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YMMV / The Doll

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German silent film

Polish novel
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Izabela: Rich Bitch or a victim of impractical, spoiling upbringing? (Note: "educate your daughters properly, or they'll end up on the street when their husbands die" is a message in some positivist Polish literature, especially by Prus.)
    • Wokulski: idealist or maybe not?
  • Misaimed Fandom: Wokulski's status as Dogged Nice Guy is memetic in Polish culture, to the point a lot of people take it at a face value that he simply "deserves" Izabela for all the moves he makes around her. This entirely misses the point that she's a human being with her own feelings (even if selfish) and just because a rich, nice suitor shows up doesn't mean she should throw herself on him instantly. Or how she can be legitimately creeped out by a guy twice her age trying to court her in an extremely non-subtle fashion.
    • Then again, she repeatedly toys with him and it never occurs to her to simply tell the guy she's not interested, even though she can't stand him.