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YMMV / Summoners War: Sky Arena

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  • Follow the Leader: This game has been noted to be very reminiscent of Brave Frontier.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The Brownie Magicians are mostly well intentioned support troops. Hell, the special Dark ability is even called "Kindness Gone Wrong". But that's actually a pretty interesting not to the mythology it comes from. Brownies are spirits that aid people around the house in chores, which is why most of their moves are dedicated to Support roles. They're not meant to do work alone, they mostly buff the team and debuff opponents.
  • Game-Breaker: Dohohohoho where do we start.....
    • Chloe (Fire Epikion Priest) is staple in the PvP scene, for her ability to place Invincibility and Immunity for 1 and 2 turns, respectively. She's often built with high speed to move first, thus ensuring that your slower, heavy hitters would survive the enemy's Alpha Strike and crowd control attempts, and able to retaliate in the second round.
    • Zeratu (Dark Chimera) only has 2 active skills. The first one buffs his attack and grants him Immunity, and gives him an immediate turn, which is most likely his basic attack. The problem is his passive, Forbidden Power which grants him 2 extra attacks whenever he deals a Critical Hit, at 50% damage per hit. This means with 100% crit rate, a Zeratu will deal 200% damage per hit, and that's not counting Critical Damage bonus and the atk buff.
    • Violent rune is despised by many for the volatility of it. It's not unheard for your enemy monsters to move 3-4 times in a row, in a single turn, thanks to the rune's effect. If it's a nuker monster such as the Zeratu mentioned above and you have no Invincibility to protect yourself, the battle might have been lost. There's been many attempts to rebalance the rune, but there's nothing conclusive as of yet.
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    • Lushen (Wind Joker) is infamous for his 3rd skill, Amputation Magic, as it is an AoE that ignores defense. High-end Lushens with an Attack buff can even inflict Total Party Kill with a single cast of this skill. A good yardstick to measure the strength of your PvP defense is to measure how Lushen-proof it is. Fire elements have less chance to be one-hitted (as the skill is a multi-hit), but sometimes the Lushen gets lucky...
    • Zaiross (Fire Dragon) is another infamous AoE king. Unlike Lushen, his doesn't ignore defense. On the other hand, he comes with 2 powerful AoEs, and his 2nd one puts your skills on cooldown effectively silencing your whole team. The best part of Zaiross is that he is incredibly versatile. Whether a bread-and-butter Violent, crowd control Despair, support Swift, dedicated nuker Rage, or just plain old Fatal, Zaiross has many different ways to ruin your day.
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    • Chasun (Wind Sky Dancer) is generally considered one of the most powerful healer in the game, and an even better healer than Ariel (Water Archangel), a dedicated healer Olympus Mons, in some cases. She comes with a group heal based on her HP that also buffs attack (meaning you will lose the long game), a single heal that more often than not is a full heal (you need to kill your target in one turn or else it's moot), all at very low cooldown in comparison to other healers, and she has massive base HP to boot (meaning she's a beast to take down). She has her weaknesses, but it pales in comparison to her strengths.
    • Theomars is currently considered one of the most powerful nuker at the moment due to his passive. It grants elemental advantage against all other elements, even against Light, Dark and Non-Elemental, making him the de facto Infinity +1 Element. To make things worse, it also grants him Endure effect, meaning he won't die the first time you bring his HP down to 0. Finally, his leader skill and constant elemental advantage means you only need to reach 61 base critical rate to reach the cap of 100 critical rate.
  • Junk Rare: Some monsters are a letdown, despite their rarity and coolness.
    • Perhaps the biggest of this is Fermion (Dark Archangel). Massive defense, attacks that scale with his defense, a passive that makes him deal more damage as more of his allies die, and looking pretty damn cool. In practice, high defense Fermions would have a pittance of HP thus making them food for defense ignorers, and high hp Fermions would practically have low damage. He's not useless, you can still use him in PvE contents, but it's still a letdown considering how rare a Light/Dark NB5-star is.
  • That One Boss: The Artamiel (Light Archangel) boss in the Bonus Dungeon is considered the hardest floor, in addition to the dev's hobby of buffing it for whatever reason. The boss comes with 4 adds, but the kicker is that all of them have a chance to counter attack whenever you attack them.note  To make matters worse, this counter works even when you are not actually hitting the one countering, just hitting any one of them is enough. Fights against this boss tend to boil down to sheer RNG; you can poke one of them and have all 5 of them hit you right back, especially if your cc fails to work.

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