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  • Author's Saving Throw: Hard to say if it was intentional, but after the Questionable Consent in the Black God duology, The Dark Land and Hellsgarde both have Jirel set clear boundries and treat the villains' sexual assaults as inherently heinous acts.
  • Continuity Lockout: Jirel Meets Magic features a Call-Back or two to Black God's Kiss, but — unlike Black God's Shadow — it doesn't explain the events of that story at all, leaving any reader who began here note  in the dark.
  • Foe Yay: Jirel has had this with quite a few of her adversaries.
    • Her "relationship" with Guillaume is a rather dark example, as it starts with him forcefully kissing her after conquring her castle, and later has her giving him a Kiss of Death which damns his soul to a realm worse than Hell. (Though she later regrets and undoes this punishment.)
    • Jarasme has quite the chemistry with the heroine, with both women being utterly obsessed with defeating each other. She's quite attractive to boot, and the attention this recieves in the narration almost gives the impression that Jirel is Eating the Eye Candy.
    • Pav and Andred both have quite a thing for Jirel, though this is very one-sided.
    • Jirel calls Guy of Garlot "pretty" to his face, and may even have been planning to seduce her as part of her plan. Guy however shows no interest in her whatsoever.
    • While it really doesn't have time to go anywhere, Jirel and Northwest Smith develop quite a mutual appreciation for each other during their brief time together. They do however team up pretty early and cease being foes at all.
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  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: "Sucks" may be a bit harsh, but the series has been criticized for getting quite formulatic at times, which may a reason for its' relatively short length.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Jirel seemingly Took a Level in Jerkass at some point before her last story, which has her chew out her guards for their cowardice early on. Though given how unhelpful they've been throughout the series, her frustration is pretty understandable.
  • Narm: The Ambiguously Brown Guy of Garlot being referred to as "Black Guy", given that "guy" has now exclusively taken on a meaning of being a casual way of saying "man."
  • Nightmare Fuel: Being a Dark Fantasy taking cues from H. P. Lovecraft, this naturally pops up from time to time. When it happens... let's just say it lives up to the "weird" part of weird fiction.
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  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: It can be hard for modern readers to really appreciate how novel the series was at the time, given that the Action Girl has become such an innate part of the genre that most fantasy games lets the player outright choose the gender of their protagonist. However, while the stories may come across as somewhat Troperiffic today, they are still considered good stories.
  • Too Good to Last: Only received half the amount of stories her Northwest Smith tales got, and there's just enough material to give the character some personality and a definitive style.
  • Values Resonance:

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