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21st Feb, 2020 09:22:42 AM

Does SOIA require any sort of timeframe? Because I feel like a week is way too short of a time to be declaring the movie average.

21st Feb, 2020 09:27:37 AM

Especially citing an 80% Rotten Tomatoes as evidence. That's... Kinda nonsensical.

21st Feb, 2020 09:40:18 AM

Someone should inform Raf 97 that 8.8 and Four Point Scale are problems, not standards.

Edited by homogenized
21st Feb, 2020 01:37:19 PM

Reverted one more time, but I would like to mention another suspicious edit of theirs to the same page, deleting this paragraph:

  • Vocal Minority: Despite all the negative hullabaloo surrounding this movie, the film made back 1/3 its budget just domestically just in its opening weekend (not counting internationally, where it made back $81 million off a $97 million budget, and was briefly #1 at the box office before Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) stole its thunder), and currently sports an 80% on Rotten Tomatoes from both critics and viewers, with most reviews agreeing that it's a good, solid, fun movie for what it is.

stating in their edit summary that (bolding mine)

"Birds of Prey made back 39% of its $84m budget in its domestic opening weekend. This is the third worst such opening of the DCEU, behind Aquaman's 34% (Christmas releases have lower O Ws though), and Justice League's 31%. Bo P's 39% is also worse than every single MCU films opening weekend to budget ratio. The Incredible Hulk has the worst of the MCU with 40%. Comic book films average grossing 56% of their production budget from their domestic opening weekend. Birds of Prey had a bad opening weekend, even for its relatively small budget."

Why was Aquaman's opening weekend mentioned as evidence of BOP being a Box Office Bomb when Aquaman grossed a billion in the end?

This is why I wish to set up a No Recent Examples, Please! rule that a movie must be finishing its box office run in order to be declared a Box Office Bomb or similar.

Edited by Albert3105
21st Feb, 2020 01:44:50 PM

Agreed. Declaring something a Box Office Bomb preemptively should not be done. Waiting for the box office run to end should be mandatory. Also, just losing money doesn't mean something is a bomb. It has to lose lots of money. Losing maybe a million relative to budget plus marketing of say, 300 million would probably not count for example.

Edited by Florien
21st Feb, 2020 01:51:26 PM

In the same vein, the Acclaimed Flop example on the trivia needs to go; for a movie to qualify it should be a confirmed Box Office Bomb.

21st Feb, 2020 02:06:37 PM

Btw Raf 87 has been Edit Warring in other places. He readded a Cliché Storm entry which had been deleted.

21st Feb, 2020 06:57:45 PM

Similarly, I don't see how their edit reason justifies deleting that specific example- it has nothing to do with if the movie is a Box Office Bomb, just if people like it.

Edited by WarJay77
22nd Feb, 2020 11:20:57 PM

Bump again for mod attention

23rd Feb, 2020 10:25:13 AM

They've been suspended.

23rd Feb, 2020 12:49:42 PM

So is Raf 97 is suspended yet or they already had? Also what's bump?

23rd Feb, 2020 12:54:30 PM

"Bump" is a post made just to make the thread move up to the top of the page (since it's sorted by the latest post). Doing that is called "bumping the thread" so people just write "bump" to do it.

Nombretomado probably means that they suspended Raf97 just before posting here.

Edited by GnomeTitan

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