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  • Jim goes in to confront a gun store owner who's suspected of being a gun runner (while the guy is with another customer) and this happens:
    *Jim yanks a gun out of a guy's hand*
    Jim: Do you really need an AK-47, Billy?!
    Billy: I... have a problem with rabbits?
    Jim: Oh, call an exterminator.
  • Jim using Ed Vickers as an undercover officer.
    Colleen: Look at the state he's in! Why would you ever use him?
    Jim: He looks fine to me...
    *Vickers takes a puff on a cigarette and chokes*
    Colleen: He doesn't even smoke!
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  • The episode with the nudist colony was one crowning moment after the other.
  • Daniel and Carlos "hiding" behind strung up alligators.
  • The moment Jim orders a meal from a Korean food truck (after complaining that their food is too spicy), and asks the chef for kimchi on the side. Her immediate response is "White man's kimchi?", to which Jim sheepishly nods.
  • Daniel in general, particularly when he's Distracted by the Sexy (which is frequent).
  • Daniel vs his older brother, involving the use of a $200 burned pork brisket as a weapon.

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