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  • Fan Nickname: The fan names for "the purple one" range from the sublime ("Floor Witch" in reference to Zelda's Floor Masters and her somewhat casual disregard for how surfaces work) to the ridiculous ("'YOU' in a very angry tone"). Others include "That Purple Witch", "The Purple Robe", "A girl and her blob" and an unspecified name that "has swears in it." Her semi-official name used in favorite-character polls is "Goops," but her actual name, if she has one, hasn't been revealed.
  • Jossed: Cagle has denied a few general themes in fan speculation:
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The comic was originally called Umbra Rising.
    • Concept art on both the Tumblr and the printed version of Volume 1 showed Alchemical Aether's outfit incorporated all the other colors of Team Alchemical initially, and her hair was a much paler shade of pink (possibly intended to be white hair) with sections colored the other girls' colors.
    • Alchemical Earth was initially going to have poofy shorts instead of a skirt, to reflect Gwen's more tomboyish nature, but Cagle decided it set a bad precedent to have the heavier girl be the only one without a skirt.
    • The comic was initially pitched as 'Survivor but for magical girls' and early prototypes of Kokoro and Undine were members of a four person team, with a girl in purple and a girl in yellow rounding out the team.
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  • Word of Gay: For Pride Month, 2018, Mary Cagle tweeted artwork of her LGBTQ characters with their relevant Pride flags. Transgender for Zoe, Gay Pride for Team Melty, and Pansexual for Outrageous Lime. Zoe was confirmed not long prior, while Melty Flame and Melty Frost were Sickeningly Sweethearts from moment one. Outrageous Lime, however, has only been seen or mentioned a few times, with only two related to her sexuality. The first was surprise that she had a boyfriend ("As in a boy boy?") and, on first seeing Heartful Punch and Undine together, remarking "So that was your type", prompting HP to hastily try and change the subject while Lime brushes it off because "she has a guy now".

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