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  • A lot of Yuuji's Inner Monologues. For example:
    Yuuji: Look at me shamelessly doing the life-saving hero number, despite being in large part responsible for the problem in the first place. I might have the makings of an American politician.
  • The mission to scare Yumiko (and Yuuji getting away scot-free unlike similar scenes in other visual novels).
  • Sachi showing up to class in only her underwear, after misinterpreting Yuuji's suggestion on how she should dress.
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  • At one point, Sachi is told to repeat "Gums in my gums" and Sachi being Sachi, she does so. The funny part is hearing Sachi's voice in the background repeating it ad nauseum while the others are talking until Michuru tells her to knock it off.
  • Makina innocently repeating Yuuji's running cadence after Amane causes them to be late for class.
    • Later on, the same subject gets brought up again with Michiru as the focus when the classmates are discussing what their hobbies are.
  • After Yuuji casually stops Yumiko's slap on her introduction scene, she resorts to attacking him with her box-cutter while Yuuji nonchalantly dodges every attack. According to the girls, this has been a morning routine until Defrosting Ice Queen kicked in.
  • While it is a Moment of Awesome, Yuuji still managed to rescue Yumiko in her route only with a frozen turkey and a stolen Lamborghini.
  • Amane goes on a spiel about oral sex...using Gundam suits, of all things, as a reference.
    • Shortly after the above, Amane decides to surprise Yuuji with the aforementioned oral... And takes a selfie while still blowing him, complete with v-sign and Amane saying it was "for posterity". And then sends the aforementioned selfie to Yuuji's phone... while Sachi is holding it. Hilarity ensues.
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  • The baseball-soccer/football-volleyball-kickball game.
  • Sachi silently making a fear puddle, in Episode 7. Which is right after Yuuji tells her that he re-programmed the bombs to freeze at zero.
  • Yumiko creeping out the owner of the crepe store by staring intently into the shop's window.
  • During the scene that introduces Sakaki Michiaki, Amane and Yuuji are discussing how much of a bad influence Yuuji's been to Makina and Sachi and when Michiru walks in, Yuuji states that Michiru would be an example in Yuuji's defense...Only to throw in the towel the instant Amane asks HOW Michiru is an example.
    • From the same scene, Michiru wonders if smoked windows are windows cooked smoked-style.
      Yuuji: Michiru, please stop talking for a moment.
  • Yuuji trolling Michiru into making Meowmell\Kittymeow leap on top of her head when she wanted to chase it off, by making her shake her twintails and Idiot Hair.
  • Yuuji's reaction to Michiru's hair-bleaching "ritual", treating it as a artistic masterpiece and calling Amane a philistine when she doesn't follow. And Yuuji then telling Sachi that he was just making a bunch of shit up as he spoke because it amused him.
    • From the same scene, Michiru's over-the-top cries of pain.
  • The first time Yuuji runs into Sachi doing a favor for Chizuru, Yuuji tells Sachi to tell Chizuru to "come back when she works on sweet-talking her pets" the next time she comes to ask for Sachi's help. She does and Chizuru innocently wonders if she's been overworking Sachi.
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  • The Running Gag in Michiru's route where Yumiko tries to get her the pennants bought as a souvenir from her home trip but something always stops her from doing so.
  • Yuuji goes on auto-pilot when he has one too many nights of bad sleep and it results in him giving Sachi the ok to make him a shark pouch like Michiru's. That alone is funny by itself, but Yuuji's ensuing Freak Out takes the cake if only for how hilariously out of character it is, especiallly the following, after he slowly resigns himself to his fate of donning a shark pouch...then he imagines himself in it and:
    Michiru: Look, I'm telling you to calm down already!
  • During the scene where Makina tries to come up with lyrics for a manjuu song contest, Yuuji has Michiru sing the lyrics for her. Albeit she doesn't really have a clue it's for a contest and instead sings random lyrics just for the heck of it. After pointing it out to her, Yuuji then sings his own lyrics as a demonstration. And in order to maintain the meta silence of his voice in the visual novel, the silent lyrics come with an 8-bit chiptune. That in itself is rather funny on a meta level.
    • On that note, the reason for Makina participating in the contest in the first place? It's because she heard something along the lines of owning a heard of zebras for a lifetime. The real prize was actually just a chance to go on an aurora-sightseeing trip to Iceland, which Makina had misinterpreted badly on sheer excitement.
  • The entirety of Leisure of Grisaia:
  • The OVA s have some pretty funny moments too:
    • Yumiko's OVA: Amane walks in on Yumiko riding a king-sized carrot plush while dressed as a Playboy Bunny.
    • Sachi's OVA: The bath H-Scene with Sachi and Yuuji is re-enacted and Sachi thoroughly massages a shower head in Yuuji's hands thinking she was giving him a handjob. Yuuji is silent during his appearances in the OVAs to give the girls full focus but in this scenario it is very easy to imagine Yuuji keeping quiet about it just to mess with Sachi.
  • In Sachi's route, Amane encourages Yuuji to take Sachi on a date. His idea for a date? Putting the maid through boot camp training. Doubly so as Yuuji only put Sachi through boot camp training to screw with Amane whom he knew was spying on his date.

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