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Edith is practically an adult infant who lives in a crib, yet she's the family matriarch. While Babs/Divine is strange and dysfunctional, she certainly isn't feral, she's capable of speech, can drive a car, and has a certain camp-yet-stylish fashion sense and some intelligence. This is either because of....
  • Edith was having a combo of early-onset dementia and brain-damage due to nutritional deficiencies. She may have started off more lucid and able-bodied enough to raise a kid (albeit poorly) but degenerated over time. She may have also always have been a bit "slow" intellectually.
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  • Edith was always an egg-eating baby-woman but there used to be a father in the picture (who may have been dysfunctional and abusive) and Babs probably killed at ate him.


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