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Trivia / Tamina Snuka

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  • Playing Against Type: Despite spending most of her career as a heel, she had a nice run in 2012 as a face getting a push against Beth Phoenix, and having a storyline with the Usos on NXT Redemption.
  • Reality Subtext: In 2012 she was re-introduced as Vickie Guerrero's bodyguard. She and Vickie were travel partners at the time.
  • Shrug of God: It was left open just what her relationship was to The Usos onscreen. It wasn't confirmed until 2012 that they were cousins - on NXT Redemption at that.
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  • Throw It In!: According to one former writer, Vince walked into the office one day and said "why aren't we doing anything with Tamina? She's a Snuka dammit!" - resulting in Tamina's Heel–Face Turn and one month push against Beth Phoenix.
  • What Could Have Been: She was actually rejected from her first WWE tryout but was accepted on her second. Apparently all she knew was how to do the Superfly Splash, but didn't know how to sell it if she missed it (which they asked her to do).

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