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Headscratchers / The Pink Panther

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  • In The Pink Panther Strikes Again, Dreyfus owns a very precise disintegrator ray that he can activate from Germany to blast a precise building back in New York City. Dude, if your machine is that precise and that powerful, why not simply disintegrating Clouseau ?
    • Targeting a building isn't the same as targeting a specific individual, particularly when Dreyfuss can't guarantee exactly where Clouseau is going to be at a specific time to aim the weapon.
  • Okay, it has been brought up on the Wild Mass Guessing part, but it really belongs here: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED THAT MAKES THAT DREYFUS IS BACK AFTER THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN?
    • My theory was always that most of "Strikes Again" was some nightmare, or hallucination that Dreyfuss was having while locked up in the asylum.
    • Personally, I just assume that "Strikes Again" takes place after "Revenge", and the later films done after Sellers' death aren't valid at all, considering such details as Dreyfuss being in charge again.
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    • I always assumed that the deathray's effects were only temporary, due to an (unintentional?) oversight on Fassbender's part. Presumably the UN building came back as well.

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