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What An Idiot / The Fairly OddParents!

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Sure, they can lead to the plot of an episode, but these moments need a second thought before being wished upon.

  • In The Big Problem, Timmy is tired of being treated like trash for being a kid and wants to be an adult so that he can have freedom to do whatever he wants.
    You'd Expect: Timmy would ask his godparents if there are any consequences about being an adult and having fairy godparents before making any wishes.
    Instead: He wishes to be an adult without any hesitation and finds out that he can't make any wishes as an adult.
    Even Worse: During the time he's an adult, he finds out that he's at risk of losing his godparents if he doesn't find a way to change back into a kid.
  • In the special Channel Chasers, Timmy wishes up a TV and goes inside, leaving Cosmo and Wanda to guard his room. While Timmy is having fun in the TV, Vicky comes along to make sure he isn't watching it.
    You'd Expect: Either Cosmo or Wanda to poof away the TV and create a decoy to avoid arousing suspicion.
    Instead: Cosmo imitates Timmy and explicitly tells Vicky that he's watching TV. Of course, this is Cosmo we're talking about here, but even he should know better.
    • In the same episode, Timmy gets grounded for performing stunts on Television. Timmy isn't happy with this.
      You'd Expect: For Timmy to wish for his parents' memories to be wiped, so he can avoid grounding.
      Instead: He doesn't, and he stays grounded until he runs away.
  • In Tim Visible, Timmy finds out on the last day of school that Francis gets to beat up all the boys in school and must try to find a way to avoid Francis and Mr. Crocker (who suspects that he has fairy godparents).
    You'd Expect: Timmy to wish that Francis was nice.
    Instead: Timmy wishes that he was invisible (hence the episode title) to avoid Francis. This allows Mr. Crocker to realize that Timmy is, well, invisible, since being beaten by a floating frog is impossible in real life.
    • Also in the episode, a boy dresses up like a girl to avoid being beaten up by Francis.
      You’d Expect: That he would keep his mouth shut and lay low for the duration of the day in order to fool Francis.
      Instead: He goes around ranting that he can’t he beaten up because he’s a girl, which leads Francis into realizing that said boy's really in disguise as a girl and proceeds to beat him up.
  • The episode Nega-Timmy involves Timmy turning evil. How does this happen? Well it starts when Timmy's parents become the latest subjects of a TV program called The Bad Parents Hunter, note  Upset about being humiliated on National Television, they decide to be Good Parents...however, their definition of this trope is being super strict and overbearing. Timmy quickly gets fed up with this.
    You'd Expect: Timmy to just wish that his parents would stop being so demanding. Or just wait until they get over their embarrassment of public humiliation.
    Instead: He wishes that he would always do the opposite of whatever his parents say. It works well for a while, but then his parents tell him to "be good" and he turns into an evil Mr. Hyde esque version of himself.
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  • In Playdate of Doom, Foop tricks Wanda into thinking he's reformed and should have a playdate with Poof. As soon as Foop arrives, he bullies himself and blames Poof so Wanda would put him in a playpen that would teleport him to a pocket dimension.
    You'd Expect: Wanda to get suspicious of Poof's sudden bad behavior and suspect that Foop is up to something.
    Instead: Wanda falls for Foop's tricks, not once thinking that Foop is blaming Poof for the things he did and is still out to get him, and almost puts him in the playpen (remember, Wanda's supposed to be the smart one in the show).
  • In Vicky Gets Fired, Timmy finally had enough of Vicky tormenting him and shows his parents their reality show contest entry tape, which recorded Vicky torturing Timmy, to get them to fire her.
    You'd Expect: That, after witnessing the footage of Vicky torturing Timmy, they would immediately fire her.
    Instead: It takes showing them that Vicky recorded over the tape to get them to fire her.
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  • In the early episode Father Time!, Timmy accidentally ruins his father's prized racing trophy from his childhood due to melting it with heat vision.
    You'd Expect: That Timmy would simply wish that his father's trophy was unmelted, or get Cosmo & Wanda to poof up a replacement, or any number of similar things. He's not that stupid, after all.
    Instead: He wishes for a time-traveling bike so he can go back to when his dad first won the trophy and sabotage his father's victory. Wanda even points out that traveling in time is a bad idea.
  • In It's A Wishful Life, after Timmy wishes that he never existed, Jorgen gave him a test to point out somebody whose life would be worse without him, but he kept finding people that have better lives without him existing.
    You'd Expect: For Timmy to remember how Tootie kept pursuing him due to being twice as miserable as he is (as a result of living in the same house as Vicky) and not having any fairies. Without Timmy in her life, she would have undeniably be even more miserable. Timmy could point this out to Jorgen, visit her, and win the test.
    Alternatively: Timmy could cite Mark Chang as someone who would be miserable if he didn't exist, since Yugopotamia would have been overrun by the Gigglepies if Timmy hadn't helped the Yugopotamians defeat them, and Mark would have been forcibly wed to Mandie if Timmy hadn't let him live at the Dimmsdale Dump.
    Instead: He doesn't point either of these people out and really thinks that the world would be better off without him and prepares to go to what's essentially Hell, only for Jorgen to reveal that he "passed" and tells him to do good deeds regardless of whether the person you serve expresses gratitude (nevermind that all Timmy wanted was a simple "thank you" for his actions).
  • In "Class Clown", despite Timmy managing to save Trixie from a seemingly harmless man-eating plant, she's more focused on the fact that Timmy has just killed her favorite plant than saving her life, which makes her immediately dump him.
    You'd Expect: Him to realize that, since not even saving Trixie would impress her, he has absolutely no chance of dating her and should just move on from her, with him deciding to either remain single until he's older or start looking for girls that aren't as mean as Trixie, like Veronica or Tootie (once the latter has her Stalker with a Crush tendencies sorted out).
    Or: He could just simply wish that Trixie's nice to himnote  so that she can naturally fall in love with him and win each other's hearts.
    Instead: He still continues to pine for her in spite of all this.
  • In Fairy Idol, Norm has Timmy replaced with a Jerkass clone that proceeds to drive Cosmo and Wanda up the wall with his overbearing wishes and demands.
    You'd Expect: That, knowing that there aren't any rules against using magic to alter people's behavior (outside of falling in love) or creating clones, they'd find Timmy's drastic change in behavior suspicious.
    Instead: They don't suspect a thing and eventually quit on the clone (and the real Timmy) as a result. This sets the rest of the special's plot in motion as Norm continues to scheme to replace them as Fairy Godparents.
  • In Vicky Loses Her Icky, Timmy has successfully wished that Vicky is a Nice Girl, with the only reason that she went back to her cruel self is that she let the bug that made people cruel come to her rather than the mayor.
    You'd Expect: That Timmy could wish that her bullying tendencies were toned down so that she's more strict and overbearing than downright cruel, which would let him keep his fairies and make his life a bit more bearable.\\ Alternatively: he could at least wish that Vicky is nice to Tootie so the latter would no longer cling to Timmy because she'd have a big sister who truly cares for her, which will make him more focused on trying to win Trixie over without Tootie's Stalker with a Crush tendencies getting in the way.
    Instead: He doesn't think about doing either of these options and is more focused on doing some overtly complicated things to get Vicky out of his way.
  • In Shelf Life, Timmy wishes Tom Sawyer would come out of his book and help Timmy write his book report, despite Wanda warning him that doing this would be a bad idea.
    You'd Expect: Wanda, being well aware that Tom is a master of manipulation, to realize that leaving people like Timmy and Cosmo alone with him wouldn't be a good idea.
    Instead: She decides that she doesn't want to take part in this and immediately leaves Timmy and Cosmo alone with Tom. As a result, he tricks Timmy into spending a day at a carnival and uses his powers of manipulation to get Cosmo's wand, which leads to the entire conflict of the story.


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