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Reznov from World at War is a ''Warhammer 40,000 Ork
Just too many parallels:
  • Uraaaaaaah! vs. Waaaaaaaagh!
  • Wields a giant choppa/machete thing.
  • Favorite weapon after losing the ability to use a sniper rifle: a sub-machine gun with a 71 round mag (more dakka).
  • Doesn't exactly speak with the most refined accent ever.

Polonsky was drafted
During the latter half of the Pacific war the Marine corps found itself with a decline of manpower thanks to casualties piling up throughout the campaign. To alleviate this the Corps was forced to abandon its long held tradition of voluntary induction and focused into a drafting program. Given that Polonsky is constantly complaining of the situation indicated that he may have been drafted unwillingly rather than volunteered to the Marines.

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