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Considering the nature of the show starting from later episodes of Season 2, there are definitely some characters that could use a hug right now. Beware of spoilers and Tear Jerker territory.

  • Where do we begin with Suitcase? First, Nickel forces her to steal a battery, and Mecintosh warns her that her alliance could be using her for their own gain, causing her to lose faith in them. She later begins to have hallucinations, one of which almost causes her to drown during Episode 11's challenge. And then Balloon, her closest friend and someone she can genuinely trust, gets eliminated 5 to 1 (she didn't even vote for him, she voted for Nickel while Balloon voted for himself). The poor girl can't catch a break.
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  • Poor, poor Balloon. He tries to change himself into a better person once he joins Season 2, but almost none of the contestants trust him. He begins to develop a close relationship with Suitcase, but Nickel attempts to exclude him from their alliance and treats him like garbage. Then Episode 11 comes and he gets pressured by Microphone prior to the challenge, accidentally causes his team to lose, and gets eliminated for that very reason. And one of his votes was from himself. Fridge Horror kicks in once you realize he gets sent to Hotel OJ once he is eliminated, where almost everyone residing there detests him, unfortunately including Nickel. Although, according to the heartwarming page, there are apparently some who now got his back!
  • Microphone. She's normally very outgoing, but her loudness causes her to mess up in challenges and get criticized by her teammates. Episode 9 is not kind to her, as Soap, her first real friend, gets eliminated and Taco reads her previous diary entries out loud, putting pressure on her shoulders. Unfortunately, her sympathy level goes down after Episode 11 when she starts working with Taco and verbally pressures Balloon.
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  • Baseball. When Nickel and Suitcase get into an argument in Episode 10, he begins to have doubts as a leader. It gets worse the following episode, when Suitcase destroys his alliance by voting out Nickel, his closest friend since the beginning of the series. The aftermath of Nickel’s elimination causes him to fall into despair and take a level in cynicism.
  • Lightbulb is quirky, upbeat, and one of the most optimistic characters on the show. She does, however, get upset whenever Paintbrush gets mad at her, especially when they tell her that they don’t want to work with her in Episode 12.
  • Marshmallow. Early in Season 1, she is treated like The Chew Toy by Knife, and while he does stop bullying her, her dilemmas don't get any better. She indirectly kills Bow, her close friend, in the finale and shows clear regret about it afterward. Then Apple, whom she made amends with in Episode 2, claims she was using her to get farther into the game. Episode 11 then reveals she doesn't like competing on the show-she believes it destroys relationships and causes drama for the contestants-so she decides to quit and leave the competition.
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  • Apple is one as well. After making up with her in Episode 2, she becomes very clingy towards Marshmallow, but come Episode 6 and their friendship gets destroyed again. Why? She was possessed by Bow, so it wasn't even her fault-and yet she still treats Marshmallow like they're friends.
  • Paintbrush is a Jerkass Woobie. While violently short-tempered, aggressive, and a Competition Freak, they try their utter hardest to lead the Bright Lights to victory, yet their teammates almost never cooperate or listen to them. Episode 12 reveals that they are non-binary and that they don’t bring it up because they fear their gender won’t be acknowledged by the others. Fortunately, Lightbulb accepts them for who they are, and their elimination, unlike others, ends on a bittersweet note.
  • Tissues. Minor as he is, he's been perpetually ill with a disease known as the "condi-SHAWN" as long as he can remember, and is often held back by it. The way he sneezes is pretty gross, yes, but you can't help but feel sorry for him sometimes.
  • MePhone4 also qualifies as a Jerkass Woobie. "Mine Your Own Business" reveals that in his early days he was often physically and emotionally abused by Steve Cobs, and it was bad enough that MePhone eventually suppressed all of his memories of him.
  • Fan. He grows increasingly more stressed and frustrated by the show’s numerous changes and wishes for everything to be simple again, which is one of the reasons he’s so at odds with Paintbrush, who is aware that there’s more to the game. He also isn’t ready for his egg to hatch and wishes to keep nurturing it (which sparks his first real fight with Test Tube, his closest friend, over custody of the egg once he’s eliminated), and in a monologue near the end of the episode, he sadly admits that he has to trust her even if he disagrees with her.

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