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Mr. Frond: You stupid idiot!

  • In "Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks", Bob decides to let Tina, who is 13, practice driving the family car in a vast parking lot. Tina becomes so nervous that she slowly starts swerving towards the only other car in the lot.
    You'd Expect: Bob to realize that Tina isn't ready to drive yet and to grab the steering wheel, preventing her from hitting the other car.
    Instead: He panics and screams at Tina to drive out of the way. She crashes into the other car, totaling theirs. Tina puts a scratch on the other car which belongs to Jimmy Pesto.
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  • In the Christmas Episode "God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins", the Belchers let Chet, a homeless man who used to organize displays at a department store, stay with them during the holidays. As Christmas draws closer, they find out that Chet is mentally unbalanced, pretending to be a mannequin and saying he had a lost love with another mannequin. Bob fears that Chet might snap someday.
    You'd Expect: Bob to talk to his family about Chet when he isn't around. At the very worst, he shouldn't call Chet crazy or say anything that would upset him.
    Instead: He tells Chet that he needs to get over his lost love who is probably rotting in a dumpster somewhere. Chet runs away crying and the following morning, he puts a macabre display in the Belchers' window.
  • In "My Fuzzy Valentine", Linda gets angry that the detective hijacked her speed dating idea and is jealous that the people are listening to him and not her.
    You'd Expect: Linda to try to reason with the group on why her ideas are better than the detective's.
    Instead: Linda steals the detective's gun out of childish spite, not realizing she committed a huge felony by stealing an officer's weapon. She gets arrested, but is quickly bailed out.
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  • In "A River Runs Through Bob", Bob and Linda take the kids on a camping trip. After the kids have gone to bed, Bob and Linda go into a nearby "warm spring" together. Shortly after getting in with Linda, Bob realizes he has to go find a bush due to some diarrhea from an under-cooked trout he had eaten earlier.
    You'd Expect: Linda to sit back and allow Bob to go and relieve himself.
    Instead: Linda grabs Bob's arm and tries to pull him back in, while he's desperately trying to get out of the spring.
    The Result: Bob ends up falling, which causes the rocks separating the spring from the river to break apart, with the current dragging them both down the river. Things get from bad to worse from there.
  • "Fort Night":
    • The Belchers, the Pesto twins and Daryl become trapped in a cardboard fort when a truck backs in against them. Millie, a classmate who is obsessed with Louise, overhears their predicament and offers to get help in exchange for befriending Louise.
      You'd Expect: Louise to at least comply with her demands. If Millie does get help, she can either tell her the feelings aren't mutual after they're rescued or maybe pull off a double cross.
      Instead: She loses her cool and gives Millie "The Reason You Suck" Speech for not getting help.
      The Result: Millie decides to leave them there and the kids have to find a way out themselves. This leads to another moment below.
      You'd Think: None of the kids would place their trust in a mentally disturbed child just so they can get Halloween candy.
      Instead: Daryl betrays the group to Millie just when it seems they've found their way out through the dumpster. He confesses that she lured him with candy in exchange for not helping them escape.
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  • In "Seaplane!", flight instructor "Upskirt Kurt" flies Linda to a remote island where he plans on seducing her. Faithful to Bob, Linda rejects his advances and demands to be taken home. Unfortunately, they discover his plane has been washed away due to high tide. Kurt breaks down and cries about not having someone to love, leaving Linda to console him.
    You'd Expect: Kurt to drop the act with Linda and realize if he treats her with respect, maybe she'll help him find a woman.
    Instead: He still tries to make a move on Linda who smacks him in the throat.
  • "Christmas in a Car":
    • It's been stated that the family can only afford one cell phone which they use for emergencies. Gene wants to use the phone to request a song on the radio.
      You'd Expect: Bob and Linda to not give Gene the phone or at the very least impose a strict time limit if he can't get through.
      Instead: Gene stays on hold with the radio station until the phone's battery runs dry. When the car gets stuck in a snowbank, they are unable to call for help.
      Also: The episode's main conflict has the family getting chased by a large truck shaped like a candy cane. It starts when the family cuts the truck off as they back out of a Christmas tree lot. Their car stalls, leaving them in its path and the driver starts sounding his horn.
      You'd Expect: Bob or Linda to get out of the car, signal for the driver to roll down his window and tell him that the car is stuck. If either of them can explain their situation, maybe the driver will cut them a break.
      Instead: Linda starts screaming at the truck and honks the horn to the tune of "Jingle Bells", enraging the driver to the point of chasing them further down the road. Although the driver wasn't really dangerous in the end, imagine what would have happened if he was.
  • In "The Kids Rob A Train", the Belcher kids and Regular-Sized Rudy wind up falling out of the "Juice Caboose" of a train. You'd think that just by reading this, this would fall under Adult Fear, right? The problem is that the episode notes at several points that the train moves very, very slowly, so much so, that you could walk alongside it easily. Louise even does so once she grabs the chocolate and hops off of the train.
    You'd Expect: The kids to run after the slow-moving train.
    Instead: They just stand there and watch as it moves away. Had Rudy not mentioned that the train does come back, the kids could have easily stranded themselves in the wilderness.
  • "World Wharf II" has Mr. Fischoeder and Bob being tied up to a pier with high tide approaching by the former's possibly mentally ill, gun-wielding brother Felix. Later on, Felix has a change of heart and offers to free them.
    You'd Expect: Bob and Mr. Fischoeder to keep their mouths shut about the plan and accept his help in freeing them.
    Instead: Mr. Fischoeder doesn't treat it any gravity whatsoever, teasing Felix for being too chicken to go on with his plan to kill him and Bob.
    Bob: Oh my GOD, would you stop taunting your brother?!
  • The B-plot of "The Runway Club" has a girl named Sally visiting Bob and Linda at the restaurant. Sally is selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door so she can go to a speech therapy camp. Bob thinks that this is a scam.
    You'd Expect: Bob and Linda to keep the former's suspicions quiet. They can just politely refuse and wish Sally luck.
    Instead: They both outright tell Sally that her subscription offering is a scam. She rushes off to inform the organizer who then calls out Bob and Linda on their accusations.
    Later: Bob and Linda are coerced into buying magazine subscriptions to appease the organizer. While this is happening, Jimmy Pesto stops by to taunt Bob about his kids getting detention. Bob tells Jimmy about the subscriptions he's buying.
    You'd Expect: Knowing the kind of person Jimmy is that he'd make fun of Bob for doing this, then walk away like he usually does without suffering any repercussions. Jimmy hasn't heard of the organization Bob is supporting, and he should also be suspicious about it.
    Instead: Jimmy offers to pay double Bob’s contribution on the belief that he could give more to a worthy cause than Bob ever will, not thinking Bob could have just lied. Bob's analysis sums it up perfectly.
    Bob: We got screwed, but Jimmy got screwed more.
  • In "The Grand Mama-Pest Hotel", Linda has volunteered to chaperone Tina and her classmates to a heroine convention. That night at the hotel, Linda visits Tina in her room and invites her and her new friend Dillon to have some fun in the halls. Tina warns her that they risk being sent home if Mr. Frond catches them outside of their rooms after curfew.
    You'd Expect: Linda to be a responsible chaperone and comply.
    Instead: She takes Tina and Dillon out anyway, complaining about "Mr. No-Fun Frond". Linda instigates havoc and eventually floods the courtyard with suds by dropping bottles of shampoo in a fountain. Mr. Frond catches them, reports the incident to hotel management, and Linda is banned from the premises.
  • In "The Taking Of Funtime One Two Three", Louise wants to earn enough tickets so she can win a dune buggy from Family Funtime. Mr. Fischoeder, who is in charge of the carnival games on the town's boardwalk, hears of Louise's plight.
    You'd Think: Given Mr. Fischoeder's knowledge about games of chance that he would mind his own business, especially around Louise.
    Instead: He tells Louise how to cheat at the games used for Family Funtime. This later comes back to bite him when Louise uses his skills to win his prized Wheely Mammoth at a ball-throwing game on the boardwalk.


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