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Many more characters who appear in later seasons will appear earlier than in canon.
As seen already, many characters who don't appear in My Little Pony until its later seasons are showing up far ahead of schedule. This trend will lead to many other characters who don't appear till much, MUCH later in the show's run making appearances. Examples include:
  • Thorax - Appearing in A Canterlot Wedding, he runs into the Mane Six and the Dragon-Worlders while they're fighting to save Canterlot. Due to being more reluctant to fight than his brothers and sisters, he quickly joins them and helps to bring Chrysalis down by stealing the love energy she took from Shining Armor, which then leads to him dethroning Chrysalis here and being honored for helping save Equestria.
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  • Smolder - Appearing alongside her brother in Dragon Quest, she forms a bond with Spike that will later lead to her coming to the School of Friendship.
  • Ember - Also appearing in Dragon Quest with her father, Lord Torch, both of whom would encounter Spyro and recognize him due to his name becoming feared among all the dragons following the events of Dragon War.
  • Fancy Pants - Appearing in The Best Night Ever with his wife, Fleur de Lis, as one of the nobles attending the Gala.
  • Spoiled Rich - Appearing in Call of the Cutie. See below WMG for further information.
  • Moondancer - Appearing during A Canterlot Wedding as one of the ponies invited to Cadence's wedding, either as a guest, or as one of the bridesmaids, and will Twilight will not remember her until she's reminded by Minuette.

The fates of all of Equestria's villains will be altered by Spyro having to face them.
As seen in
War of the Night, Nightmare Moon got the curse beaten out of her by Spyro, with the Nightmare Entity representing her being destroyed. Similarly, all the other Friendship Is Magic villains will have different fates than what they suffered in canon. For example:
  • Discord - When he steals the Elements of Harmony and leaves his riddle behind, the Dragon Worlders quickly act to solve it. With the riddle being solved by the Dragon Worlders before the ponies go into the labyrinth, Spyro and company then return to Ponyville. There, Discord tries to corrupt the Mane Six so they can't use the Elements on him, but it doesn't last long because Spyro is there to dish out some more Dope Slaps. Afterwards, Discord tries to pull the same mind games on Spyro himself, only for the dragon break through all of his tricks due to his one-track mind before giving the God of Chaos a comical No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. And at the end of it all, Discord becomes deathly afraid of Spyro and is reduced to begging to be spared. Spyro does so, but only because of Elora telling him that killing the draconequus is not worth it, given that he surrendered.
  • Queen Chrysalis and the Changelings - Chrysalis gets ratted out early by Spyro, who detects her dark magic and immediately nullifies her disguise spell. This will lead to her launching her invasion while Spyro and company look for the real Cadence. When she launches her invasion, a good number of the changelings are killed by Spyro's fire, save for Thorax and a few others who side with him. To face Spyro, Chrysalis then turns herself into a doppelganger of him, and is able to match him using her love energy. She also attempts to use this to confuse Spyro's allies, failing only because she says something that Spyro never would, which in turn leads to Spyro and company calling her out for being a terrible actor. But because her energy supply is finite, she eventually runs out of steam. She is then overthrown by Thorax, who steals her remaining love energy and shares it with the surviving Changelings. When she attempts to flee, vowing revenge on Spyro, she gets cut off by the other Dragon-Worlders, who then have her arrested and locked away.
    • Alternatively, Thorax and the other rogue changelings share their love energy with Spyro, who then uses a supercharged blast of fire to incinerate the changeling queen. Her ashes are then used as an example for all future villains for what happens to those who cross Jendovahzoor.
  • King Sombra - Is killed by Spyro when he is supercharged by the energies of the Crystal Heart, with his horn also being destroyed to prevent his resurrection in The Beginning of the End.
  • Plunder Vines - Are incinerated by Spyro's fire.
  • The Mane-iac - Is killed when Spyro utterly destroys the rules of the enchanted comic's world with his abilities, which in the comic are Story-Breaker Powers comparable to those of heroes such as Superman or Captain Marvel.
  • Tirek - Is fought by adult Spyro in a devastating battle on the same scale as in Dragon War, which ends with him exploding after he attempts to steal Spyro's magic and finds it's too much for him to handle.
  • Starlight Glimmer - Is exposed early on during Spyro's visit to her village because he and the other Dragon-Worlders are immune to her Cutie Mark-removing spell. While she was presented as a villain pre-Heel–Face Turn in canon, the Dragon-Worlders won't see her as such, given she's not bent on taking over the world and just wanted to have friends. And when Spyro helps her to see that she shouldn't let her own fears of losing friends rule her life, she joins him and quickly befriends Trixie because of their similar histories with Spyro.
  • The Storm King - Arrogantly challenges Spyro after stealing the Princesses' magic, but is unable to beat him because the dragon's power is far greater than that of all the Princesses' combined. Instead of being turned to stone, he is incinerated, with his essence also being wiped from existence to prevent him from returning to life in the future. And to add insult to injury, the remnants of his army, Tempest Shadow, and Grubber soon pledge their loyalties to Spyro in exchange for their survival.
    • Alternatively, Spyro roasts (no pun intended) The Storm King for having the demeanor and goals of a jock who "peaked in high school," and takes a page from Bane, saying, "When your dream is ashes... then you have my permission to die." He then proceeds to slaughter his soldiers and destroy his zeppelins while the Storm King watches in horror before the purple dragon kills him last. Afterwards, he banishes Tempest Shadow from the land forever lest she be the next to perish by his hand, designating her as a villain in his mind because she helped the Storm King.
  • Cozy Glow - Her plans fail when Spyro detects her evil aura early on, which leads to her being more closely monitored by Twilight and company. When she attempts to carry out her plan anyway, Spyro nearly kills her until Elora talks him down from it. This encounter will be so frightening for her, however, that she'll end up going straight and swear off villainy after the Season 8 arc ends.
    • Additionally an explanation for her nefarious behavior will be given in the form of backstory, likely involving something tragic like neglect, abandonment, or abuse by parents or relatives.

If Chrysalis survives the events of A Canterlot Wedding, she will create Dark Spyro.
Expanding upon The Mean Six, Chrysalis will create not only the titular clones, but also one of Spyro. Much like how Spyro takes some cues from his Skylanders Academy counterpart in terms of personality, Dark Spyro will do the same.

And just as Spyro's presence has radically altered the events of the show, Dark Spyro's presence in the chapter(s) will lead to many changes in how the story of the episode plays out. For instance:

  • Instead of being none the wiser to Chrysalis' creations in the end, the Mane Six quickly catch on when they find each other seemingly acting out of character.
  • The encounters that the members of the Mane Six have with their dark counterparts culminates in a Mirror Match where each clone becomes almost a manifestation of the original pony's inner demons.
  • Whereas the clones were killed by the Tree of Harmony in the actual episode, they survive in the fic and go on to become recurring villains in subsequent episodes after having cut their ties with Chrysalis.
  • Instead of Mean Twilight attempting to lead the clones, Dark Spyro will do so instead, much like how Spyro took Over the Mane Six's mission back in War of the Night.

The events of the Cutie Re-Mark will still happen, but Starlight Glimmer won't be the cause of it.
Due to Starlight Glimmer pulling a Heel–Face Turn in the fic's reimagining of the events of The Cutie Map, will not have any reason to seek revenge on Spyro and company. Despite this, The Cutie Re-Mark will still play out. This time, however, it will be caused by N. Tropy, who is revealed to have followed Crash, Coco, and Aku Aku along with Cortex, N. Gin, and Uka Uka through the portal to Equestria. Using a time-twisting machine similar to the one he created in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, Tropy will send not only Twilight and Spike, but also the Dragon Worlders and the rest of Twilight's friends through time, culminating in an adventure that takes them through not only all the alternate timelines in the episode, but also to Equestria's ancient past, where they discover the reason for why Celestia came to hate dragons like Spyro, and the distant future, where they see how much of an impact Spyro and the Dragon-Worlders will have on the land.

Instead of "Grogar", the final antagonist of the story will be Malefor
Due to the pivotal role that Malefor plays in both the Spyro and Skylanders mythos, it comes as no surprise that the ancient evil purple dragon himself will serve as the final main threat to Equestria.

In this story, the horn in the caves below Canterlot actually belongs to him. Sometime in the ancient past, Malefor came to Equestria with the intent of conquering it and enslaving its inhabitants, only to fall at the hooves of Celestia and Luna. This event was what left Celestia with a strong aversion for Spyro and his fellow Dragon Worlders.

Later on, he resurrects himself by drawing upon the dark magic of some of Equestria's most powerful villains and seeking out his descendant, Spyro. This arc culminates in a showdown with Spyro that ends with the heroic purple dragon banishing him from Equestria. It will also cement Spyro's place as the land's greatest hero and protector.

The events of Dragon Quest will not happen
Now that Spyro has made his presence on Equus clear and claimed all of Equestria as an extension of his territory, the Great Dragon Migration will not occur over Equestria due to Spyro sparing Razer's life to warn the rest of Equestria's dragon populace of what will await them should they intrude on his territory.

The events of Dragon Quest will still happen, regardless of whether or not the Great Dragon Migration occurs.

Contrary to the above, Spike will still find himself asking questions about his origins despite the Great Dragon Migration not passing over Equestria. These unanswered questions then lead to him leaving for the Dragon Lands. In this case, however, the Dragon Worlders follow Spike into the Dragon Lands. Spyro's presence, in turn, will help to show the impact he's had on the world beyond Equestria, as the dragons will now speak to each other in hushed whispers when he's near because they are deathly afraid of him.

Diamond Tiara will pull her Heel–Face Turn far sooner than in the show
She was among those in Ponyville who inhaled the volcanic ash caused by Razer's snoring and nearly perished because of it, so the near-death experience will probably either humble or traumatize her into becoming more docile than she was in the series.

Her experience will also leave her with deep gratitude for Spyro and the Dragon-Worlders because she recognizes them as the ones who saved her and her family from dying.

  • Alternately, Spyro will follow her after hearing the CMC's complaints about her and Silver Spoon's bullying of them and learn about her home life under Spoiled Rich. Realizing Diamond's bullying tendencies are a result of being abused by her mother, Spyro will scare Spoiled Rich into getting her act together and set Diamond down a better path.

The events of The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well will be bashed heavily.
Given all the flak that it gets, it wouldn't come as a surprise.Assuming that it's regarded as a Slice of Life episode, the plot will be resolved quickly when Spyro finds out what Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity are planning to do. When he does, he'll ask another blunt Armor-Piercing Question: "Why don't you just tell her that she's getting too full of herself instead of trying to steal her spotlight while hiding behind a mask?" He will then tell them that their idea to create a new superhero identity to compete with Rainbow Dash is a bad idea, especially since Spyro himself is already a superhero in his own right.
  • Alternatively, Spyro lets the other five become Mare-Do-Well, and when Rainbow Dash gets jealous, he'll call her out for having "novice envy" again and drop some sly hints that will get Rainbow Dash to figure out the identities of Mare-Do-Well. Also, after her five friends are unmasked, Mare-Do-Well will return in the same way that Red X did, with somepony else wearing the outfit and showing up around Ponyville as a recurring character.
Adaptation Expansion will expand on Agent 9's hatred for Rhynocs
If the story is going to show how much pain and trauma from Ripto Elora was forced to endure until Spyro came to free her, then it's not hard to assume Agent 9 went through a similar, if not worse experience with the Sorceress' rhynocs while imprisoned by them that gave him the burning hatred he has for them to this day.

Celestia will find her public image badly damaged after the events of Dragon War
In the epilogue of Dragon War, Celestia will return to Canterlot to find ponies protesting in the streets, calling her out for her inaction, as there are some ponies who did die from the smoke.Over the course of the story, the Princess will find the protesting ponies calling for her to step down and let Equestria be ruled by a someone who would be able to better handle such crises. Celestia, however, will refuse to step down because she stubbornly believes that she's still in the right, even when Spyro and the dragon-worlders say otherwise.

Spyro will be hailed as the hero of the Crystal Empire.
After defeating King Sombra as mentioned above, Spyro will praised by the crystal ponies and hailed as a hero instead of Spike. This, in turn, leads to the ponies building a crystal statue of him, spinning many a tale about his adventures, and even worshipping him whenever he visits.

Zecora will be more afraid of Spyro than Ponyville is of her.
Given that his fight against the Ursa Major caused major collateral damage to the Everfree, it's not hard to assume she got caught in the crossfire and nearly died, so chances are she'll not be at all eager to encounter one of the creatures that almost accidentally killed her.

Sunset Shimmer gets caught when trying to steal the Element of Magic.
On the night of her return to Equestria to steal the Element of Magic, Sunset will end up alerting Spyro to her presence. She will, in turn, be caught off-guard by Spyro, whom she didn't account for when planning her heist. This then leads to her getting arrested and brought before her former mentor. Celestia, still believing in the potential of her former student, gives her the choice of either serving jail time for her attempted theft or living under house arrest with Twilight. Sunset, not being too keen on getting locked in the dungeon, will accept house arrest.

During their time together, Sunset will then befriend Twilight Sparkle because she finds they both don't regard friendship as highly as Celestia does.

  • Alternatively, she does escape through the Mirror, but Spyro immediately jumps through in pursuit, just as he had done when he first came to Equestria. Sensing the innate power that Spyro possesses, Sunset will use the crown on herself and achieve her demon form almost immediately when he arrives. This then leads to a fight similar to the one in Man of Steel that levels most of the city while Spyro beats the demon out of her, ridding her of her own inner darkness before bringing her back to Equestria to face judgment for her crimes.

The portal to the Equestria Girls world was created as an attempt to reverse-engineer the World Gate.
In this canon, Star Swirl and the Pillars likely reverse-engineered the World Gate to create the Crystal Mirror. Prior to encountering the Sirens and banishing them to the Equestria Girls world, Star Swirl used the Mirror as a means of exploring other worlds, including the Dragon World.

In her travels, Daring Do will have collected some artifacts from the Dragon World.
Given that Spyro's not the first purple dragon to arrive on Equus, it's likely that Equus and the Dragon World share a much deeper connection than one would assume at first glance.

That said, Daring Do will likely find some artifacts in her travels that pertain to this lost history. She will also likely discover an ancient prophecy that foretells of how a purple dragon would defeat evil. These discoveries, in turn, will draw the attention of Spyro and the Dragon Worlders, who will seek her out in order to learn these secrets and help Spyro further pursue his destiny.

The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone will be a Lower-Deck Episode.
Because Spyro won't be willing to have another encounter with a griffon and the last thing everyone wants is a repeat of Griffon the Stand Off. In turn, Crash, Crunch, Hunter, and a few more of Spyro's more capable allies will act in his stead, recovering the Idol of Boreas and setting the griffons down the path to restoring their former glory.

The Crash Bandicoot villains will try to take over the Crystal Empire.
As shown in the Crash Bandicoot games, crystals can be used as a power source. And given that most of the buildings in the Crystal Empire are made of, well, crystals, it's safe to assume that Cortex would likely go there to use their power to not only take over Equestria, but also Crash's world as well. This plan, will be thwarted, however, by the timely arrival of Spyro and Crash.

Due to Spyro's influence, Twilight will not be as enthusiastic about becoming the Alicorn Princess of Friendship as she was in canon.
By the time of Magical Mystery Cure, Twilight will be Genre Savvy enough to recognize that Celestia sending her Star Swirl's spell book is yet another Secret Test of Character and attempt to get her to accept her mentor's outlook on Friendship. In turn, when she ascends, she will most likely say that she does not want it or at least say that she would rather be the Princess of Magic, which she is exceptionally good with.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will have more members than in canon
Due to Spyro and Razer destroying the Smokey Mountain Valleys during their fight, the Hooffield and McColt families will most likely move to Ponyville to start over with a clean slate. Along with causing a population boom in the town, it will also result in youngsters from both families being enrolled in Cherilee's class who, like Applebloom, are unsure of what they will do to get their Cutie Marks since the loss of their first home erased their chances of earning them through the generations-old conflict between their families. Because of this uncertainty, the Hooffield and McColt children will turn to the CMC, and will partake most of the subsequent episodes involving them.

Some of Celestia's political enemies will try to use Spyro and his friends' presence in Equestria as a way to get Celestia to step down from the throne
After hearing about what Spyro said to Celestia in Dragon War, the Princess's political rivals will all try to exploit it for their own gain. The events of Dragon War, will, in turn, be used by them to justify their claims that Celestia has failed Equestria as a ruler because she wasted her time preparing the necessary countermeasures when she should've been prepared long before. And with this, they will call for her to step down and let one of them take her place.

This movement will eventually escalate until around the time when Twilight ascends, at which point they will call for Twilight to become Equestria's new ruler as by that point she'll have proven herself to be far more competent and responsible in how she handles problems.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will get their cutie marks early.
In a case of Adaptational Early Appearance Crusaders bringing the Hooffield and McColt youngsters into their ranks will set them down the path towards helping other ponies discover their callings as in canon. This time, however, over the course of the series prior to Crusaders of the Lost Mark, the CMC will discover that they're better at helping ponies than anything else, will in turn get their cutie marks sometime before the aforementioned episode.

Some of Celestia's decisions that Spyro and the Dragon Worlders will call her out on will include...
  • Her decision to keep the petrified Discord in the Canterlot sculpture garden like some common lawn ornament instead of a safe, secure location away from and unknown to the public where he cannot sense strife and conflict between ponies he can use to free himself.
  • Choosing to side with the false Cadence when Twilight starts chewing her out, which he then supplements by cancelling her disguise spell and revealing her true identity.
    • Or for deciding to go along with Shining Armor and Cadence's wedding despite knowing Canterlot is under threat instead of postponing the wedding until the threat is neutralized.
  • Withholding knowledge of the Crystal Empire and the existence of its former tyrant leader from Twilight
    • Also, her withholding knowledge of the hippogriffs until the Storm King's attack.

Just like with Trixie, some of the characters that cross paths with the protagonists will join their ranks thanks to Spyro's influence, which may include...
  • Iron Will, who is recruited when Spyro tells him there are other ways he can inspire ponies to stand up for themselves beyond his seminars.

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