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Western Animation / The Tale of the Great Bunny

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The Tale Of The Great Bunny is an animated Easter Special that originally aired on YTV in 1998.

Abigail is a young girl who, long ago, stopped believing that Easter eggs were hidden around her house by "The Great Bunny". One Easter morning, however, when she and her brother don't find any eggs, something is up. Then, Abigail is given a gift in the form of what is called a "Wishing Egg". Initially skeptical, from some prodding, Abigail decides to wish to find The Great Bunny.

Abigail then finds herself whisked off to the land of Chocolate, and soon discovers that the reason there's no eggs in her house is because The Great Bunny has been kidnapped by the evil weasels. So, Abigail decides she has to save The Great Bunny, and Easter.

The Tale Of The Great Bunny contains examples of: