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What An Idiot / Ed, Edd n Eddy

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Eddy: Ed, how can you be so stupid?
Ed: I watch cartoons, Eddy!

Sure, Failure Is the Only Option for the Comic Trio that is Ed, Edd n Eddy, but these easily avoided lapses in judgement certainly don't help matters.


  • Throughout the series, it's hinted many a time that Eddy's brother is a Big Brother Bully instead of the Cool Big Bro that he often says that he is. For example, one of his inventions is a gigantic stink bomb, he sends Eddy baby toys and apparently he did something to Rolf's chickens.
    You'd Expect: That the other kids and Double D and Ed would catch on eventually.
    Instead: Eddy does everything to hide his brother's true nature, and we don't learn the truth until the movie.
  • For a majority of the show, the Eds devise a scam to get the kids' money.
    You'd Expect: The kids would eventually catch on and not give them jack shit.
    Instead: With the exception of Kevin, they keep falling for it. Every single time.
    • Similarly, there occasionally comes times for when the Eds will need something that no one else seems to have/will be able to get/give them. Unfortunately, one of them will get the idea to go to the Kanker Sisters.
      You'd Expect: The Eds would be wise enough to avoid the girls that borderline sexually harass them every chance they get.
      Instead: They go right for the Kankers and end up with the same old ending of getting Covered in Kisses or otherwise.

Season 1

  • In "Who, What, Where, Ed", Eddy and Edd are trying to make omelets for breakfast and he simply needs someone to get eggs from the fridge.
    You'd Expect: For Eddy to just get the eggs himself, or send Edd.
    Instead: He sends Ed to get the eggs. Ed stupidly gets his tongue stuck frozen to a popsicle in the freezer and as he tries delivering the eggs, he trips and breaks all the eggs. This forces them to find a new source of eggs.
    You'd Then expect: For one of them to, you know, go to a grocery store.
    Instead: Eddy gets the idea to ask Rolf for one of his chicken since, of course, chickens lay eggs. When they meet him, Rolf tells them the Eds that he will only trade his egg if they give him sawdust. The Eds try sawing a log to fulfill Rolf's request, until Johnny comes along and demands them to stop.
    You'd Then Expect: For the Eds to simply ignore Johnny or tell him to buzz off, since he has nothing to do with their situation. And also, there's nothing he can do about their situation, he's outnumbered three to one.
    Instead: They give him attention, and Johnny tells them that Kevin has lots of sawdust in his shed (which is true). They go to his shed and try to persuade Kevin into giving them his sawdust. He says that he'll do it if they paint his shed first (of course, he doesn't have any paint). Eddy tells the freeloader to just "Paint [his] own lousy shed."
    You'd THEN Expect: For Eddy and the gang to leave Kevin's yard and go back to what they were doing before.
    Instead: The Eds reluctantly agree, starting a long chain of kids asking for increasingly ridiculous items to trade for.
    The Final Result: After spending what would probably be hours trading with the kids, Rolf finally gives the Eds an egg, only for Ed to break it by accident. They put in all that work and got nothing to show for it.
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  • In "Laugh Ed Laugh", Ed and Double D trap Eddy (who has gone insane since there isn't any kids for him to scam) inside a shed to cure his sanity, locking it tight in the process.
    You'd Expect: Double D to hide the key himself, given his meticulous nature.
    Instead: He gives the key to ED to hide it.
    As a Result: Ed stupidly devours the key, trapping the Eds inside and forcing Eddy (who just had his sanity cured) to use Ed as a shovel to dig their way out.
  • In "Avast Ye Eds," when the Eds are in their tire float, the Kankers launch a bobby pin on it and the pin gets stuck. Eddy walks over to the spot and Edd tells him not to pull it.
    You'd Expect: For Eddy to listen to Edd and not to try to pull the bobby pin off.
    Instead: He foolishly pulls the bobby pin off, causing the float to deflate and the gang to land in the water and the Kanker Sisters to kidnap them on their boat.
    Results: Jonny and Jimmy are forced to walk the "Plank", and the Eds end up getting sexually assaulted for the first time in the series. Happy ending, indeed.
  • In “Virt Ed Go,” The Eds plan on building a clubhouse because they want to make money off of the kids visiting it, but they first need to find out where to build it.
    You'd Expect: For the Eds to build the clubhouse in one of their backyards.
    Instead: The Eds go through pointless obstacles while picking a spot to build the clubhouse. Edd does eventually find a spot, which is a tree located at an alley.
    • The Eds are now building their clubhouse so they can charge the kids a fee for visiting. They finally finish building it while going through Amusing Injuries.
      You’d Expect: For the Eds to keep the clubhouse secure by locking it, so that nobody can claim it or enter it whenever they please.
      Instead: They leave the clubhouse unlocked. This bites them in the butt later when the Kankers steal their clubhouse because it was neither: 1. built in the backyard of anybody, nor 2. saddled with any locks with keys, which are both things that could have prevented it from getting hijacked.

Season 2

  • The Eds and Kankers were in a "squirt-gun duel" and the Eds aren't landing any successful shots at them.
    You'd Expect: The Eds to realize they're wasting ammo and pull themselves together.
    Instead: They fired wildly, used up all their ammo, the Kankers remained unscathed, they incapacitate them by using a special sticky substance and the Eds endure yet another sexual attack from the Kankers.
  • "Knock, Knock, Who's Ed?" explains why the show's characters, or at least Eddy, always forgo any obvious solutions to whatever problems they have, including the solutions listed on this page. Sarah kicks the Eds out of Ed and her home when Ed wants to watch an 8-hour monster movie marathon.
    You'd Expect: For the Eds to simply go watch the movie at Edd's or Eddy's house.
    Instead: Eddy protests "What? And ruin the plot?" when Edd suggests the obvious solution and instead he makes them pull off a pathetic attempt to trick Kevin into letting them watch the movie on his TV by making it look like Ed was in a plane accident.
  • In "Floss Your Ed", Ed's loose tooth has finally fallen out, and Eddy is eager for the Tooth Fairy to trade it in for some money. However, Edd reminds him that it won't happen right away; the Tooth Fairy visits at night when the recipient is sleeping.
    You'd Expect: It should be a no-brainer; wait until tomorrow morning and reap the rewards.
    Instead: Either Eddy's impatient, or doesn't seem to realize that not every obstacle in his way needs to be met with underhanded scheming. He concocts a plan to place his bed on the roof, have Ed sleep in it, and have Edd signal for the Tooth Fairy. Well, that's never gonna work...
    The Result: The bed tips over (because Eddy stomped it in frustration), and the tooth gets lost in the gutter. Ed tries to get it by sucking down the gutter gunk, and predictably swallows the tooth as well.
  • In "Rambling Ed", Ed has had it with bossy, aggressive Sarah and moves into Rolf's place. Rolf at first warmly welcomes Ed with open arms and allows him to live in his shed from then on, but then the Eds get really bothersome making it impossible for him to do farmhand chores.
    You'd Expect: For Rolf to kick them out and if necessary, call the local police for assistance in doing so.
    Instead: He just throws them all back into his own shed and orders them to stay there. Of course, the Eds don't listen so they eat up all his food, seize his bedroom and do a lot of damage to his house.
  • During the climax of "Mirror, Mirror on the Ed", Eddy (who is currently dressed up as and forced to act like Edd) has to hide in Edd's house because of pissed off Kevin wanting to beat him up after Eddy teased him. Suddenly, the alarm in Edd's room activates for no apparent reason.
    You'd Expect: Edd, being The Smart Guy, constructing the alarm in a way that locks the burglar in or recognizes one of his friends.
    Instead: The alarm opens the door, allowing the potential burglar to escape, and Kevin to beat up Eddy.
    • Eddy isn't entirely blameless in this scene either. When Eddy is being chased by Kevin while pretending to be Edd, he attempts to find a house to hide in.
      You'd Expect: For Eddy to hide in his own house, because although he was pretending to be Edd, his parents would still recognize him under his clothing.Then Eddy can secure his room to avoid a beating.
      Or: For Eddy to still hide in Edd's house, but not in Edd's room where Kevin will be able to easily spot him.
      Instead: He hides in Edd's house, in Edd's room. Turns out Edd invented an alarm, which got Eddy beaten up by Kevin.
  • In "Stop, Look and Ed", Eddy and Ed start a trend of breaking the rules after Eddy has had enough of precisely strict rules such as "Keep Off the Grass" thinking adults have took it too far. Edd attempts to stop them.
    You'd Expect: For Eddy and Ed to lock up Edd big time inside a cage, closet, etc. so that he can't get out.
    Instead: They just keep Edd out of the way by tying his hat to a ceiling lamp so that he'll only be emotionally chained. After Eddy and Ed leave Edd unsupervised, Edd gets the chance to "break free" by putting on a pantyhose on his head and call everyone's parents.
    You'd Also Expect: For Edd to remain anonymous so that the kids don't know he's the one who called their parents.
    Instead: He proudly tells the kids that he called all their parents, angering the kids and choosing to lock all three Eds instead of just Edd inside a man-sized birdcage on a tree. Eddy asks Edd what was he thinking, and even Edd regrets ratting the kids out.

Season 3

  • In the infamous episode "If It Smells Like An Ed," the Eds try to find out who the person framing them is. The method they have is getting everyone to put their foot on a large footprint (that ended up being Jimmy). This works up to comedic effects, but when they find Jimmy himself, they find him with a hockey stick. Eddy gets angry.
    You'd Expect: One of the Eds to grab the hockey stick (which had black tape wrapped around it) and unwrap it, finding out that he was the culprit sooner.
    Instead: They ignore the hockey stick and just put Jimmy's foot in there, thus fueling some more anger in Jimmy.
    • Jimmy also captures Jonny and makes it look like the Eds did it (by turning him into a "Giant Jonny Chew" scam wrapped around with candy).
      You'd Expect: The Eds to untie Jonny, as this suspicious activity makes it look like the Eds made a scam to get the kids even more upset. That way, the Eds could ask Jonny about the whole scam.
      Instead: Eddy spends some time joking about the scam and Ed eats the candy around Jonny. Eddy also tries to measure the footprint against Jonny's foot. By the time the kids come, they are already upset from earlier, and they chase the Eds.
  • In "Once Bitten, Twice Ed": Eddy comes up with a "follow the talking mailbox to a shoot the raccoon game"-scam. At first it seems to work, but then Johnny shoots it down for animal abuse and Eddy is forced to give a refund.
    You'd Expect: Eddy to give up and find a better scam, or at least reboot the scam without inviting Jonny, who was the reason why the scam failed the first time.
    Instead: He concludes that the raccoon was the problem, and despite both of the other Edds given up, he spends the whole day trying to milk a dead cow. He only got costumers twice and didn't earn anything at all (Sarah eventually caught on).
    Dishonorable mention: Eventually it gets late, Sarah has just thrown the walkie-talkie at Eddy's face once Eddy hammered the final nail in the coffin of the scam. Everyone else in the cul-de-sac is either A: In bed because now it's the dead of night, B: Sick and tired of the scam or C: Both. An exhausted Edd tells Eddy that You can scam some people sometimes but you can't scam everyone all the time. We then cut to Ed who desperately needs a bathroom.
    You'd expect: Eddy to throw in the towel and send Ed home.
    Instead: Eddy makes yet another expy this time with a bathroom theme! Well, at least Ed feels relieved.
  • In "Once Upon an Ed", the Eds literally get stuck inside Johnny's wall, presumably to avoid the Kankers, and need a way to get out.
    You'd Expect: The Eds, particularly Ed and Eddy, frequently showing abnormal physical strength, to break through the walls no problems.
    Alternatively: The Eds would alert Johnny of their predicament. The cul-de-sac kids might not like the Eds that much, but the Kankers are The Dreaded. Eddy could easily come up with an excuse that they'd try to steal Plank as a backscratcher again to get Johnny to cooperate.
    Instead: They waste time by making up stories and eventually get attacked by the Kankers (who aren't really 200 feet tall) again.
  • In "Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?" Sarah entrusts Ed with her money to buy her and Jimmy some fudge at the candy store. Eddy, the greedy jerk he is, wants Ed to buy jawbreakers, but Edd insists that it is Sarah's money, so it should be spent to her specifications.
    You'd Expect: One of them should realize the threat Sarah poses if her for once reasonable request is not met.
    Instead: Edd and Eddy argue over the proper usage of the money, representing integrity vs. Greed, respectively, until impressionable Ed enters the store and gives into temptation.
    As a Result: After realizing what he did, Ed justifiably freaks out, as does Double D. Well, we would not have a show if they did not get into these jams.
    You'd Then Expect: Eddy to realize that he just created a huge mess for himself and his friends and panic as well.
    Instead: He tells Ed not to say anything and Sarah will forget all about it. Does Eddy really expect Sarah, who has anger issues out the roof, to just forget about this? Even if Ed doesn't tell her, she will persist until she finds out.
    The Result: Sarah comes asking about the fudge when she can't find it. Ed gives in and admits he spent the money on jawbreakers. In order to spare Ed from Sarah's wrath, Double D asks if there's anything they can do to compensate her. As a result, the Eds are forced to spend the day doing whatever Sarah tells them to do. It culminates with Eddy being used for a popular scam where the kids jump on a broken seesaw and launch him into a tree branch. Repeatedly. And at one penny a pop. Were those jawbreakers really worth it, Eddy?
    • Sarah also has an idiotic moment here.
      You'd Expect: For Sarah to either go to the candy store herself, or give her money to someone more trustworthy, like Edd, since he’s more responsible and intelligent.
      Instead: She gives her money to Ed, whose IQ is in the negative integers, leading to the above trouble with Eddy.
  • In "See No Ed", the Eds are missing and the kids suspect it's too good to be true but during the middle of their celebration of finally having the day to themselves without the Eds, they catch sight of Chimp Wurld.
    You'd Expect: For the kids to listen to Kevin that Chimp Wurld is a scam built by the Eds as he points out Chimp Wurld has a ticket booth containing Eddy's signature coin jar that says "50 cents" on it.
    Instead: The kids ignore his warnings and joyfully play with the bananas, ropes and slides.... until they all fall into traps and Nazz gets her head stuck inside a tire mid-air after losing her pants, Rolf gets crushed by bananas, Jonny hangs upside down from a rope chain trapping his feet, and Sarah and Jimmy on the verge of falling from a great height.
    Results: Dirty Coward Kevin deserts them out of fear while it turns out the Eds are busy stripping each other naked to look for Ed's lost monkey mask.
  • In "Ed or Tails", Ed got 2 Slovak jawbreakers by mail, and there's 3 of them, so there's no way they can each have one. Double D decides to divide the jawbreakers so that each of them (Ed, Edd and Eddy) get two thirds of a jawbreaker.
    You'd Expect: For Edd to use a proper cutting tool to do so, such as Ed's carpenter saw seen back in "Momma's Little Ed" or the two-man saw from "Who, What, Where Ed".
    Instead: He uses a refrigerator to try to cut up one of the jawbreakers on top of a seesaw. The fridge propels the jawbreaker right into Jonny's mouth, leaving the Eds with only one left. Eddy angrily grabs the last remaining jawbreaker and attempts to swallow it whole, making Double D complain "Are you insinuating it was my fault we lost the other jawbreaker?". Actually yes it is, because Double D's the idiot who suggested they use a refrigerator to divide the jawbreaker instead of a saw.
    The Result: The Eds get in a fight over the last jawbreaker before Edd kicks it into a river. They never retrieve it, and Ed sucks on a snail which he mistook for the jawbreaker.
  • "Dim Lit Ed", an episode that actually uses this trope as its basis, has a pretty good one: Double D decides to hold a scavenger hunt in attempt to sharpen the deteriorating minds of the Cul-De-Sac kids, offering a reward to the winnernote . The kids start wondering as to what the prize could be and start making guesses, with Rolf in particular guessing that it must be a jawbreaker.
    You'd Expect: The kids would wait for Double D to say what the prize is.
    Instead: They automatically assume that the prize is a jawbreaker even though Rolf was the one who said it, and run off before Double D has a chance to complete a sentence and tell them otherwise. They then act surprised when Double D reveals that it wasn't the prize, with Rolf and Sarah calling him a "swindler" and a "rip-off artist" respectively for "promising" the jawbreaker. (The latter even still does so immediately after Double D reminds them that he never once used the word "jawbreaker").
  • "For Your Eds Only", Edd makes a super-gum formula and Ed manages to easily chew and make a bubble with it, something Eddy couldn't. Ed then crashes into Sarah's room because of Kevin and Eddy steals her diary. Sarah then corners the Eds and prepares to beat the three of them into a pulp. Eddy then remembers they have the super-gum formula and takes it out of Edd's pocket.
    You'd Expect: Eddy to give the gum for Ed, the strongest member of the gang, to chew.
    Instead: He gives it to Edd to chew. If Eddy himself couldn't chew the gum down, why did he think the weakest character on the show could pull it off? The result was predictable.
  • In "3 Squares and an Ed", all three Eds get grounded and are only able to communicate with each other through tin-can phones. But Sarah violently yanks their mock-phone lines with an umbrella causing each of them to collide into the wall and brutally injuring them.
    You'd Expect: The Eds to let go of their phones so that they stop getting hurt.
    Instead: The three forget to release their phones, and it can be assumed their stupidity allowed Sarah to torture them for days, weeks, months....
  • In "The Luck of the Ed," where Eddy's mom made Eddy throw out all of his cool stuff, Eddy decided to hide his magazines.
    You'd Expect: For Eddy to hide the magazines in a hidden spot himself or to get Edd to hide them.
    Instead: Eddy relies on Ed to hide his magazines in a safe places. This ends up with Ed forgetting where he put them.
  • "It Came from Outer Ed" sees Ed trying his hand at a scam, and one of the steps involve Edd placing a rock on an "X". However, Ed has painted a "Q".
    You'd Expect: Edd would easily realize that Ed has mistaken a Q for an X, and place the rock there anyway.
    Instead: Edd is completely stumped by this, and repeatedly laments on his inability to find an X. Ed obliviously keeps sending him to place the rock on the "X".
  • In the episode "An Ed Is Born," the Eds steal Rolf's chicken (again) to make cardboard cuts of the kids in Eddy's room so Eddy can pretend to give them autographs for a film he makes to send to his brother. Unfortunately, due to Rolf using his nose to track down his chickens, he manages to barge in Eddy's room. Edd warns Eddy that Rolf is in his room, which Eddy misinterprets Edd's comment for the cardboard cutout of Rolf. The real Rolf walks behind Eddy:
    You'd Expect: For Edd to use Exact Words and tell Eddy that it was the real Rolf he was warning Eddy about.
    Instead: All Edd says is "psst, Eddy! Rolf!" without being specific. Eddy ends up giving an autograph to the real Rolf. Hilarity Ensues as Rolf rages at the Eds for stealing his chickens again.

Season 4

  • Within another infamous episode known as "Your Ed Here", Kevin discovers Eddy's Embarrassing Middle Name and uses it to blackmail him.
    You'd Expect: Eddy to tell Double D and Ed or his parents about the situation, especially since Double D being Double D and Ed being Ed, they would understand.
    Or even better: Know better to not let Kevin blackmail him (because trusting an enemy of yours to keep a secret won't be smart) and learn to accept his middle name and not care if anyone makes fun of him for it.
    Instead: He keeps it a secret to himself and lets them know at the last minute after Kevin humiliates him.
    Thus: Kevin doesn't get punished for what he's done.
  • In "Stuck In Ed", Eddy does a scam involving getting the cul-de-sac kids to submit their ideas of a scam to the Eds, Jimmy gives them an idea, Jimmy's scam involves 10 extension cords, 10 refrigerators, 100 fence-posts, various fruits and many gallons of water, it turns out that Jimmy's idea for a scam involves Ice Pops.
    You'd think: That even for as childish a scam as it is, Eddy would see potential and use Jimmy's scam in the future.
    Instead: Being Eddy, he angrily rejects the scam.
    Result: The Eds don't get a buck the next time they cook up a scam. Great going, Eddy.
  • In "Little Ed Blue", Ed has gotten cranky and Eddy and Edd (well, mostly Edd) try to help him. They then spot Kevin pitching baseballs at Ed's head.
    You'd Expect: Kevin to leave Ed alone knowing that he could crush him.
    Instead: He (along with Eddy no less) keeps on annoying Ed.
    The Result: Ed forcefully morphs Eddy into a baseball bat and whacks Kevin with it.
  • In "Here's Mud in Your Ed", Rolf and Jimmy fool Eddy into believing simple objects are money tree seeds. So he gives up all his possessions in trade. And he falls for it twice.
    You'd Expect: Eddy to realize he's been played the second time around. Then again, he shouldn't have fallen for it the first time since there's no such thing as a money tree.
    Instead: After angrily consulting Rolf for conning him, he falls for it a second time. Ed himself replies "Even I am not that dumb, Double D".
  • The episode "A Twist of Ed" has Ed and Edd to use reverse psychology to end the Kankers into harassing them once and for all. Edd thinks it would be a good idea for Eddy to join in so the Kankers can finally leave the trio alone.
    You'd Expect: For Ed and Edd to continue their plan and ignore Eddy since the Kankers were already creeped out by the Eds' advances anyway.
    Instead: Edd insists that Eddy joins in on harassing the Kankers. When the latter attempts to joins in, he spent the whole time cowering, believing it wouldn't work. By the time Eddy decided to join in, Lee figured it out, and the result was a complete disaster.
  • In "Sorry, Wrong Ed", Eddy takes a cursed telephone from Rolf, and is consequently hit by a wave of bad luck, which Double D calls "coincidence".
    You'd Expect: Double D to catch on once the trend of mishaps reach a point where they can no longer be considered "coincidences".
    Instead: Double D stubbornly stays true to his theory even after Eddy is crushed by a sandbox that fell from the sky, trampled by hippos, struck by lightning on a clear day, and befallen by the walls of his house.
    • Eddy also has his "What an Idiot!" moment here.
      You'd Expect: For Eddy to have gotten rid of the telephone by burying, hiding or destroying it. He could have also told Ed to eat the phone, and Ed would have complied with glee.
      Instead: Eddy glues the phone to Jonny's grotesquely enormous head, allowing Jonny to answer the phone every time it rings.
  • In "A Case of Ed", Ed and Eddy trick Edd into thinking he has a fatal disease. The prank involves a diagnosis from "Doctor Ed", who is just Ed, dressed as a doctor, acting like himself and saying random things.
    You'd Expect: Edd (known for being The Smart Guy) to become at least a bit suspicious, the moment he hears the words "Ed" and "doctor" in the same sentence.
    Instead: He falls for the trick and actually trusts his idiot friend as a doctor. Only when Nazz points out the "Kick me" sign on his back does Edd stop believing he's dying. Sarah then remarks this trope's name: "What an idiot!"
  • In "Don't Rain on My Ed", the Eds, while racing to the soon-to-be-closed candy store for some free jawbreakers, find their path is blocked by the Kanker sisters. They manage to evade them at first, but May pounces on Double D, snagging him by his hat—and nothing else.
    You'd Expect: For Double D to let go of his hat and run like hell.
    You'd Also Expect: For Edd to always take a spare hat with him just in case of an emergency, since he's so obsessed with the secrecy of what's under it. This also would have saved him from being kissed by the Kankers.
    Instead: He clings desperately to it, even as the sisters surround him, wailing for help when he really doesn't need it.
    Result: He gets kissed, and Ed, who hears his screams, must weather a lipstick storm of his own in order to rescue him. He even has the gall to blame Eddy (albeit understandably, due to Eddy's selfishness) for his predicament when it was really his own Principals Zealotry that's to blame.
  • In "Stiff Upper Ed", the Eds (particularly Eddy) grow annoyed at not being able to use Ed's backyard because Sarah and Jimmy are pretending to be part of a snooty, high-priced country club for rich people only.
    You'd Expect: For them to use either Double D or Eddy's backyards to play in or just do something else.
    Instead: With Eddy's egging on, they keep trying to show them up by being "richer than them" with Eddy even calling himself Mr. McRich. As a result, Sarah and Jimmy ignore them completely (knowing full well that this will piss a guy like Eddy off) and knowing how desperate they/he are/is to join their club, they allow them in.
    You'd Now Expect: For the trio to not bother: they've been humiliating them all episode long and should know from both today's experience and past run-ins with them, that they can't be trusted.
    Instead: They join in, which has them being servants at the club and are subsequently treated like shit by them and the rest of the neighborhood kids, who are accepted as true members.

Season 5

  • The episode "Too Smart for His Own Ed" just clarifies how dumb the characters are, following Edd's mistake in a spelling bee.
    You'd Expect: The kids would have treated Edd the same way despite getting one word wrong, especially since he correctly spelled harder words.
    Instead: Just for misspelling the word "Gravy" by one letter, everyone treats him like an idiot, preferring to have 'ED' help them with their homework.
    Result: The kids all get F's on their homework for letting Ed help them out, prompting them to beat up Ed and Eddy.
  • In "Truth or Ed", Eddy gives himself a false identity (Bobby Blabby) to create lies about the kids. Eddy attempts but then fails to sneak out with their loot then Ed calls him "Bibby boo-boo".
    You'd Expect: Eddy to keep his mouth shut when Ed mispronounced his false name.
    Instead: Eddy blurts out his secret in front of the kids, thus blowing his own cover.
    The Result: Knowing who Bobby Blabby really was, the kids punish Eddy by having him knit the world's largest doily.
  • In the episode "All Eds Are Off", the Eds, Rolf, Kevin, and Jonny take part in a bet, with the cash prize of $1.25 given to the person who can give up on an annoying habit of theirs the longest. Eddy (of course) attempts to cheat by getting the others out by tempting them. He starts off with Kevin, who has to give up on calling the Eds "dorks"
    You'd Expect: For Kevin to see what Eddy is trying to do, and find another word to call him besides "dork." He has before; ("twerp", "loser", "dweeb").
    Instead: Kevin gives into Eddy's taunting and starts shouting the word "dork" repeatedly.
    Thus: Kevin loses the bet.
    • Eddy's next target to tempt is Edd. Edd has to stop using big words and can only form sentences with only one-syllable words. Eddy tempts Edd by tearing out pages from a dictionary.
      You'd Expect: For Edd to make up a sentence with words that have only 1 syllable to get the book from Eddy, or matter fact, just snatch the book from Eddy without saying a word.
      Instead: He gives into temptation and starts using big words, thus losing the bet.
    • For Jonny's part, he shouldn't take orders from Plank. Jonny sees Eddy pretending to "hear" Plank and Jonny is tempted to take Plank back.
      You'd Expect: For Jonny to realize what Eddy is trying to do, take Plank from Eddy, and give Plank to another character (preferably Nazz, since she's not in the bet).
      Instead: Jonny headbutts Eddy, takes Plank back, and claims that nobody is allowed to take orders from Plank except for him.
      As A Result: Jonny forfeits the bet.
    • For his part, Rolf explicitly gives up his consumption of mammal flesh.
      You'd Expect: For Rolf to sustain himself on poultry (including chicken) and/or seafood until the bet ends. He was even munching on a turkey leg when he made the bet, for God's sake!
      Instead: This potential Loophole Abuse of Exact Words never occurs to him, and he starves himself until Eddy tempts him into going on a feeding frenzy at the cafeteria's meat section.
    • At the very end, when Ed jumps into a gravy-like liquid and appears to lose the bet, Eddy is happy and wants to rejoice.
      You'd Expect: For Eddy to check the pot's contents to assure it's gravy to make sure Ed really lost the bet.
      Or: For Eddy to be patient and try to go the rest of the day without shouting note .
      Instead: Eddy starts to celebrate that he won the bet, and starts shouting really loud.
      However: When it's discovered that the "gravy" that Ed jumped into was in fact butterscotch pudding, Eddy gets upset and then puts his hand over his mouth, realizing he lost the bet.
  • In the episode "Smile For The Ed," Eddy wants to take a good picture of himself to show to his mother. However, Kevin ruins Eddy's picture by calling him a dork while he poses for it, and the picture ends up looking horrible. In band class, he shows it to Double D and then the teacher arrives.
    You'd Expect: For Eddy to put his school picture in his pocket and continue on with band.
    Instead: He gives it to Ed to swallow it. Then, Ed is signaled to play his trumpet.
    You'd Expect: For Ed to swallow the picture whole.
    Or: To take the picture out of his mouth.
    Instead: He plays his trumpet and the picture goes through the trumpet and lands on the other kids.
    As A Result: Copies of the picture are made and Eddy is humiliated.
  • In "Out with the Old, in with the Ed", on the last day of summer, Double D tells everyone school will start tomorrow. Since Double D is the only one who thought ahead about school, he has bought back-to-school supplies. Everyone else realizes they forgot to buy back-to-school supplies, and thus steal them from Double D. However, Double D soon realizes that Ed has a back-to-school sale coupon from his parents, and begs him if he could help him buy new school supplies with it, which Ed is happy to do.
    You'd Expect: Double D to go into the store with Ed and supervise him to make sure he buys him every back-to-school supply he needs.
    Instead: Double D, confident that Ed will buy him every back-to-school supply he needs, waits outside the store until Ed is finished shopping. Instead of buying Double D the back-to-school supplies, Ed has bought him a bag of pancake mix, a urinal, a stepladder, and one pencil (the last of which he has already chewed holes in).
  • In "No Speak Da Ed," Eddy receives Korean money from his pen pal. He mistakes it for American money and without inspecting the money, he rushes to the candy store:
    You'd Expect: For Eddy to listen to Edd's warnings of the foreign money being worthless.
    Or: For Eddy to at least inspect the money and then attempt to convert the money to American money. The money may not be worth much, but Eddy probably will get enough money for jawbreakers.
    Instead: Without listening to Edd's advice, Eddy celebrates he's "rich." He then impulsively rushes to the candy store, only for the owner of the store to throw him out, and eventually his Korean money.
  • In "Cleanliness is next to Edness," Edd is desperately trying to find a shower. He eventually comes across Nazz, who is all too willing to allow Edd to use her shower. Unfortunately, Nazz' lingerie makes Edd feel uncomfortable in his attempt to use her shower.
    You'd Expect: For Edd to use a toilet tissue or a hand towel to remove Nazz' lingerie and place them somewhere out of sight so he can use her shower.
    Instead: He doesn't, and ends up continuing his attempts of finding another shower.

Season 6, Specials, & Movie

  • In Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, Double D is handed what appears to be a can of jelly beans. Double D is standing in an abandoned factory originally used for pranking toys, with two guys known for pulling pranks; in fact, Double D had just been pranked by the other two Eds into believing they had been killed by a supernatural figure. Also, the Eds are on the run from the kids, and can't afford to attract any attention to their position. Finally, we're talking about a guy who actively lampshades his being Surrounded by Idiots on a regular basis.
    You'd Expect: Double D would suspect that Ed's follow-up offer, quite possibly thought up by Eddy, for a can of jelly beans was a trick. After all, "fool me once, shame on you, but fool me twice, shame on me".
    Instead: He just accepts the offer, not suspecting anything at all during the whole minute he tries opening the can. The Result? The can causes an explosion of many rubber snakes being spewed all around the factory's area. Kevin, who was in the area with Nazz, realized where the Eds were hiding, although this didn't help them all that much in catching the Eds, since they move on anyway. Of course, Double D himself was propelled by the explosion, and ended up stuck to a rock high up on a waterfall.
  • In the movie, after Eddy apologizes to the kids and earns his happy ending, Jonny arrives and beats up the Eds, not knowing about the above.
    You'd Expect: Jonny to stop and listen to the Eds' apology and side of the story.
    Instead: He attacks the Eds, which leads to the other kids to promptly beating him up as a result. Jonny should've noticed that the Eds and the kids reconciled, which would have led to the kids explaining the situation to Jonny.
  • In the non-canon music video "The Incredible Shrinking Day", Sarah shrinks the Eds down with a drink she made from a chemistry set which the Eds mistook for lemonade. After first getting put inside a dollhouse by her, the Eds manage to escape and flag a toy car to drive away from her but suddenly the car runs out of battery. Ed and Edd jump out and steer the car.
    You'd Expect: Eddy to jump out and help them steer or better yet just abandon the car and get the hell away from Sarah.
    Instead: He insists on staying in the car and continues to "drive" it until Ed and Edd push the car right into a wall and allowing Sarah to re-capture Eddy.


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