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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Jim: Cowboy Cop with a heart, or arrogant egotistical asshole?
    • Callie: Feisty and intelligent woman who doesn't take crap from anyone, or whiny, melodramatic, emotionally manipulative, indecisive woman who enjoys leading men on and then expects them to rescue her?
      • Her treatment of Jeff is also a sore point with fans. Is she just being stern but fair and a good mother, or is her constantly moving around, not letting him see his father and putting herself ahead of his needs to blame?
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  • Designated Hero: Jim, for some. He orders people around (including his boss), arrested a boy just to talk to him, got flanderized into a loud jerkass as the show went on...
  • Narm: It really takes away from a scene when there is a gigantic spelling error in a paper or something being presented.
    • This first turned up in "Second Chance", where a vacuum cleaner that was used to electrocute someone in a pool has "Do Not Sumberge" written on the label.
    • Then in "Exposed", mention is made of "Chole Perkins" in a tabloid. Only problem is... The victim's name is Chloe Perkins.
    • The blatant product placement for Kia and Reese's Pieces is really grating.
    • Daniel saying he "sent a Tumblr" to someone. That... is wrong on so many levels. (Tumblr itself is a website - you can send private msgs/asks, but that's about it.)
  • Narrowed It Down to the Guy I Recognize: Hey, it's Cromartie! He didn't do it.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The episode with the zombies and the engineered flu/plague. Seeing a bunch of people standing there swaying and moaning, one of the suspects chained to the bed while he writhes, contorts and making some godawful moan/scream (and then ends up choking up blood)... And then Carlos gets it. And all this because some guy who couldn't take no for an answer wanted to show the girl he was obsessed with that he was a hero - too bad she was murdered earlier...
    • Heck, the cause of death for the Victim of the Week in the zombie episode is just as chilling. She was part of a trio of friends in high school, then after one of the other two was murdered by the other girl for stealing her boyfriend, adopted her identity, then planned to reveal what they'd done to the girl's mother, who was dying of cancer. Too bad the murderer poisoned her water bottle with a lethal dose of bath salts...
    • The episode with the ghost - it's not something the show usually does, and it's not over the top Jump Scares, but more subtle and unsettling.
  • The Scrappy: Callie. She went from being interesting and engaging in the first season to whiny, nagging, unsympathetic and shrill in later ones. Heck, go to any Glades forum, throw a dart and you'll hit a "Callie and Jim have zero chemistry" thread. She gets bonus points for constantly arguing with Jim about their wedding date (and lying to him) instead of just admitting that the date he wanted was in fact the day that she and Ray first met, and she wanted herself and Jim to have a day that was their own.
    • Heck, look at what the reviews say about her: "Nasal, whiny, and dramatic. Why would any man want her with all of her baggage?" "Callie is completely unrealistic and horrible. Her character is irrelevant and she gets on your nerves. She is obnoxious, annoying and needs to be written out." "Callie's bizarre career - nurse, doctor, consultant to police dept, moving back and forth to Atlanta whipping her son around, she's just absurd." "This show would get a solid 8 if not for the annoying and irrelevant Callie character. Nasally and needy, she's a distraction from the plot. If she's back in [season three], then we'll seriously consider not watching." "As episodes went by, [Callie] somehow became the undecided bitchy nag that just gets on your nerves."
      • Note that there are also several complaints about Jim, but the majority of the complaints were about Callie (and sometimes Jeff).
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  • Special Effects Failure: In "Booty", the pirate treasure is really obviously badly faked.
  • TearJerker: The juxtaposition of the scenes between Jeff (happily making friends and laughing) and Shane (ostracized and alone for accidentally killing his teacher and then finding out his cousin - who he idolized - was a gun runner).

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