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Persona Won is the the third entry to Strain42's Persona For The Win series, after Persona 3 FTW and Persona 4TW, and the last "main" entry to be published on The Duck. Based on the original Persona game, Persona Won follows the story of yet another unnamed silent Protagonist as he winds up involved in a demon invasion. The comic's original run followed Persona's SEBEC Route from Issue 1 to 141, and then shifted into a "What If?" by Philemon that kicks in the Snow Queen Quest from Issue 142 onwardnote .

After the completion of Persona Won, the author first continued the Persona 4TW saga with Persona 4TW Add-On (based on Persona 4: Arena) and Gold'n Persona 4TW (based on Persona 4 Golden), before then releasing Persona 2 Win (based on Persona 2).

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