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  • Broken Base: She tends to waver between Ensemble Dark Horse and The Scrappy, depending on what storyline she's in. Her time managing The Usos vs The Hart Dynasty, push against Beth Phoenix and role as AJ's bodyguard have been well-received. Her time in a Power Stable on Smackdown and lacklustre stint as Vickie Guerrero's hired muscle less so.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Nearly a year after being repackaged as a gun-for-hire, she ends up being a lackey to the very woman she redebuted attacking - AJ Lee. Likewise Tamina bullying AJ when she first debuted on Smackdown. The shoe was really on the other foot there.
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  • Hype Backlash: Early in her career she tended to get a free pass from smarks because she was the daughter of a Hall of Famer and had bit of a Brawn Hilda appearance, in heavy contrast to the likes of Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres and the Bella Twins, who they felt were trading on their good looks to disguise their inability to wrestle. Ironically this resulted in a Double Standard, considering those women had been training longer than she had. With disappointing ring work since her time as AJ's bodyguard, she's had a growing number of detractors.
  • Les Yay:
    • Sometimes Tamina would carry AJ away from the ring over her shoulder. AJ would also joke about Tamina making her breakfast and them doing "everything" together.
    • In 2017 she has this in spades with Lana, who constantly hangs out with her and makes plans to take Tamina to the top.
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  • Memetic Mutation: She got a one-month push against Beth Phoenix in February 2012 and another against Kaitlyn in February 2013. This prompted fans to joke that February was time for Tamina's annual push.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: She got a good amount of extra fans in her 2012 face turn and push against Beth Phoenix, coupled with a vast improvement in her in-ring skills.
    • Likewise her comedic "Anger Management" promos in 2020 showcased Tamina as an actual character outside of her generic mean girl gun-for-hire.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Her return as Vickie Guerrero's hired muscle lasted two weeks and was suddenly blown off in a three-minute match against AJ on Raw.
    • Kaitlyn claims in her shoot interview that she pushed for a feud with Tamina after they had worked a lot of house shows together. They did feud but not for long, and it was set up via a segment exclusive to the WWE App rather than Raw.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: After she and Natalya lost a tag team match, she turned on Nattie and gave her a Superfly Splash. This was meant to be her Heel–Face Turn but made her seem like Evil Is Petty. As a result it was unclear which of them was meant to be the face in their feud until Tamina started tagging with the other face Divas.


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