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Little Robot, Big Scary World is a Web Original Interactive Comic series found on Something Awful. Art mediums changed from mspaint to actual paint, pencil, ink, digital coloring and even Lego. BIP's decisions were decided on democratically, and they altered the course of the plot, as well as the overall outcome of the story.

The series revolves around an adorable robot named BIP, a worker robot on the spaceship Plethora. His sole designation is to push a red button as soon as it lights up. However, BIP realizes there may be more to his life than pushing a button.


In the midst of some soul-searching, however, the ship is forced to evacuate as it has been set to crash. BIP receives a strange device from a Marine, is told to keep it safe at all costs, and is ejected onto an alien planet. All alone, BIP must now...well, he's not exactly sure. But his adventure is just beginning...

The first, most famous story can be found here. A sequel was also produced, entitled BIP: Ice Station Zero.


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