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For my own benefit (and for the benefit of others who care to check), I'm going to use my sandbox to track Youtubers' political stances. I'm a bit exasperated with finding out I've been supporting a Youtuber and eventually finding out that they, say, may agree with the Alt-Right when they casually work it into one of their videos.

Overtly political Youtubers are welcome (and is a great resource for checking where most of them land), but I am more interested in channels that are less overtly political (say, are pop-culture or hobby focused) but let their politics bleed in.


Please feel free to add your own:

  • A Different Bias: Card-carrying socialist who supports the monarchy
  • Appabend: An Indonesian YouTubeer who upload monthly commentary vlogs on pop culture media, video games and coding. Claims to be apolitical due to not being well-informed on the political sphere, but consistently talks about anti-woke sentiment in media due to its "large influence" (with some jabs at right-wing sentiment in small cases).
    • That being said, he was very convinced that the anti-Democrat "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory had some "substantial proof", and believed the mainstream media denouncing it was comparable to the treatment of Gamergate (a movement he supported regarding "ethics in gaming").
  • Arch (Formerly Arch Warhammer): A European Youtuber that does lore videos about Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k and news about the Total War games. Already a polarizing figure in the Warhammer fandom, in 2020 he was exposed as an alt-right, anti-SJW, racist and sexist when screenshots from his private discord revealed him and his moderators spewing racist and sexist views. As a result, Youtubers who used to collaborate with him no longer want to work with him and Games Workshop even sued him to drop the name Warhammer in "Arch Warhammer" since the company didn't want people to think he was related to the company, which he had criticized in the past for supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement.
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  • Armoured Skeptic: Anti-woke centrist.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: Liberal, but identifies as conservative.
  • Benzie Johnson: A self-described "young liberal" who covers international and US television channels, such as their individual programming and company management, which also includes family and kids content.
  • Billiam [hipster trash]: A millennial and Gen-Z focused media and toy commentary channel with some surrealist humor. Apolitical video content, slightly left-leaning social media.
  • Bleeding Fool: Not to be confused with Bleeding Cool, this alt-right Comicsgate leaning website is focused on reporting pop culture news through that lens.
  • Bounding Into Comics: A right-wing, Comicsgate-supporting news website that covers pop culture through misleading lens. Some YouTubers that cite this website may be affiliated with their causes.
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  • Brutalmoose: A very surreal channel focused on Ian's bizarre experiences reviewing unusual foods, VHS recordings, video games, and more. Otherwise apolitical, but he did take care to warn about poorly-aged content in "Mystery Tapes #5" from Joan Rivers' obscure raunchy TV movie Rabbit Test.
  • The Canipa Effect: Callum May's anime-focused channel that talks about Japanese animation (2D and 3DCG) and its related industry, informing and debunking misconceptions. Occasionally talk about Korean animation in the case of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Social media presence is more progressive-leaning, with opinions towards better workplace treatment and anti-monopoly.
    • He also does editorials for Anime News Network and OTAQUEST.
  • Clownfish TV: Alt-Lite Fandom Menace.
  • Comics! By Perch: An American-comics YouTube channel specializing in talking about the comic book industry, its sales history, and individual comics in a podcast format.
    • Supporting the mantra of "#ComicsFirst", his analysis tends to be more sympathetic (but not always) to folks that dislike liberal theming in comics (such as protest imagery or Affirmative Action Legacy).
    • He's associated with Bleeding Fool and The Fandom Collective, groups that tend to support Comicsgate rhetoric, and he has taken a part in the past.
  • ComicArtistPro Secrets (Ethan Van Sciver): A former DC Comics artist who was one of the earliest proponents of the Comicsgate movement, warts and all.
  • Comics MATTER w/Ya Boi Zack (Richard C. Meyer): An infamous comics YouTuber, originally named Diversity & Comics, he was one of the earliest proponents of Comicsgate and its anti-leftist ideology. He tends to collaborate with Ethan Van Sciver.
  • ComicDrake: Pretty progressive, has spoken out against "SJW are ruining comics" attitudes.
    • Notably, he was able to tactfully talk about once controversial topics like Ironheart's initial characterization, or the reboot of The New Warriors, without falling into the rhetoric of progressive-leaning comic topics being inherently bad, but their execution and willingness to improve in the future.
  • ContraPoints: Leftist.
  • Critical Drinker: Author Will Jordan' Caustic Critic persona who reviews various movies and TV shows in media with the titular trait. Expressly anti-woke and anti-feminist.
    • Also an occasional guest on Mau Ler's Every Frame A Pause podcast.
  • Dan Murrel: A movie review and box-office analysis YouTuber. He usually doesn't talk about politics, but he seems to lean progressive.
  • Defunct Land: Kevin Perjurer's documentary series on closed or revamped amusement attractions. Similar spin-off Defunct TV focus on 80s-2000s television. Videos are generally center on the spectrum, with some positive mention of progressive ideas mentioned if they're relevant to the video.
  • Dominic Noble: A progressive YouTuber who mainly talks about movie adaptations of books.
  • Double Toasted: A pop-culture movie and TV video group podcast YouTube channel lead by animator Korey Coleman. The channel tends to lean center-left, usually bringing up topics regarding African Americans and social issues whenever relevant to the media they're reviewing. They reserve their overtly political content as separate videos, leaning more left.
  • Dicktor Van Doomcock (Overlord DVD): A pop-culture Fandom Menace news YouTuber primarily known for alleged leaks regarding comic book media, Star Wars, and Star Trek. His leaks tend to be outrage-fueling, if otherwise wrong, material leaning towards anti-left wing sentiment in media.
  • E;R: Edgelord whose gimmick is being edgy so intentionally says offensive things. Unclear if he believes them.
  • Every Frame A Pause: A group media analysis podcast hosted by MauLer and Rags, with occasional crossovers with folks like E;R, Shadiversity, and Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers. Topics tend to be multi-hour videos, with most of the hosts coming from conservative-leaning backgrounds.
  • The Flophouse: A podcast that has some Youtube presence. 2/3 of the main cast have been writers for The Daily Show so unsurprisingly they're unabashedly left-leaning.
  • Folding Ideas/Dan Olson: Canadian Youtuber who analyzes deeper meanings of media both in terms of intentional symbolism in the work and choices made behind the scenes. Plenty of work is apolotical but he has a progressive bent but with neutral wording and does often do explicitly political work in the form of media criticism.
  • Foundation For Economic Education: A libertarian think-tank that has done some popular pop-culture video essays on Marvel's Wakanda, Captain Marvel and The Boys.
  • Gardiner Bryant: Pro-open source. Content is mostly politically neutral, but he did make a video passionately urging people to support Black Lives Matter.
  • Geeks + Gamers: Recently denounced by Zack Snyder as being a Comicsgate hate group focused on comic book and anime media.
  • H.Bomberguy: Leftist, made his name responding to reactionary movements. Still does overtly political videos in addition to his media analyses.
  • It's Just a Show: Canadian Mystery Science Theater 3000 podcast that's also hosted on Youtube. Not politically-focused, but the hosts are progressive and frequently call out regressive ideas in riffed movies and episodes of the series.
  • Jenny Nicholson: Humorous riffs on contemporary media. Mostly apolitical, but with progressive leanings (pro-LGBT, pro-female representation).
  • Jim Sterling: Leftist, moderately anticapitalist
  • Skip Intro: A TV-centric video essay channel covering the influencing nature of the medium, past, and present.
  • Just Some Guy: Anti-SJW; Unironically used "virtue signaling" in a video title.
  • Legal Eagle: Progressive, but his videos aim for neutrality.
  • The Literature Devil (S.A. Rivera): A conservative-libertarian media analysis YouTuber who claims to support "making literature great again" by supporting Comicsgate for woes in the media industry. Their popular videos include "Is Superman Relevant Today?", "Western vs Eastern Storytelling," and "Why Rey is a Mary Sue and Luke Skywalker is not".
  • Lindsay Ellis: Liberal to leftist.
  • Louis Rossman: Sane libertarian
  • MauLer: A very Caustic Critic best known for their extreme multi-hour critiques of pop-culture ("An Unbridled Rage/Praise/Meh") through an "objective" point of view. Generally, their views tend to be conservative and anti-woke in terms of how they view media, and cultivating a similar-minded audience, despite MauLer claiming to be apolitical.
  • Maven of the Eventide: Progressive
  • Maximilien Robespierre: Progressive, mostly gives counterpoints to Brexiteers.
  • Moviebob/Bob Chipman: Liberal, sometimes confrontationally so.
  • Midnight's Edge: A anti-SJW leaning YouTuber who makes thinly-veiled "insider" videos about modern Star Trek and Star Wars, often being wrong or intentionally outrage-based misinformation.
  • Mr. Sunday Movies: Two Australian blokes with progressive leanings.
  • No Bullshit: An ironically named anti-woke channel.
  • Non Compete: Anarcho-communist.
  • RetroBlasting: An 80s-90s centric toy and cartoon reviewing channel, dedicated to topics such as Star Wars and Ghost Busters.
    • Channel author Michael French addresses that he isn't a part of the Fandom Menace community, but finds sympathy with their known pundits like Midnight's Edge, Doomcock, and WorldClassBullshitters, comparing their collective dislike of The Sequel Trilogy to Tombstone's dynamic (Michael being the Doc Holiday analogy).
    • Notably with WorldClassBullshitters on a personal level, where French complains about "injected politics" ruining modern Star Wars with Kathleen Kennedy.
  • Overly Sarcastic Productions: A progressive You Tube channel about tropes, literature, history and mythology.
  • Owen Likes Comics: Dubbed "The History Channel of Comics", a typically apolitical retrospective channel focused of the behind the scenes development of movies, TV shows and characters. Social media's the same time.
  • Panels to Pixels: Covering video game adaptations of comic book media, alongside general Top 10 lists and media analysis.
    • Though not prominently, they lean on progressive ideas evidently with their "The Toxic Masculinity of Hulk" video, which praises the film for handling the damaging cycle of "alpha male" expectations regarding Banner and other "masculine" figures in the film.
  • The Pop Arena: Mostly known for his on-going Nickelodeon retrospective history series, Nick Knacks, along with review series dedicated to covering all things Animorphs and Goosebumps. Progressive ideologies on social media and a few of his Animorphs videos, joking referring to his anarchist tendencies.
  • Pop Culture Detective: To quote its channel, "looking at media through a critical lens with an emphasis on the intersections of politics, masculinity and entertainment" with a progressive eye.
  • Robot Head: Relatively mild fandom menace. Associates with more overtly hateful channels, however.
  • Sarah Z: Mostly in-depth analysis of early 2010s online fandom culture, with a progressive/leftist bent.
  • Sargon Of Akkad: Alt-right shithead, Brexiteer
  • Second Thought: Leftist
  • Shadiversity: A science fiction, medieval, ancient weapons enthusiast who covers related media like Game of Thrones. They've made some right-wing opinions in the past, including support of Lauren Southern.
  • Shaun: Leftist
  • Some More News: Leftie, anticapitalist with anarchist sympathies.
  • The Take: Not political per se, but tends to analyze media from a feminist perspective and call out characters, writing, and tropes in fairly light-hearted works (read: sitcomcs) that would be unacceptable in real life.
  • Thinking Critical: Another podcast-style comic book critic with sympathies towards the ComicsGate movement, including videos dedicated to talking about SJWs impacting Western media.
    • They collaborate with the aforementioned "Comics! By Perch".
  • Thought Slime: Leftist, primarily political content on this channel. Also does less political horror movie reviews on his other channel, "Scaredy Cats."
  • Thoughty2: Centrist, content is mostly neutral
  • Three Arrows: Leftist
  • Townsends: A casual look into 17th Century United States history thought its foods, clothing, tools and more.
  • Toy Galaxy: A nostalgia-focus You Tube channel that covers the history of various franchises from the 80s-2000s, especially toys. Their videos tend to be on the political center, but both creators express progressive stances on social media.
  • Vito: An anti-woke centrist that makes video essays on movies with their "x Cinematic Failure" series, along with other hot button issues with clickbaity thumbnails. Social media presence is about on the same level.
  • The Wacky Delhi (Turkey Dog): A cartoon reviewer who discusses theatrical and televised animation through a variety of topics, sometimes through a topical progressive lens.
  • Weird Movies With Mark: Canadian Youtuber who seems to be actively avoiding politics in his videos, though did have a video parodying the danger of "cancel culture" and how it can affect anyone.
  • WorldClassBullshitters: A Fandom Menace-related pop-culture group podcast channel with daily videos constantly faulting Kathleen Kennedy for any misdeeds done during the Disney-era of Star Wars.
  • YellowFlash2: Alt-right leaning anime and comics YouTube grifter who appeals to pushing misinformation regarding progressive content creators, Funimation, and strongly #IStandWithVic.
  • Zoe Bell: Moderately left

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