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25th Jul, 2019 02:50:33 AM

To be honest, I'm rather iffy with these moments pages documenting "Meta" facts surrounding the movie instead of actual moments within the movie. I wouldn't mind seeing the whole thing cut.

25th Jul, 2019 02:50:35 AM

To be honest, I'm rather iffy with these moments pages documenting "Meta" facts surrounding the movie instead of actual moments within the movie. I wouldn't mind seeing the whole thing cut.

25th Jul, 2019 03:39:35 AM

I think the China one should be removed as I'm not sure why we're focusing on breaking records in that country specifically (yes, I know it's the most populated, but other than that, it's not exceptional). The rest can probably be kept, as it is an impressive feat.

PS: When the movie ends up on Trope Overdosed eventually, let's just put it as this:

Edited by Piterpicher
Fighteer MOD
25th Jul, 2019 08:46:07 AM

"Meta" Awesome moments like that should indeed be removed.

25th Jul, 2019 09:43:48 AM

Does that apply to meta examples for all Moments pages? I know that such arenít allowed on Tear Jerker.

Edited by costanton11
26th Jul, 2019 07:57:42 AM

^^ So when Moments pages have an entire section for "Meta", could the whole thing be chainsawed with impunity?

26th Jul, 2019 07:59:56 AM

I noticed this thread also discussed a similar issue.

26th Jul, 2019 08:01:51 AM

^^^I think that's mainly because of Tear Jerker's No Real Life Examples, Please! status. Moment of Awesome doesn't have that status, according to its indexing.

Edited by GastonRabbit
26th Jul, 2019 01:41:26 PM

Should the entries mentioned in the thread I linked be removed as well?

27th Jul, 2019 05:36:31 AM

^^That seems like a Double Standard. Aren't Tear Jerker and Moment Of Awesome pages functionally the same?

27th Jul, 2019 06:33:11 AM

^I think further discussion on that would be better suited to the Real Life cleanup thread.

Fighteer MOD
27th Jul, 2019 07:28:47 AM

Okay, I'll say it again, hopefully with more clarity: All Moments examples, be they Awesome, Heartwarming, Tear Jerker, Dethroning, or whatever, may only reference content in the released work. Any examples violating this should be removed.

28th Jul, 2019 04:09:56 AM

@fighteer My first edit was on Endgame meta. Just curious: should all the meta examples be tailored to the Marvel Cinematic Universe film directory page? I respect the decisions but in fairness to the hard work troopers put in, would it not be possible to give meta its own section?

Edited by AlphaGeek426
28th Jul, 2019 05:51:55 AM

^ Hard work put into things is alone not a reason to keep them where they are. People can spend lots of hard work writing well thought out essays about interesting subjects, but they still got to go if they chose to write them on the side of a public building; it's ultimately the responsibility of the one doing the work to know if where they're putting their work in is an appropriate place for it.

Edited by homogenized
28th Jul, 2019 01:44:06 PM

^ Where should stuff like the above go then? Lots of works are notable for stuff outside their actual content. If a video game of the 1950s broke a bazillion records and was endorsed by the president, I would want to know about it. Where should it go?

28th Jul, 2019 03:59:59 PM

^ ^ ^ I never said keep it in place I said make a different page that talks about the meta awesome content. Also itís more than just ďhard workĒ that there should be separate section. There was link to video showing moment Endgame surpasses Avatar grossing, also there are tweets from James Cameron congratulating Marvel. I guess Iím just miffed a little is cuz Agents of Shield has a meta that talks about matters not directly related to content and rather reception and premieres but Endgame had its cut.

Iím just proposing solution that one big meta section for MCU films grossing at box office.

28th Jul, 2019 04:36:22 PM

I mean, if it's against the rules, it's against the rules. If other pages are doing it, they need to be cleaned, not emulated.

28th Jul, 2019 04:43:35 PM

Okay then letís start cleaning up.

28th Jul, 2019 09:59:22 PM

Oh no... I guess the awesome box office records isn't appropriate here in hindsight, but those and other meta facts were very fun and awesome to read. I think a new Meta section would be a good compromise, after filtering out the good ones. Or maybe they (Awesome, Funny etc) can go in Trivia?

Edited by tenatelop1
28th Jul, 2019 11:28:36 PM

Aren't "Awesome" examples strictly In-Universe only?

29th Jul, 2019 11:23:42 AM

^^ You mean Awesome/Funny/etc moments from 'Behind the Scenes'(e.g bloopers)? Those sort of are part of a work, I suppose...

29th Jul, 2019 05:46:25 PM

Getting rid of literally all meta seems overkill. And if the main reason is not-in-universe, well we do have out-of-universe section called Trivia. Move the meta moments there? And yeah, Behind the Scenes would be better things to write about than overly detailed and excited box office records.

29th Jul, 2019 05:47:09 PM

This is getting a little long, maybe we should move to a thread?

29th Jul, 2019 08:34:12 PM

Yes, move it to a thread.

Certainly, for what it's worth, I'm not for killing meta moments entirely. My ultimate preference is to keep them secondary to in-universe moments (since the point of the wiki is storytelling content) and trim it down when it gets too gushing/nattery.


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