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  • Call of Duty: World At War has one in the very beginning, when the first cinematic plays and you realize that Kiefer Sutherland is giving the voice-over. Which means you'll be spending the American-oriented segments of the campaign commanded by Jack Motherfucking Bauer.
    • And in terms of actual story events, the greatest moment is probably at the end of the game; as in the first Call of Duty, you get to plant the Soviet banner atop the Reichstag... however, there's a twist this time. Just as Dmitri (you) walks up to the flagpole, a lone Nazi comes out of hiding and shoots him, badly injuring him. It seems hopeless, but Sgt. Reznov suddenly swoops in with his cleaver, brutally chopping the guy up in 300-esque slow-motion and tossing him from the roof as the Hymn of the Soviet Union (!) plays in the background. He then cuts down the Nazi flag and helps Dmitri up, allowing him to plant the flag with his last reserves of strength.
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    • Although anything with Sgt. Reznov is pretty good, like "Then perhaps our friend will help them to bleed faster..." or "The bloodied heart of the fascist empire shall soon beat for the last time!"
  • The PBY Catalina mission. Owning the IJN, getting engines and bits of your plane blown off and still managing to rescue sailors whilst fighting off Zeroes.
  • Whenever in World at War you hear a massive roar of "URA!" from Red Army soldiers.
  • The "Black Cats" mission in World At War is amazing, if only for the fact that the crew of the Catalina you're on has only one response to learning the fleet is being attacked: they dive into the warzone to pick up survivors and try to protect the fleet, landing on the ocean in the middle of the hellish firestorm and rain of kamikaze pilots to pluck sailors out of the water, knowing any second a kamikaze could take them out. It takes an amazing amount of guts and daring to pull off a job like that, and for the Catalina operators in real life, that was routine.
    • "We're on our own... Okay people, the fleet still needs our help. Anyone want to back out? (silence) Didn't think so."
    • The Awesome Music definitely helps, a driving taiko drum theme with a recurring siren accompaniment setting up the clash between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States Navy.
  • Commissar Markhov's speech at the end of "Ring of Steel":
    "Citizens of Berlin! A ring of steel surrounds your rotten city! We will crush all who dare to resist the will of the Red Army! Abandon your posts! Abandon your homes! Abandon all hope! URA!"

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