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  • Adaptation Displacement: Averted, as the fan translation of the first game in the trilogy came out a year before the anime.
  • Adorkable: Yumiko's a bit... naive.
    Yuuji: [after one of her attacks on him with a box cutter] Time moves at half speed in my vicinity.
    Yumiko: What, really?
  • Awesome Music: The opening theme The Final Fractal is really good to listen to with stunning visuals of the opening to back it up. Perfect for starting the visual novel with.
    • Yumiko's theme Holograph captures her internal struggle with herself as well as her family. The mellow guitar strings just adds to the emotional value of her life.
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    • Amane's theme Home is very atmospheric and emotional, which is complimented by an awesome electric guitar riff near the end of the song. A well-deserved music piece for her good ending.
    • Michiru's theme Skip is upbeat and catchy, befitting of Michiru's energetic nature.
    • Makina's theme The Forest of Doubt overlaps between her cheerful nature and her dark struggle. The contrast between the two creates a heartwarming combination.
    • For the in-game OST, we have Apple Clash. Just awesome.
    • Toy Box. One can't help but think of Michiru doing her usual routines when listening to this.
    • Code: xxxx sounds like something out of a classic investigation movie. Might as well call this Yuuji's and JB's Leitmotif because it exactly fits their nature.
    • Deadlock, a very chilling and tense piece that plays during the most darkest and heartbreaking moments in the visual novel. One of the most excellent uses of this piece is during the moment Yuuji has Kiyoka pinned down at gunpoint giving her the Death Glare in Makina's route.
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    • Beautiful Place. Beautiful indeed.
  • Crazy Awesome: Yuuji, with a helping of Magnificent Bastard. The climax of every route in the game requires Yuuji to do something unthinkable or that requires pulling a lot of strings...but that prove to be for the best.
    • In Makina's route, after learning the full extent of how little Makina's mother cares for her...Yuuji decides to storm the Irisu Headquarters to kill Irisu Kiyoka. In the good end, he doesn't kill her, but he still makes it out alive and Kiyoka is put in a situation where she has no choice but leaving Makina alone.
    • In Michiru's route, after learning the full story of the heart donor girl, whose personality Michiru shares her body with, Yuuji arranges for a plane to land in Mihama to take Michiru to the heart donor girl's house to see her family one last time. And there's also the whole thing with staging Michiru's death and burial after she declares her wish to die, so she could see how it would hurt those who care about her.
    • In Yumiko's route...see Crazy Enough to Work in the main page. Plus getting everyone at Mihama to get through East Beach Group's shareholders to overthrow Michiaki and give Yumiko her freedom.
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    • In Amane's route, after learning of Amane's backstory, they investigate the site where it all took place. While investigating for clues regarding Yuuji's sister Kazuki's survival, they're ambushed by the vengeful father of one of the girls in the bus crash Amane survived. Yuuji takes the guy out with Amane's help, after taking shotgun bullets to his body in an amount that would have killed a normal person.
    • In Sachi's route, after learning the reason behind her dutiful personality, and in an attempt to make her see the glaring flaw in Sachi's MO... Yuuji helps Sachi carry on with Michiru's request to get rid of the test that was scheduled for them. The last time that was requested of Sachi, she burned the school. Here, she tried the same and Yuuji sabotages it...and proceeds to get her to help him fulfill her request by loading Mihama with plastic explosives and blow up the academy, which getting Yumiko to arrange a chopper trip for the remaining Mihama students. All to make Sachi see that being a "good girl" shouldn't come at the cost of destroying something precious to her.
  • Complete Monster: Kiyoka Irisu was born and raised to be the next head of the corrupt Irisu clan, a family behind political crimes and assassinations. When her husband tried to expose the family's sinister actions, she casually ordered her daughter, Makina, kidnapped to lure out her husband and have him executed in front of his daughter. Left for a week with the rotting corpse of his father, Makina suffered severe mental issues and was disowned by her mother. When Kiyoka needed Makina back due to needing a new heir when her other daughter Sarina was in critical condition, Makina threatened to expose her actions in order to get rid of her. Kiyoka responded by ordering her daughter's workplace to be destroyed and Makina herself assassinated, as well as anyone in her way. When Makina was placed into critical condition as well due to being shot, Kiyoka contemplated ending her life support.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: One of the darkest visual novels and easily the darkest harem series out there. Feels like a typical high school harem at first... until you start getting into the backstories for a lot of these characters. Most of them have backstories involving many unpleasant elements that ultimately feel shocking at first and this is in combination with all of the shock value violence that occurs outside of the backstories. However for some people the Darker and Edgier aspects of this series begin to lose their value after a while when they're involved in every character's backstory, some of the attempts at violence come off as Narm, and it just feels like it's there to guilt trip the viewer into feeling bad for the characters or get a quick shock out of the audience.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: JB and Kazuki. A lot of people were sad that these characters did not have a route, even if the latter of the two would've been somewhat Squicky
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: All over the place, given the nature of the school's students. What seems to be a joke or snark in one route will turn out to be much harsher when the full context is known.
    • After kissing Michiru for the second time and stunning her senseless, Yuuji considers the possibility he's given her a trigger for PTSD. This line comes immediately after he describes the situation to Sachi, who actually has PTSD.
    • Sachi casually mentioning how Amane might "eat" Yuuji after Makina mentions it, when in fact Amane's trauma comes from being the sole survivor of an accident where the others turned to cannibalism.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks!: What some fans think of the anime, since it squeezes a Doorstopper of a visual novel into a 13-episode series.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • "I'm really glad you were born. Thank you."
      • From another completely different route: "I'm so very glad I was born."
    • At the end credits of Michiru's final episode, she's playing around with Meowmel. This and the cat's appearance before Michiru finally decides to live indicates that even through death, Meowmel is still with her.
  • Jerkass Woobie: You can't help but feel bad for Yumiko's father in her good ending, as he's a broken man, and he also reveals he tried to win his own abusive father's approval.
  • Moe: Kazuki, Full stop.
  • Narm: Makina's bad ending, where she keeps Yuuji's rotting corpse in a garbage bag, might be too over-the-top to take seriously.
  • Narm Charm: Yumiko's father, for the most part, plays a fairly believable, but incredibly Jerkass-ish businessman of a father. He's almost always in control, and when he's not, it's generally not to a point he'd have to be seriously worried over. To this end, his main sprites all appear with his eyes closed in either an annoyed glare or satisfied smirk. However, the one or two times that the version of his sprite with his eyes open is shown, the expression is so ludicrously out of character, on top of just being silly, that the reader is just about guaranteed to bust a gut laughing.
  • Player Punch: In Michiru's route, the death of Kittymeow/Meowmel, especially if you're a cat lover.
  • Squick:
    • One of the darker VNs you will probably ever read, with plenty of disgusting and horrible things happening.
    • Makina's bad ending really takes the cake. She keeps Yuuji's rotting corpse in a garbage bag for six months. In Florida.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Makina refers to Yumiko as a Kuudere, that, once it goes "dere", can give cavities on anyone on a three-mile radius. In a Call-Back this is refered to on Yumiko's ending.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Once you hear the Waratte Itakute theme, it can really make you want to have a stream of tears.
    • In the anime, Michiru is occasionally seen playing with a dark gray cat, despite protests that she doesn't actually care about it. As episode 4 ends, Yuuji orders Michiru back to the school when he sees the cat lying in the street, bleeding to death. It's a hard uppercut to the feelings, especially if you're a Kindhearted Cat Lover.
  • The Woobie: EVERY. SINGLE. MAIN CHARACTER. To the point where Woobie-ness is almost a mandatory requirement for being a Mihama student.


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