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  • Best Level Ever:
    • "Black Cats" from the American campaign is remembered fondly by players for not only being one of the easiest levels, but also for the air and sea combat sequences seen nowhere else in the campaign.
    • "Downfall" for the Russian campaign has the Soviet Forces in Berlin taking down the last major pocket of German resistance in their capital. The crowning moment though is the final part, where Dimitri, after being wounded by a surviving SS soldier, with Reznov's help, raises the Soviet banner over the Reichstag, complete with Russian soldiers cheering and patriotic music.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Japanese soldiers armed with Type-99 Light Machine Guns, especially on Veteran, where they can rip players apart in one burst.
    • Banzai Chargers are this as well, as they can kill players in one hit should they be caught off-guard.
  • Game-Breaker: The MP40 SMG, especially on the console versions. Due to being unlocked early in multiplayer, the MP40 has extreme class construction versatility. The most common class setup for the MP40 online is Dual Magazines for more firing without having to reload, Juggernaut to be able to withstand more gunfire and explosives, and Steady Aim to already compliment the already great hip fire and you become a walking one-man army capable of slaughtering dozens in close-quarters combat. There are other Tier 3 perks players can use if Steady Aim isn't wanted.
    • On the PC version, this is a subversion, thanks in part to heavy nerfs in subsequent patches.
  • Genius Bonus: The Dies Irae from Mozart's Requiem plays for a bit during the Soviet invasion of Berlin in "World at War". "Day of Wrath", indeed!
  • Porting Disaster: The Wii version. While the system's motion controls are put to far better use here than in Call of Duty 3, this version has its fair share of problems. Several missions and multiplayer maps were cut, alongside the entire Nazi Zombies mode, animations are janky, the game's graphics in general don't even look that good for a 2008 Wii game, and there is a multitude of bugs.
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  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: At the time it's Downloadable Content packs were released, and for a while after that, many people simply bought the game for Nazi Zombies.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Listening to the non-American multiplayer announcers in World at War is hilarious. Getting a 7-kill streak is even more rewarding when you get to listen to Sergeant Reznov yell out "Unleash the dogs!"
  • That One Boss: The goddamn sniper duel in the mission "Vendetta," especially on Veteran difficulty. To elaborate: The sniper can kill you with one shot, no matter where you are (unless you're behind cover) or where it hits you, whose bullet seems to fly just slightly less than the speed of light as it hits you as soon as you see the muzzle flash, making your own chances of aiming near impossible, whereas he can absorb THREE FULL SHOTS ANYWHERE ON HIS BODY (Which Reznov claims "you just grazed him" - even if you clearly landed a direct hit on him - or "you only wounded him" - even if you clearly put a bullet in his head!) and remain not only alive, but able to shoot with the same inhuman speed and precision. Not to mention, he will occasionally try to trick you by seeming to expose himself... he's actually just presenting a helmet on a stick, and if you fall for the trap, he will spring up and shoot you dead before you have a chance to duck behind cover. The level is also compounded for American players by Reznov calling out the sniper's location by European floor numbering.
  • That One Level:
    • Heart Of The Reich, especially the last stretch, is considered to be this by a lot. In Veteran mode, it's practically a given that a player will die a lot trying to get up the steps.
    • Burn 'em Out, due to the close-quarter fighting, and then the squads of snipers, banzai chargers, and the aforementioned Type-99 gunners defending the mortar pits.
    • Blood and Iron. Unlike every other tank mission in the series, which were incredibly awesome, this one just manages to be endlessly infuriating. Infinitely-respawning enemy soldiers launching Panzerschrecks nonstop. And unlike the usual for this series, they're really infinitely-respawning - even when you destroy the radio tower they're trying to defend they still keep coming, constantly shooting you with Panzerschrecks, preventing you from focusing on anything else, preventing you from regenerating your health, preventing you from completing the goddamn mission.
  • Vindicated by History: While it was already positively received during its release, it was dismissed by a lot of the newcomers who drawn in to the series because of Modern Warfare. As the backlash toward the future oriented Call of Duty intensifies, people look back to this game and see how the game portrays war in a bleak light, and the game is often cited to be the second-best entry (behind the acclaimed Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare) in the series according to more recent surveys.

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