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  • During the 1993 celebrity special, one of the Gladiators ripped John Fashanu's outfit and exposed his gentleman's region. This forced him to use a powerball to preserve his modesty, TV using a Gladiators symbol.
  • In a quarter-final of that year's main series Wolf pulled contender Roddy McKay's shorts down during Hang Tough and was reprimanded by John Anderson. He protested, "The referee's being unfair — he had pants on."
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  • Before the first men's Powerball of Series 3, both Gladstone McKenzie (an American footballer) and Dean Pollen (a former rugby player) perform a haka in front of the Gladiators, who aren't too impressed. After the haka, John Anderson asked "Contenders, are you now ready?" in a slightly annoyed tone.
  • From his first appearance, eventual grand champion Paul Field beat Wolf on Suspension Bridge within the first five seconds, then started celebrating...before being told via John Anderson's whistle that he actually had to reach the opposite platform to get maximum points, which the copper eventually did.
  • When making her entrance for the Series 3 Grand Final, eventual grand champion Eunice Huthart came out with a beach ball in her warm-up suit and acted like she was pregnant.note 
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  • During the 1994 Armed Forces special, Cobra managed to bring down an RAF contender in well as the top of the Pyramid itself! Obviously, this forced John Anderson to stop the event for repairs.
  • When Pole-Axe is played, the contestant and Gladiator are instructed to "mount the poles" during the setup before the event starts. When this was played for the first time in the International series and the command was given, commentator John Sachs mentions that the phrase would need to be changed if Poland were to compete in the next series.
  • Wolf getting the Yellow Card for shoving a contender after a game of Pyramid. His facial expression after being shown the Yellow Card was priceless.
    John Anderson: "You are starting to behave badly all over again. You pushed the contender after the game was over, and you are interrupting the interview! Yellow Card! Next time, it's a Red one, and you're OFF!"
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  • During the Series 4 Grand Final (the same series as the above Yellow Card), Wolf earned another Yellow Card for shoving eventual champion Mark Everitt after he made it to the top of the Pyramid (though Wolf claimed in a subsequent interview that Mark shoved HIM first), and while arguing with John Anderson about it, actually grabbed the Yellow Card and ate it. Does the ref send him off after that? Nope. He just shrugs as if to say, "Why bother, he never listens anyway."
  • The 1997 Comic Relief special, where the two contenders were played by popular soap actors. One of them is unfit, overweight and drinks beer throughout the contest but wins the final through a series of corrupt tricks, including bribing both Wolf and John Anderson with wedges of cash, and getting an associate in the audience to take down the other contender with a poisoned blowdart.
  • The "Celebrities vs. Jockeys" special (Which, sadly, isn't seen on the air anymore due to circumstances surrounding the death of celebrity contender Mark Speight) has a few of them, most notably jockey Willie Carson (Little Contender, READY!) blatantly cheating on the Hit & Run event (mainly by crawling on the suspension bridge). John Anderson then promptly disqualified the jockey, while hiding behind Cobra and Hunter, who then carried him offstage when he tried to attack the ref.
  • In the 7th season, eventual Supreme Champion Dave Walter, due to his job working in a branch of KFC, was always being cheered on by not only family and friends, but also the mascot of that particular KFC, namely a guy dressed up as an anthropomorphic chicken. In the grand final, after his turn in Hang Tough, Wolf heads down to the cheering section, pounces the mascot, and pulls off his head before running around the arena in celebration, happily parading it around. John Sachs's commentary helps make the scene:
    John Sachs: Wolf has just removed the chicken's head, and if you're just joined us, you're not watching The South Bank Show, it's Gladiators! And finally the secret identity of Chicken-Man is revealed, so there it is: a grown man wearing a washed-out tea towel, proudly parading a giant chicken head!
  • The introduction of "The Legends Return" from the 2008 revival is both this and heartwarming at the same time.
    John Anderson: "NEW GLADIATORS, READY!! OLD GLADIATORS, READY!!" (Wolf then enters)
    Wolf: "What are you talking about, 'Old Gladiators'?!"
    Anderson: "Sorry. (beat) ANCIENT GLADIATORS!!"
    Wolf: "We're not old!"
    Anderson: "VERY OLD!!"
    Wolf: "We're LEGENDS!"
    Anderson: "Aah..."

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