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    Total Drama Island 
  • In "Search and Do Not Destroy", Heather kisses Trent in front of Gwen threatening their relationship, then she gets invincibility, and despite LeShawna's best efforts to rally the other campers to vote Heather off, Trent is eliminated.
    LeShawna: Looks like we got played.

    Total Drama Action 
  • "Top Dog" also qualifies. While we all knew that Duncan and Beth would be the final two, nobody expected both Courtney and Owen's elimination, nor the breakup of Duncan and Courtney due to the former voting out the latter.
  • Before that was "The Sand-Witch Project", in which DJ's hallucinations of his mother being angry at him has forced him to quit the competition, resulting with the contestants contending with the most gut-wrenching challenge yet...Chef's cooking!
  • Before that was "The Chefshank Redemption", in which Gwen's elimination means that both teams have to work without their respective captains.

    Total Drama World Tour 
  • The season finale. Basically Alejandro confessed his love for Heather, but she rejected him in favor of the million dollars. However, Gollum Ezekiel showed up, took the money, and plunged into Mt. Doom a volcano, essentially making the whole season pointless. The cast then fled Hawaii in response to an oversight by Chris causing the volcano to erupt, ending up in the water as flaming rocks came at them; Ezekiel was shot out of the volcano and landed on Chris's boat, sinking it; the show went to static as a giant flaming rock was about to hit Heather; and, in The Stinger, it was shown that Alejandro, (who had been trampled by the escaping campers and drenched in hot molten lava from the volcano) was placed in the Drama Machine, a'la Darth Vader. While the last part was most likely a joke, this was a pretty dark finale for a show that's usually known for using Rule of Funny to the extreme. The tiebreaker challenge in that same episode also qualifies as several people were expecting Cody to win, not get swatted aside like a fly by Alejandro.
  • Before that was "I See London", combined with Genre Shift. First, we saw what happens if you're left in a cargo hold for too long without civilization. Then we find out Noah's Obfuscating Stupidity, the biggest fan-favorite getting voted out due to it. Finally, there's Duncan's return and the Duncan/Gwen kiss, which completed the shift.
  • In "Jamaica Me Sweat", Alejandro's sabotage, and reveal that the symbol on Irene was a fake, has caused the downfall of Team Victory.

    Total Drama: Revenge of the Island 
  • The Season Finale, has a wham episode in regards to one character. It's revealed that Scott, the generally disliked antagonist has been reduced to a vegetative state with a robot body, unable to talk or walk. He can only express "yes" or "no" through blinking lights. Worse, the other characters laugh at this state! While the season as a whole was darker and edgier than the other three, the true whaminess comes from Scott's fate (he gets much better however by Total Drama All-Stars), and Chris getting arrested.
    • And before that, we had the episode "The Enchanted Franken-Forest", which featured, quite possibly, the most shocking elimination in the entire series. Zoey, who had been portrayed as the season's protagonist up to this point, is unceremoniously eliminated by Lighting, also breaking the tradition of the finalists being opposing genders.

    Total Drama All Stars 
  • The episode "Evil Dread" has Mike getting hit over the head by Scott's Shovel after Scott got frightened by bees, re-awaking Mal as a result.
    • Then the episode "No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition" has Mike hitting himself in the head with a giant boulder in order to reawaken his other personalities, only to have himself sealed away in his mind, shackled to a boulder, while Mal runs free while pretending to be Mike. Also Duncan finally knows Mike prior to Island (albeit offscreen, and that Mike wasn't introduced until Revenge of the Island) by recognizing him whistling "In the Hall of the Mountain King".
    • Then the season finale "The Final Wreck-ening" has Mike finally defeating Mal erasing him from existence with a push of a button, but at the cost of losing his other four personalities, yet he gains access to all of their skills in the process, but no matter who wins the million dollars, due to a Didn't Think This Through Moment from Chris, the episode ends with Wawanakwa sinking to the bottom of the sea.

    Total Drama Pahkitew Island 
  • The episode "Scarlett Fever". In it, quiet, nerdy Scarlett is revealed to be a murderous, sociopathic Big Bad. The same episode also reveals that Pahkitew Island is completely artificial and controlled by a computer and all the wildlife are robots.

    Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race 
  • The episode "My Way or Zimbabwe" had the Ice Dancers (Jacques and Josee) deciding to become more dangerous competitors, after being saved in the non-elimination round.

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