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  • Accidental Nightmare Fuel: A common complaint about The Movie is the evil Pat and Jess robots are too scary for toddlers, Postman Pat's target audience.
  • Awesome Music:
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  • Fanon: There is spectulation among fans that Granny Dryden didn't appear in the Cosgrove Hall seasons because she passed away of old age.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Aside from the theme tune, there are a few songs used in the episodes themselves, such as Looking at Life.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The episode "Pat's Rainy Day" has Pat joke about swapping his van for a helicopter. He later uses a helicopter in Special Delivery Service.
  • Idiot Plot: The Special Delivery Service series has an alarming number of episodes fueled by this. A few examples:
    • Pat knows that the bats he's delivering will be easily awoken by noises. After hearing a loud noise, he opens their cage to check on them, allowing them to promptly escape.
    • Dorothy Thompson sells eggs from her stand that she haven't seen before, are clearly different from the other eggs, and are clearly marked with a big warning label.
    • Unable to fit a long projector screen in his van (after trying only once, not even placing it diagonally), Pat leaves the rear door open and is surprised when the movie reel has fallen out.
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    • Pat and Ben goof around with precious and fragile equipment on a forklift in the mail centre. They are surprised when it is damaged and needs repair.
    • Pat and Arthur park a large round item on the top of a hill, virtually guaranteeing that it will roll down.
    • A part of The Movie involves the townspeople believing Pat has gone insane and not noticing the obvious visual cues that he's been replaced with a robot while he's out of town.
  • Memetic Mutation: Postman Pat's Banging Day Out. A crude overdub video with gratuitous swearing, mild violence, and moderate sex references. Probably one of the earliest forms of YouTube Poop to hit the Internet.
    • "He who leads shalt learn!"
    • It seems that Postman Pat's Banging Day Out has inspired a cottage industry whose sole purpose is editing and overdubbing episodes of Postman Pat to insert profanity and risque references.
    • For some reason, Pat, especially his flying detached head, got a memetic status in Russian YouTube Poop as a bringer of doom: if his head ever appears onscreen to his Theme Tune, there will be a massive explosion. Or not, and it will be lampshaded.
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  • Only the Creator Does It Right: While the later revivals are not without their fans, most agree that the 1980s and 1990s episodes by John Cunliffe and Woodland Animations are the most iconic.
  • Seasonal Rot: Seasons 3-5 are not as well-regarded as the first two for a variety of reasons. Common complaints include the faster-paced animation provided by Cosgrove Hall, focusing too much on Mr. Pringle and his class, generic plots, elimination of several characters such as Miss Hubbard, Granny Dryden, Major Forbes, and Sam Waldron, plot holes (for example, one episode has Ajay restoring an old Rolls-Royce, when it's been established Ted Glen, who was in said episode, could have done it easily, as Ajay's specialty is steam locomotives), how tired Ken Barrie sounds, and disrespecting the original seasons (such as turning PAT 2, the post bus, into a school bus). Despite this, these seasons are still better-regarded than Special Delivery Service, which follows a very strict formula involving Pat having to drop everything he's doing in Greendale to pick up a special delivery in Pencaster, have trouble with said delivery, and have to find a solution to the problem. He also uses a variety of vehicles instead of PAT 1, including a truck, an ATV, a boat, a helicopter, and even a VTOL-capable plane. Most fans view the SDS seasons as existing solely to sell toys.
  • Special Effects Failure: In "Postman Pat's Tractor Express", during a close-up shot of Pat on Miss Hubbard's tractor, it's painfully obvious it was shot in live-action with a stagehand shaking the tractor offscreen.
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: The Woodland Animations episodes are regarded as very relaxing with simple plots that focus on everyday problems, not to mention long shots of Pat simply driving through the countryside, and the relative lack of music. And when there is music, it's usually either little incidental ditties or very nice songs like the above-mentioned "Looking at Life", all sung by Ken Barrie, no less. The Cosgrove Hall episodes amp up the energy and wacky plots, though they mostly remain good natured as well.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Most people who watched the original as children (or even as parents) are horrified by Special Delivery Service, with the helicopters, the train, and the absence of Granny Dryden and Miss Hubbard.
    • Averted with the 1996 episodes, which made people very neutral or just glad.
    • And then there's the movie, which had parents wound up because of the evil Pat and Jess robots.
  • Toy Ship: Pat's son Julian and his friend Meera.
  • Uncanny Valley This counts if you're not a big fan of stop-motion, particularly for season 1. You might even get caught off-guard by the close-up shot of Postman Pat's face at the beginning of the original intro, which seems to come at you pretty suddenly.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Jess is a tomcat.
  • The Woobie: Katie's doll, Sara Ann. Katie loses her in the pilot, and it's up to Pat to find her.