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Funny / Call of Duty: World at War

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  • The shades perk actually gives your character shades.
    • Ironically, the gas mask perk doesn't actually give your character a gas mask.
  • The multiplayer map Revolution, whose centerpiece is a distillery, has a console codename of "mp_vodka".
  • At the beginning of Their Land, Their Blood, Reznov ordered Chernov to finish those rats while helping the player:
    Reznov: Once again, you cheat death. Our tanks are ready to smash this line and... CHERNOV! I am not hearing gunshots.
    Chernov: There is no point, Sergeant... They are bleeding to death.
    Reznov: Then maybe our friend will help them bleed faster.
    • Later in the same mission, as the result of Chernov not following his order earlier:
      Reznov: Dimitri, get on the tank. You have earned the rest. Chernov, you have not. You walk.
    • Also, if the player attempts to board the tank fully occupied, a soldier will shout the player "Are you blind? There isn't enough space!"
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