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     Whatever happened to Drefyus after Strikes Again
Dreyfus seemingly got disintegrated by his ray at the end of The Pink Panther Strikes Again, yet he's still alive in the next film. Since numerous evidences point that it is not a case of Negative Continuity (the later installment Trail of the Pink Panthers including shout-outs to both Strikes Again and the movie that followed), what happened ? Here are some of the Tropers's creative answers.

Dreyfus did not die at the end of Strikes Again.
If he did die:
  • Clouseau traveled back in time to save Dreyfus.
  • Dreyfus is replaced by a doppelganger.
  • Strikes Again is technically non-canon to the other films.
If not:
  • It was All Just a Dream from whoever's perspective it was.
  • Dreyfus rematerialized in his cell in the insane asylum from which he escaped.
    • I have a theory that when the machine was destroyed everything it had done was undone. I think the castle must have materialized again, only now it would be empty, Dreyfus must have appeared in the asylum (or not in the asylum, but either way he landed up there), and the UN building returned. I think nobody remembered Dreyfus blackmailing all those governments or destroying the building, only that he escaped from the asylum. How else (unless one of the first three is true) did he get his job back in Trail?
    • On the other hand, Clouseau meets Drummond and Quinlan from Strikes Again for the first time in Trail, the same film where Dreyfus gets his job back, and also purchases his Strikes Again disguise in this film, meaning that they are ignoring Strikes Again (the reason for these scenes is that they are deleted scenes from the other film being recycled.)

Why Dreyfus isn't dead anymore after Strikes Again
The series shows in fact two timelines. The fork is set after the events of Return of the Pink Panther (or perhaps of Inspector Clouseau if you count this one as canon). The first way events could have gone is Strikes Again; the second way is Revenge and its follow-ups Trail and the "son" movies. Both are chronologically taking place at the same time, in two different continuity.

The ending of Strikes Again (temporarily) turned Dreyfus into the French version of Dr. Manhattan
Whereas most of the other things zapped by the Disintegrator Ray just dissipated into an ever-expanding clouds of their component atoms, Dreyfus remained conscious and alive even in his disembodied state. He subsequently managed to reform himself into a being of god-like power, and revelled in now being able to finally destroy Clouseau. However, through his usual mishaps Clouseau continually managed to avoid being blown to bits. While this was happening, Sir Charles Litton accidentally catches one of the blasts and is reverted back to his original appearance, and his wife, no longer attracted to him, elopes with a handsome guy by the name of Scarlioni, leaving Sir Charles to hook up with Clouseau's ex. Eventually Dreyfus uses up his entire reserve of powers trying to kill the inspector, reverts back to his original form, and is dragged away to a criminal asylum, sobbing and ranting about still not being able to kill Clouseau.

The Disintegrator Ray wasn't a disintegrator to begin with

The only time the scientific principles behind Professor Fassbender's invention were described, it was by Dreyfus himself mentioning that he "was very interested in [the professor's] works on space/time relationships". This kind of researches doesn't naturally lead to disintegrator rays; it leads either to tele-transporting rays or time machines. Not that Dreyfus was necessarily aware of it, nor the professor, hence why he acts as though the objects he blasted with the ray were really gone; instead they were just transferred to some months in the future in random places. So was Dreyfus himself.

     Other continuity issues 

The 2006 reboot takes place in the same universe of that of the original films and the Clouseau played by Steve Martin is actually Jacques Gambrelli, Clouseau's son

  • And the Dreyfus played Kevin Kline is actually the original Dreyfus' (Herbert Lom) nephew, who coincidently is also called Charles.
    • Alternatively, he could be his son, jealous of his half-brother's attention.
  • When the movie was first announced in 2001, press releases did say that Steve Martin would be portraying an older version of Clouseau's son.

Clouseau never underwent Magic Plastic Surgery
Either Clouseau was kidnapped or killed and the people responsible for it hired Roger Moore to make the audience believe Clouseau changed his face.

Sir Charles Litton underwent Magic Plastic Surgery

He had his body changed for the events of Return and reverted to his old one some time thereafter.

Sir Charles divorced Claudine after she went to prison...
...and he later got back together with Simone. This is an answer to the Plot Hole entry on the main page. Notably, Claudine is never seen again after the events of Return.


Clouseau is God
Or at least God loves him that much, explaining why Clouseau survives the most deadly dangers in the world, everyday.

The Ballon mansion was cursed, and the curse could only be broken when only one person remained.
For every time Clouseau came close to solving the mystery, another body was found. The explosion at the end ended the curse forever as Maria Gambrelli was all who survived.

Pinky and Panky's mother in The Pink Panther and Sons
The most likely candidate for the mother of the Pink Panther's two sons in The Pink Panther and Sons would have to be the female panther from the end of the Valentine TV special "Pink at First Sight".

The female panther in "Pink at First Sight" had been watching Pink Panther for a while and fell in love with him because of his good deeds.
When you think about it, she really only shows up at the end to fulfill Pink Panther's wish, and doesn't have much personality. Although there's nothing in the cartoon to support this, it would be a cool way to make her a deeper character.

Alternatively, the female panther was Pink Panther's ex, and she wanted to get back together with him.
That would explain not only why the Pink Panther was alone and depressed, but also why he had visions of a female panther that looked exactly like the real one. It would also explain why the female panther wanted to be his valentine immediately upon meeting him. You don't fall in love with someone you've just met (unless you're Anna.)