Wall Pin of Love

Alice runs into Bob, but Bob is acting very strange today. He may have had a Green-Eyed Epiphany of some sort, is upset that Alice is avoiding him, or just at the breaking point of being repeatedly insisted that he's not a potential Love Interest. Regardless, his emotions have built up to the point he can't contain them. Alice may be Oblivious to Love, refusing to admit how she feels, or just simply unsure. The moment Alice tries to leave, Bob quickly slams his hand on the wall and traps her against it with his body, stopping her from running away. It's a way to intimidate her, but also a way for him to get physically close to her.

It may not have been The Love Slap of Epiphany, but it does get the message out through and clear. Alice becomes more and more confused about how she sees Bob. Usually it results in a case of They Do.

Originating in the Japanese Twitterverse as the "semi don" (cicada block) as a Memetic Mutation, it is now better known to the Japanese public as the "kabe don" (wall pound). It's when a character (usually Always Male) physically corners a Love Interest using the body to block any chance of escape. It's often accompanied with a "BAM!" sound effect from pounding the wall. The Wall Pin Of Love is often Played for Drama and increases tension between the characters. It may be given with an Anguished Declaration of Love or a Forceful Kiss from the person doing the Wall Pin. May also lead to Wall Bang Her.

The Wall Pin of Love is a very popular staple in works of the Shojo and Yaoi genre. Many news outlets have reported that it is the "ideal" scenario for many Japanese women. Despite this, the Wall Pin of Love can lead to Unfortunate Implications because the emotional and physical intimidation is common in domestic abuse. Because of how frequent and popular it is in Eastern works, there may be Values Dissonance involved in how it's accepted. People in the West are more likely to see the Wall Pin of Love as anything but romantic.

Outside of a romantic context, the Wall Pin can simply be used to intimidate people. A Loan Shark might use it when he doesn't get his money. However, if it's simply a Neck Lift applied to a wall or shoving a person into the wall, then it doesn't count. The Wall Pin has to involve someone trapping another with the body. In less serious works, this may be Played for Laughs by having the victim assume they're being flirted with.

Unlike Pinned to the Wall, this generally involves no pointy objects.



Anime and Manga


  • In The Youkai Computer Knows, the twentieth novel of the Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note series, Aya was given this by one of her classmates (which is not part of her Reverse Harem, mind you). The plot relevant point is that Mikado noticed the smell of synthetic cannabinoids that rubbed off from him to Aya.

  • Taemin, who is featured in BoA's music video for "Disturbance", does this to her.
  • Kabe Don! SONGS ♪ is a whole series of albums that combine Serenade Your Lover and this trope. The premise for the series has the boys interact with the object of their affections until the Slam, and then the boys sing a song to them that conveys their feelings and is meant to seduce them. It has a naughtier sister series, the Yuka Don! SONGS ♪, which have the serenades take place as the singers pin their lover to the floor.

Video Games
  • Kin'iro no Corda, when ladies' man and flutist Azuma Yunoki shows his true colours to Kahoko Hino, he puts his hand against the wall beside her and tells her that she's been pestering him.

Web Comics