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  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Before she and her team were properly introduced, Outrageous Lime had fans interested in her (the name certainly helped) and even some fanart. The author remarked on Twitter:
      Outrageous Lime's magical girl power is to be disproportionately popular for someone who only showed up in one panel XD
    • Gwen ended up being the most popular of the three members of team Alchemical that bought it.
    • Zoe scored fifth place in the popularity contest held during chapter 9, scoring just ten votes below Gwen and more than 120 votes above the next character down, Bud. This is despite having had only three appearances over the course of the comic by that point.
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  • Informed Wrongness: She was really rude and judgmental about it, but the red-themed magical girl who yells at Zoe for coming to the school in spite of not fighting has garnered some sympathy, since she's arguably right that it's unfair. The good education is considered a reward (and the classes are organized to fit around magical girls' schedules of fighting at night). The issue is complicated by the fact that even the registration leaflet outright mentions that neither registering nor going to Future's Hope means you are obligated to take part in the fight.
  • Mood Whiplash: This page, a kitchen appliance advertisement starring Team Melty, is followed immediately by Tessa crying at the graves of her three dead friends.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Sleepless Domain follows a similar path as Puella Magi Madoka Magica in that it starts off appearing like a standard cutesy magical girl plot only to have reality crash down around the protagonists in the worst way possible. Much of Sleepless Domain is dedicated to how Undine and Tessa try to move past the traumatic event of the rest of their team getting slaughtered during a routine mission.

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