genshiken is a perfect example of this trope. He is a Hot-Blooded Otaku, but at the same time is a bit uncomfortable around acts of physical affection. His Spiritual Successor seems to have gotten better in Spotted Flower.
  • Young Tenma from Monster, before his badass upgrade made him stop being a woobie doormat.note  The gangly, badly-dressed Grimmer looks quite adorkable as least when he's not Hulking out.
  • Trigun: Vash fits this quite well, easily falling into being a Badass Adorkable during times of comedic calamity that tend to follow him.
  • Naruto:
    • Naruto. When he's not in Determinator mode he's socially awkward, and early on, most of his boasts came off more as cute/laughable than intimidating. Not to mention Hinata and Rock Lee.
    • No one could have predicted that Hashirama, the First Hokage, was this. He noticeably stands out against his brother, the Second Hokage who is very stoic while the former is goofy, friendly and just plain Keet, cheerfully admitting he spoiled his granddaughter rotten. One person even commented how it was hard to believe that such a cheerful, happy-go-lucky person used to be one of the strongest shinobi in the world. Proves to be a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass by intimidating his brother, Sasuke, Juugo, Suigetsu, and Orochimaru through sheer willpower without moving an inch.
  • This is about half the point of "Li Sheng Shun" in Darker Than Black. He's so adorably inept, clumsy, kindhearted, and naive that you just want to hug him, and nobody would ever suspect he's secretly the Black Reaper, the most badass and stoic guy in a series full of emotionless killing machines.
  • Josuke, from Part 8 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Obsession with measurements? Check. Strange habits such as sleeping under the mattress because the weight of the mattress makes him comfortable? Check. High intellect? Check. An abysmal grasp of common sense caused by the fact that he hasn't any memory? Checkmate.
  • Gourry Gabriev from Slayers is often viewed as adorkable by fangirls. He's a badass swordsman, but his terrible memory (at least in the anime) and tendency to be really sweet and a genuinely nice guy make him totally Adorkable. Less so in the original novels; Gourry's actually got a bit of a dry, snarky sense of humor and he's more observant that Lina gives him credit for. Gourry's anime portrayal seems to be a Flanderization of how Lina perceives him; viz. as nonmagical as it's possible to get and therefore a complete moron.
  • John Brown of Ghost Hunt has his moments. Bring him up to any of his fans and the word 'cute' will come up, usually because of his charmingly naive personality and/or amusing facial expressions.
  • Wannabe-ace student Shiratori in Yandere Kanojo is considered adorkable in-universe. He thinks he's popular with girls because he's so cool. He's a bishonen who's great at athletics and academics, so he should be a natural Chick Magnet. In reality, it's because he gets really shy and flustered when girls flirt with him, which they find irresistible.
  • Death Note
    • Matsuda. He's dumb, but also kind hearted and determined to try and prove himself useful.
    • Despite L's obsession with justice and his gangly pale figure, he manages to do this by smiling.
    • A lot of L's interaction with Naomi in the spin-off novel is this, especially the ending. He is clearly woefully inexperienced with the concept of "hugging".
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • Son Gohan, especially as a teenager. He's such a sweet, friendly, good-natured guy, yet also very studious, and he gets into many embarrassing social situations, and he has questionable taste in fashion and, er, superhero poses.
    • Yamcha was adorkable during his teenage years but he grew out of it a little as he got older. Yamcha was afraid of girls and super awkward around them when he was a teenager, even though his dream was to fall in love and get married. He even wanted to use the Dragon Balls to make it so he would not have panic attacks around girls anymore.
    • Kid/Teen Chi-Chi (the former moreso), because of her massive crush on Goku and her constant blushing and crying. You can't help finding her Adorkable.
    • Goten. Gohan's friendly, good-natured hyperactive brother. His innocence and childish personality is what makes him adorkable.
  • D.N.Angel:
    • Kosuke, Daisuke's dad. He's very clumsy and kind-hearted.
  • Pokémon:
    • Ash Ketchum from the Pokémon anime, at least in the older seasons. He was rather klutzy and somewhat dim-witted, but also a really sweet kid with an enormous heart, and already a pint-sized Bishōnen to begin with.
    • From Pokémon Special, we have Diamond, one of the most Adorkable characters you could ever find in a Pokemon manga.
    • Team Rocket's Jessie, James, and Meowth. Jessie for being a vain but lovable diva, James for just being so precocious and Meowth cause he's a frickin' talking cat with a New York accent! They serve as the villains but are just so gimmicky and so... fail that they aren't even threatening anymore. Their determination is admirable too.
    • May for being brave, optimistic, kind, and sometimes awkward.
  • Tamaki in Ouran High School Host Club. He has the handsome bishie looks and is very adept at flirting with girls he doesn't much know, but around friends (not to mention his actual love interest) he becomes a lot more of a lovable idiot.
  • Lampshaded in Tiger & Bunny — Agnes points out that Sky High's dorkiness is part of the reason he's so damn popular, with his silly catchphrase ("Thank you! And again, thank you!") among other things.
  • Keroro Gunsou:
    • Sergeant Keroro. In moments when he's genuinely excited about something, he expresses a child-like enthusiasm that is just too cute for words.
    • Fuyuki. Total occult nerd, and a walking Geeky Turn-On. The guy gets a lot of female attention for being such a geek.
  • Asobi ni Iku yo!: Kio. Manami calls him an otaku but other girls point out to her it's a part of his charm.
  • Ryoushi Morino in Ookami-san. He even has a phobia of people looking at him.
  • Kohta Hirano in High School Of The Dead, a bullied otaku loser who proves himself more than useful in the zombie apocolypse.
  • Hellsing:
    • Seras Victoria. She's rather clumsy, but she has a good heart and just plain cute, so who cares if she's a vampire?
    • Same could be said of Schrodinger. The loss of his handbook leads to a rather cute moment.
  • Detective Conan:
    • Detective Conan. In the beginning of the series the only clothes he's seen wearing are his miniature suit, complete with a bow tie. This combined with his cute ways of expressing his feelings and his Sherlock Holmes obsession create top quality Adorkable material. He can also be classified as an out-and-out mystery geek, not just a Holmes geek.
    • Detective Conan's dad, Booker Kudo. He's a mystery writer who gets a bit too excited about mysteries. Also, his glasses rock.
  • Pandora Hearts:
    • Gilbert. Psychologically, he's a wubbly mess and often behaves very childishly. The other characters (and the mangaka) enjoy picking on him mercilessly.
    • Oz at times, and Leo as well at least before he takes off his glasses and gets a haircut.
  • Nako from Steel Angel Kurumi 2. She wears glasses, she's incredibly clumsy, and kind-hearted.
  • Hen:
    • Ryuichi Kobayashi definitely. With his huge ears and easily flustered nature, especially around women.
    • Azumi Yamada is a total klutz and is a mousy cute little girl who gets easily flustered over things of a sexual nature.
  • The normally calm and Stoic Sousuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic! becomes a complete dork around women or when confronted with romance or anything sexual.
  • Kyo Sohma of Fruits Basket tries to act all macho, but in reality he's really a lovable dork, especially around Tohru, his love interest. He's also the family punching bag.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! is full of these. Aside from the title character, there's Nodoka, Chachamaru, and especially Setsuna, whose cool demeanor flies out the window in the presence of her Ojou-sama.
  • Intentionally the case with the excited-about-everything, anime-obsessed, Friend-To-All-Outcast-Nerds Nagaoka in Onani Master Kurosawa. His adorkability causes not one but two girls to fall in love with him— Magistel, who up until that point had been protagonist Kurosawa's Love Interest, and Kitahara, who is unfortunately not entirely sane.
  • Pointed out in Bunny Drop, where Daikichi notes how unfair it is that "Michan" (the dad of one of Rin's classmates) is also extremely clumsy. It was like he was scientifically designed to be as attractive as possible, and the clumsiness just makes him more adorable.
  • Suzaku (especially when he's around cats), Lelouch (especially when he's around Shirley), Rolo (around his beloved brother Lelouch), and Shirley from Code Geass.
  • In Hot Gimmick we have beautiful, spineless, Shrinking Violet Hatsumi and Hatsumi's sweet and unassuming friend Subaru.
  • Kaito of Ano Natsu De Matteru: wears glasses, frequently dorks out with his old-fashioned camera, always nice but very awkward...we have a winner!
  • Infinite Stratos:
    • Laura Bodewig, post-meltdown. Her lack of social skills make almost any social interaction awkwardly and hilariously cute.
    • Houki Shinonono as well, whenever she's flustered or happy.
  • Soul Eater:
    • Crona, especially on hir first day as a student at Shibusen; constantly hiding behind Maka like a frightened five-year-old.
    • Maka's dad Spirit may be this as well.
  • Sailor Moon:
    • The titular Sailor Moon AKA Usagi Tsukino, the ditzy, clumsy, yet sweet leader of the senshi.
    • Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury. She is a nerdy Cute Bookworm after all, other than an insecure Shrinking Violet who tends to have a difficult time making new friends, despite being humble and gentle.
    • Minako Aino/Sailor Venus can be this at times. Like Usagi she's a bit of a ditz (also a Malaproper in the anime), and an overall perky yet lovable, cheerful and fun-loving girl.
  • Ojamajo Doremi:
    • Doremi Harukaze. Very clumsy and self-proclaimed unluckiest girl in the world, but always willing to help someone in need.
    • Hazuki Fujiwara. A very sweet girl who's also shy, sensitive and easily scared. And she wears Nerd Glasses.
    • Momoko Asuka is a hyper, hammy, adorably ditzy Funny Foreigner. She can be blunt at times and a Cloudcuckoolander, but still a well-intentioned, caring Nice Girl.
  • Card Captor Sakura:
  • Saki:
    • Saki Miyanaga, due to her shy nature, her love of books, and her vulnerabiity.
    • Kaori Senoo from Tsuruga, a timid and socially awkward girl, who also doesn't know much about mahjong (for example, calling out riichi without getting the stick, and not realizing when she has a Yakuman hand). Her character selection screen in the PSP game lampshades this trope.
    "Somehow the sight of this timid second-year student fidgeting away is just too captivating."
  • Kare Kano: Yukino Miyazawa is a gifted high school student lauded by classmates and teachers. This apparent brilliance, however, is mainly used as a means to garner praise. At home, Yukino is very dorky.
  • Watanuki from Xxx HO Li C at least before Yuko's death. The way he expresses himself tend to be overly exaggerated as well as hilarious, making him even funnier as well as cute. The adorkableness adds even more with Todd Haberkorn playing him in the English dub.
  • Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo's Mashiro can easily be summed up as an Idiot Savant. While sometimes her mannerisms would enrage her Cloudcuckoolander's Minder Sorata, the first OP, written in Sorata's voice, seems to put her straight into this trope:
    Maybe you're just innocent, unyieldingly innocent...
  • Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!, As a result of her small and cuddly appearance awkwardly contrasting with her delusions of grandeur.
  • Max Sterling from Robotech. Long hair, glasses, an always-friendly disposition, and his excellence with video games helping him also become The Ace fighter pilot (it's unclear whether being an Ace made him good at Veritech games or vice versa, however). That he's also voiced by master-Adorkable voice actor Cam Clarke helps.
  • Gerald Frolio from Bokura no Kiseki. He's an awkward and sort of nerdy priest, who clearly has something of a crush of his country's Princess Veronica. This applies to his reincarnation from the series' present timeline, Midou, to a certain extent as well.
  • Mei the goat from Arashi No Yoru Ni. He is a sweet little goat who's just so darn dorky and clumsy that he steals the spotlight from Gabu most of the time.
  • Kengo from Monochrome Factor has this in spades. Not only is he a sweet lovable idiot who bounces back nearly all the time even though he keeps getting treated as the punching bag of the group, he looks the cutest when he's crying or smiling (which is nearly all the time). too bad he gets killed off gruesomely. even worse, he went out with a smile, accepting his own death for the sake of his friends.
  • Steins;Gate:
  • Robotics;Notes:
  • Haruyuki from Accel World. Cute? Check. Clumsy? Check. A huge video game nerd with zero self esteem, yet has a rather sizable harem (most of whom are way older than him in many ways)? Double check.
  • Free!: Rei is book smart and serious, but still does ridiculous things as if they were normal, like trying on silly patterned swimsuits with gusto, calling Rin "Rin-chan-san" note , and pretending to be a detective and making sound effects while spying on Rin.

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